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  1. I dont see anything wrong with decorating your Bible, but pimping it......I can see where this went wrong. No brownie points with God for this one. Keep it simple, keep it real.
  2. Sunni, Shia Question

    Are the laws/rules and prctices/worship the same of Shia and Sunni Muslums? What noticable distinguishes them without being said that are Sunni or Shia Muslums?
  3. I know this has probably been answered a million times but I just want to know whats the difference between Shia Muslums and Sunni Muslums??? Please just put it as simple as possible without leaving out the nessesities. I was looking it up on Wikipedia but would rather hear it from a Muslum first hand. Thanks
  4. Dinosaurs

    Does the Quron mention anything about dinosaurs roaming the earth. I know this sounds stupid but I'm just curious??? :blush: I just had this disscussion in reference to the Bible in Genesis from Gods creation.
  5. What Did Jesus Say About Christmas?

    As far as Christmas goes, it is a fraud highly influenced by pagen beliefs. If it is not mentioned in the Bible then it should not apply to any Christian. Celebrating Christ birth is not nessesary to enter Gods kingdom and I dont think Christ would have us focus on his birth but on his death and what it ment to the world. Praise God for this!
  6. Ghost, Demons, And Spirits

    Man son of placid, your brave to have done that. I would have ran out of there! I get scared just thinking about it especially after watching the exorcist. So dont worry Altair your not alone.....
  7. Ghost, Demons, And Spirits

    You say Jinns are Devils but is there not only one Devil? What I mean by ghost is an unexplained presents that is not in the flesh but is noticed through movement or a transparent figure in some cases. For example; I had an experience, when living at my old appartment, when a door handle started moving violently on its own with no explanation??? My friends mom was murdered in this appartment and his uncle commited suicide off the balcony. Since then things, noises, were frequent after the events took place. I mean call it what you want but it happend. I would concider that a ghost or spirit. I have heard many other stories of the unexplained along the same lines. Either we are crazy or something is causing this. Do you think that was a Jinn?? Has no one else had something that they couldent explain happen to them??
  8. The Collapse Of Usa And Zionist

    lol, Its not his fault the plate in his head gets static around electronics. Its called brain farts and it cant be cured.
  9. Ghost, Demons, And Spirits

    But Altair refers to Jinn as Jinns? More than one Devil? Are the Jinns/Jinn present amoung us? Like a ghost or a spirit. Has anyone had an experience with a Jinn? :shaytan:
  10. Ghost, Demons, And Spirits

    Would you consider Jinns to be ghost or demons, or are they people in the flesh disguised? Who or what do you believe to be the Devil and what would be concidered following the Devil? Lo! the devil is an enemy for you , so treat him as an enemy. How would we go about doing that.
  11. First of all do Muslums believe in ghost or demons? If so has anyone had an experience with one? Or any Christians for that matter? I have had two experiences with what I know to be a ghost. I will never forget it and I know they were real. What do you think? :unsure:
  12. What a mess this has turned out to be......some very strong statments but interesting to say the least. :blush:
  13. 4th Commandment Of Moses

    Oh I did not know that. :blush: I thought they were the exact same. Good thing I asked. Question answered! Thanks! :D
  14. From what I understand Muslums believe in Moses and the 10 commandments and practice them. I was just curious to know if Muslums honor the sabbath day as it is the fourth commandment? Christians are supposed to honor this but many dont, including myself. I know that religous/Orthodox Jews are very strict about this and do not drive cars, use electricity, cook, or do any sort of work on the sabbath day. Also I know that Jews practice the sabbath on a saterday and Christians on sunday, and what about Muslums? Thanks!