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  1. salam, happy birthday to you. may Allah bless u

  2. The Caravan of Pride (Mawkeb-ul Abaa)

    Salams, Is there anywhere you can actually purchase this dvd? or any of the others from al-masumeen.com? Ive been searching all night. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Khoder.
  3. Russia threatens Poland with nuclear strike A top Russian general says Poland's deal with the US to set up parts of a missile defence shield on Polish territory lays it open to a possible military strike. Col-General Anatoliy Nogovitsyn, deputy chief of the general staff, told Interfax that Russian military doctrine would allow for a possible nuclear strike. Poland agreed on Thursday to host elements of a US global anti-missile system after Washington agreed to boost Poland's own military air defences. "The USA is engaged in an anti-missile defence for its own government, and not for Poland. And Poland, in deploying (elements of the system) opens itself to a military strike. That is 100 percent," Interfax quoted Nogovitsyn as saying. Nogovitsyn said Russia allows nuclear weapons to be used in circumstances defined by its current security doctrine. The Russian government revamped its national security doctrine in 2000, broadening the range of conflicts in which nuclear weapons could be used. "It is written clearly: We will use it in instances against governments that have nuclear weapons; against allies of countries with nuclear weapons, if they somehow enable them," he said. Washington says the missile system is aimed at protecting the United States and its allies from long-range missiles that could in the future be fired by Iran or groups such as al Qaeda. The Kremlin has long said that was untrue, and has opposed the shield as a threat to Russia. The 10 interceptor missiles to be based at a site in northern Poland compare with Russia's own nuclear arsenal of more than 5,000 ballistic warheads. In agreeing to deploy elements of the US missile shield, Poland "becomes an actionable object. Those targets are destroyed in the first order," Nogovitsyn said. Tension between Moscow and Washington has risen in the past week, since Georgia's attempt to re-take its separatist region of South Ossetia by force provoked a massive counter-attack by Russia. Source: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=615628
  4. I think that sounds correct.
  5. I wanna deregister

    Your posts and history wont disappear but what will happen is probably all the usernames will come under unregistered user or something. why would you want to deregister, cant you just stop coming on this site?
  6. Lebanese rejecting Hezbollah aid?

    Could you please explain. I am not understanding you correctly. Who are the shayateen here?
  7. Lebanese rejecting Hezbollah aid?

    My grandmother told me that when the israelis were entering Lebanon in 1982 her mother boiled oil in a pot and poured it on a group of soldiers walking under her apartment block. Stop saying all the Shia's welcomed the Israelis. I didnt, My father didnt, My grandfather didnt and My uncle to this day is fighting against them. As Learned and the others are saying stop throwing everyone in the same pot just because of some ignorant few. Thats like saying all the Egyptians and Israelis are in bed togethor in Sharm elSheikh, because the presidents of those 2 countries are.
  8. Adobe Photoshop

    I have PM'd you. I do need to go to bed now as its 1am. Will have a look at it first thing in the morning when I wake up. :) wa salams Khoder.
  9. Adobe Photoshop

    Assalamu alaykum Im not a professional but I know how to get around in Photoshop. Let me know if you would like me to assist. wa salams Khoder.
  10. Protest

    Alhamdullilah its a very civilised protest. Its great to hear that they are going so well. Its a shame I work at night and cant make it. I know I will get bashed about work shouldnt be a priority now with whats happening in Lebanon but the bills dont stop pouring in and I aint going to throw my family out on the street :) Insha'Allah we will see you all on Saturday! May Allah (swt) strengthen our blessed resistance fighters and make them victorious! wa salams Khoder.
  11. Protest

    (salam) Alhamdullilah I am good though I wish I could go to Lebanon right now. I didnt mean to offend anyone here with my post. Work at the moment is not a priority ofcourse but some people have no option when it comes to it. What I really meant was since there was going to be such a HUGE rally this Saturday at Hyde park why cant all Muslim, Lebanese, Palestinians and any other group just join in this rally and make it even bigger. Anyways insha'Allah this weekend is a great success. Im taking my whole family down, whereas I couldnt take my 1 1/2 year old daughter and 4 month old son to Arncliffe Park cause it wouldve been too cold for them. Lets pray for good weather this weekend. wa salams.
  12. Protest

    Why would they have this protest on a weekday when they will only get 100 people attending. Dont they know that a lot of people have to go to work. I think if it was organised on Saturday it wouldve been a lot easier and more successful. I will surely be in Hyde Park on Saturday.

    haaretz.com say the following in their newsflashes! 14:52 IDF: Object seen shot down on Al Manar TV is pamphlet container (Channel 10) Please dont tell me this is true!

    BREAKING NEWS Lebanese TV says Israeli aircraft shot down Mon Jul 17, 2006 7:28 AM ET BEIRUT (Reuters) - Lebanese television stations said on Monday that an Israeli aircraft had been shot down over Lebanon and showed footage of burning debris falling from the sky. It was not immediately possible to confirm the report. That last post was from reuters.com. This is from CNN US Edition Can anyone confirm. I heard there is footage on the Arabic news showing this is true?
  15. Temporary Marriage Question

    Hang on.. Your saying that Sayed Fadlallah allows it.. Please show me where he allows it?