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  1. Fasting (Roza)

    Thank you brother
  2. Fasting (Roza)

    i had angiogram in dec 2016 i wasnt able to fast nor did i paid kaffarah still . i intended to perform qadha but i was not able to, again in march 21 2018 i had to go through surgery again and my medical condition is not stable yet and the ramadhan is around what is the ruling ragarding my situation
  3. Fasting (Roza)

    what if person is not able to fast due to medical reason. does he need to pay kaffarah
  4. Any Shia Gamers?

    forza motorsport..:)
  5. [POLL] Your Favourite Mobile OS

    Apple (ios) . ..because apple a day keeps doctor away ..and i hate oranges ..:) .. for its stability and robustness.......
  6. What Video Game Are You Playing These Days?

    Me and my son play Xbox one .. forza motorsport my game Fifa 16-18 my son ..
  7. Justice between 2 wives

    Sorry but how can you derive to such conclusion of marrying more then one female = lust It can be many other reason which may lead a person to give a taught everything between male and female is not just physical or lust
  8. Soccer fans?

    Offcourse bro we are friends........zidane will stay .......:))
  9. Soccer fans?

    as salaam alaikum i am from india .and me and my son big fan of RM and Ronaldo is the favourite . my son favourite player list is long still i will put down few ..:) 1) Ronaldo 2) Messi 3) Neymar 4) Greizmann 5) ibrahimovic 6) llewandowski ....... just a starter :))
  10. Bro salsabeel ...seriously now u r getting patriotic ..:) if you check 2 teams on paper and current ranking your statment of promising defeat is just base on your bias love towards your motherland thats natural ..:)))
  11. ashvazdanghe agree there are much more insulting on internet ..but this is shiachat where people from diff country login to learn ...and such statement should be restricted thats what i meant nothing more
  12. bro when is the world cup is it round the corner .....hahahhaha ..yeah yeah dont come up with champion trophy final.....:))))))
  13. i am enjoying your ego bro ....yeah sharjah 7 LBWSSS what a win enjoy win bro ...:)) dont forget to percel sweet to me ..:))))
  14. Bro in doing so u have been out hit wicket.......:)))
  15. BTW bro that question was for bro Abbas but as u replied offcourse again humorous and again india .........i am in UAE for more then 10 years and belive me ur answer is 1000% wrong here national will blame only one country ...not humrous but you can find yourself in serious way ... and will see people patriotism if something like comes about there motherland hope its doesnt come up but still ......jo kiya wohee paogey kaantein boengey to phool kahan se kaatoge Bro all Humorous way