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  1. #18 Do You Own a Car?

    Yes i own a car and i drive as well . Its necessity in this part of the world ...... Positive : Ease your movement Negative : Normally i dont swear at all .but while driving i swear every minute ......:))
  2. If you can take goood care of them physically mentally financially then the count should be unrestricted ...:)
  3. #13 English As First Language

    no Bambayya hindi or can say Bambayya urdu
  4. Are you from India?

    yes indian by birth
  5. offcourse bro we should do something suggest something how ,talking is the basic unless you talk you wont do things , first step is to talk about it bro
  6. First of all we need to ask ourself regarding shia lagging behind are we really serious in working for the upliftment of the community .my experience and my understanding is no we don't. We need to ask again are our organisation helping people who deserve it again big no sorry about other part of the world I am from Mumbai and I can say it without second doubt cause I have exp and seen it happening . what our organization does distribute books distribute food which is small part of money just to show work is on but under the table huge amount is gone . where is the work on root cause unless root cause is elimination no matter how much you distribute food and books things wont change . people busy in distributing fund to there non deserving friends and relatives and on the base of specific community . we keep bashing other religion for the wrong doing .but not willing to learn good things from others.For E.g Convent schools no need to tell how they work what are they ... we need genuine sincere and knowledgeable people to work for the community its high time we need change to excel in duniya or else the story will be same day in day out ......
  7. nice to hear bro panzer and congrats for getting good education in pakistan ....but just curious to know whether u know any thing about indian education system .... bro i live in UAE just wondering why many pakistani parent sending there kids to indian school....reference Indian international school ajman ...google it
  8. Have you ever stuck into the Windows 10 update? It's quite irritating as the updates are of large size and there is no any better way to find out where is the real problem.If your Windows 10 update is not starting over and stuck in the middle of something, here are 2 better ways to either start everything over or troubleshoot the update process.1. The Windows Update Troubleshooter:The primary solution is to try the built-in Windows Update Troubleshooter. Open Windows control panel and navigate to Control Panel>>System and security >> Security and maintenance >> Troubleshooting >> fix problems with Windows update. It will automatically scan for possible errors. If you don't find anything at first attempt try it using the administrator permissions, which it will automatically offer. 2. Delete the Windows Update Cache files: If something went wrong with your previous update download or some files have not installed correctly even after complete download, this will help you. Navigate to Control panel >> system and security >> Administrative Tools >> Services. This will open the 'services' window. Navigate to 'Windows update' service from the list. Double click to open the settings. Stop the service by click on 'stop' button under 'general'. Once you stop the Windows Updater service, you have to delete the previously downloaded but problematic files. Open the Windows explorer and navigate to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download . Here C: is my system partition. You can change according to your system setup. You have to unhide the hidden system files and folders. Go to 'File' in windows explorer and open 'change folder and search options'. Unhide the hidden files and let the explorer show 'system hidden files'. Now select all and delete. If you need administrator rights, allow it and delete everything in that folder. Once you delete everything, restart the 'Windows update' service in the same way you stopped it. You are ready to download the windows update again. Restart your PC and you can now download updates easily.
  9. salam un alaikumwishing u avery happy birthday

    ""live like ali die like husain

  10. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  11. Mr Salaam i might be late in replying your post u might have got some antivirus but still ....Can u try Avira antivirus.if u still havent got it yet
  12. Shia Websites

    1) www.hussainiat.com ...(audio) 2) www.aliwalay.com....(audio & video) 3) www.yaimam.com..(audio & video)