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  1. Long skirts - French laws

    This is an aberration from the usual – even the sensationalistic article points to that (“handful” of schools in the country - and it is being addressed) – but it is clear discrimination – if the article is accurate. There are weirdos everywhere… but this definitely is not an indicator of Western rights. If sniffing the ground around putrid Grade D journalistic garbage to find this off the wall stuff is your reason to be – go for it and lead a sad and pathetic life of trying to be a perpetual victim. But, I am sure you can find a more useful identity and be a more content and productive person with a more balanced perspective on life.
  2. Which is your favorite airport?

    No TSA in Korea Just football field length line ups..... Could have spent a week there - exploring. I had planned on seeing more but had to take a break as I hadn't eaten for a looong time (took a while to figure out the multi-level train system to get to the airport from Seoul) so went to the lounge to eat but then discovered that massage chair and that was it....
  3. I absolutely know reality and have had some wonderful easy productive times and some not so easy very lonely, desperate times. I don't live in my room - have basically taken care of myself for many years, from an early age, through university and into the work world.. I also know what life is like in other countries. I know that the liberal mind set here is what has permitted a new comer like me the rights that I do have, do use, and do enjoy and I am not about to diss these rights when they have helped me. Nowhere is Utopia, but this is, by far, the best available with the fewest holdbacks. If you persist in being negative and being a doom sayer - you will absolutely meet your life's expectation of doom and gloom. You have more opportunities here, with less discrimination and social barriers, than anywhere else in the world. Take your life and make it mean something - you can do it if you apply yourself and commit to recognize the positive rather than searching for the negative. I am not being mean - I truly mean it.
  4. Which is your favorite airport?

    Best Airport... Good Idea! Mine is Incheon in Seoul, Korea. It is very clean, fast, efficient despite the thousands of people there at all times of day and night, and has incredible shopping not available in Canada. They have the most incredible toilets too – while seated upon a heated cushioned toilet seat being wafted with perfumed air and gentle music in a private room - there appears before you a wall of about 30 or 40 buttons to choose how you would like your nether regions treated. I, of course, tried them all (sorry if TMI) as we don’t have these experiences in backwoods Canada. But most of all, there are massage chairs in one of the upstairs lounges (Star Alliance?) that have separate sections for your neck and back and sections that encircle your arms and legs – including your hands and feet. The chair computer system measures your body first and then starts rolling, squishing, releasing and pummeling (kind of). Kind of scary at first, but I did not want to get out when my flight was announced.
  5. Has anyone here been keeping up with the Daredevil series on Netflix?

    I did not watch this as I thought it was going to be a boring court case. Guess I should add it to my ever expanding list of things to do when I get time.. which I seem to have in short supply lately. But if Ruq likes it.... it must be good!
  6. My rights are just the same as my fellow citizens - maybe even more-so, as I know that I can ask for what I want and need and do not need to cower and accept - Western rights are clear. I have the right to choose just about in every area of my life. I have the right to free education; comprehensive, equal access to (regardless of gender, socio-economic status, ethnicity/religion or government connections) to health care, and the right (not afforded to many women on this planet) to manage my own finances and move and travel as I please (with one of the most respected passports in the world). I have the right NOT to be assaulted on the street, regardless of my attire, whether I am by myself, my race or religion. I have the right to practise my religion as I like - no matter what religion it is (where is that possible in many areas of the world - especially the areas our parents were born and raised in?). I live in a non polluted, well serviced heaven compared to 99% of the world. The freedoms that I have are beyond a dream world for so many. And I appreciate it. Really appreciate it. I dont spend my time trying to figure out how I could twist and change it to suit me better by trampling on the rights of others. Just because I dont agree with some of those rights that others have, does not mean I get to remove them - just as they dont get the right to remove the rights that I hold dear. The rights of others do not affect me and are not forced on me - so I am fine with that as everyone benefits from a society that is open and free and non oppressive. I can walk down the street and not fear being hurt or molested or murdered. If I have a crackpot family that wants to control me with fear and threats of murder - I have protection. Sticking with the OP of this thread, if living a life of non oppression (for all - not just those that concur with you) is not acceptable for you - you can leave - as we have the right to leave our country if we choose. It does not matter if you were born here - emigration to the country of your dreams is always an option. Most people do not realize that the basic rights that they enjoy every day are not a "given" in most areas of the world. They take their quality of life for granted aka Uber Spoiled. If being worried about "liberal" (free and equal access) education is your biggest fear - you have life way toooo goood. You can pull your child from school if you like - I am sure they will tell you when these offensive lessons are being taught. We don't exercise our rights by trying to restrict the achieved rights of others. I want to know everything that goes on and not have my right to access to any information limited. Choices in life need to be knowledgeable. We have it good, really really good. It is fine to embellish and improve but if we choose to restrict and oppress others with our ideas only, we are going down a dangerous path that will end up biting us in the bum.
  7. What rights as a Muslim are not met in the West? Muslims have more rights here than anywhere else in the world. I have more rights here than any other country I can imagine in the East. Where would I have more rights??
  8. What would the reaction be if the situation was reversed? The guy introduces that girl as his bride to be, to a group from his ummah!
  9. Has anyone here been keeping up with the Daredevil series on Netflix?

    Still not good though, unless it gets better in further episodes. However, my standards are very high... after watching The Wire and Breaking Bad, etc...
  10. Has anyone here been keeping up with the Daredevil series on Netflix?

    Nope. And there are no bears ... just some weird guy. I tried to watch an episode but I kept distracting myself to find something more interesting.
  11. Honor Killing in Pakistan

    It was very much entrenched culturally loooooong before Western powers invaded, etc, or shared legal traditions. In fact, it is something that has been actively prosecuted by western common law and not ignored as it is in other parts of the world. I didn't mean it was JUST a biblical thing - I was giving examples to show that it had been part of the culture of the east for millenia... And it is in the Christian bible - it is written in the bible verse, Deuteronomy 22:21, that it is permitted to stone a woman to death if the groom thought her not to be a virgin on her wedding - thereby dishonouring him and her father. Just ... even if she has thought to be a non virgin - no proof of pregnancy etc..... Also: Leviticus 21:9 "If a priest's daughter defiles herself by becoming a prostitute, she disgraces her father; she must be burned in the fire." Honour (or "dishonour killings" would be more accurate) are still active, accepted, acquiesced to, and have little to no effective accountability in the East. The murderers are allowed to be "forgiven by the family" and are released after their pseudo-imprisonment. It is the ancient way; it was not introduced nor encapsulated by the West, and it is not going away anytime soon. There are people who move to the West and really think they can do that here as they can in their homeland. I am sure some cover it up quite well, so probably more goes on then we know about. Some, like the wealthy Afghani immigrant father and son who mudered one wife and 3 or 4 daughters in Ontario by pushing their car into a canal, were not so lucky and were convicted and imprisoned on lengthy sentences - well....lengthy for Canada, that is.
  12. Honor Killing in Pakistan

    Dont know where this guy is coming from sometimes - he makes some really odd connections and then presents them as fact. Honour killing is in the Christian bible (and the Judaic books too I believe) and has been around for millennia before the 1800's. It is a cultural tradition that is so deeply rooted in the psyche of those in the east that it is reflected in the common law codes. It has nothing to do with Islam; it is just that culture and Islam are so enmeshed that you cant see one for the other sometimes.
  13. "Bitterness is like taking a poison pill and expecting the other person to die."
  14. Most toddlers do not exclusively drink breast milk, so additional nutrition can come from other parts of their diet. There is a lot of research being done in the area of nutrition and children with developmental disabilities. Most of these children have "fragile" brain chemistry - which makes them susceptible to yet additional diagnosable disorders before the age of 19. Their brains develop differently - different pace, different order, etc. and may have need of the breast milk nutrition a little longer than a typical child - perhaps the impact of their disorder could be lessened and/or these additional brain chemistry issues could be avoided... It is worth exploring. There is a continuum of degrees and pace of brain development from totally typical - all the way to a brain that has a diagnosable disorder. Everyone is different. Some children could benefit from breast milk for a longer period of time due to their brain development fragilities. Also, some children are allergic to the proteins in cows milk - cows milk is not for everyone. I was not suggesting to breast feed till the child is 7 - just that there is no harm (no need to panic or get twisted out of shape) in continuing at the age of two and there could be a lot of benefits. This is dependent on mom and the baby - what I have read is that weaning is a natural process and if the child is reluctant there may be more of a reason to their reluctance that needs to be considered.
  15. Re: just the nutrition part... Mother's milk is rich in long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids that are essential for brain growth and other sources are not nearly as rich nor as compatible with the chemistry of the developing human brain. Extensive research done in this area indicates that babies breast fed into toddlerdom have higher IQ's and this translates into better education, better jobs and higher income.