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  1. Do Shias respect Christians?

    I've been booted off christian sites, ignored on others. Shallow conversations, no interest in learning their own history. A crude bunch. 4000 men (with women and children), followed Jesus for three days before He fed them. Christian rescue missions bring in the hungry, feed them, and for those who got a bed, go through a gospel service before going to bed. Those interested on improving their lives can join the program, includes designated chores, gathering for prayer, and meals, and being involved in the Christian habits of morning and evening devotions. If you have to convert before they feed you there is no deed...even if you "convert".
  2. Shia and Christians

    Thank you, I'm just as confused with christian denominations. There are a few groups with more than one name, but not many.
  3. Do Shias respect Christians?

    I get the ten things for the sake of Muslims, but for #9, that is the lamest, once-over I've ever heard, lol.
  4. Thoughts 2018

    Anyone "used" to show weakness or failure in this day and age must be middle aged male, white, especially straight. Main reason, the average middle aged white straight male could care less. It's all the new advert rage for department and grocery stores. Man and woman go shopping. Man is too dumb to know what he needs, always gets wrong thing, always needs a woman to point out the obvious. They laugh at his stupidity until everybody's happy. You wouldn't dare cast him any other colour.
  5. Shia and Christians

    I believe, in this day and age we can site examples of absolutely everything to the point we are confused as to what normality is...okay, not us, but many do. I also believe living in different parts of the world create a different perspective on everything, not just religion. I'm not so sure a templar knight should be classed as Christian. Not Breivik anyway. Then again, it's hard to define Christian. Catholics are the one true Christians, but the Orthodox are the original Christians, and also consider themselves pre-denominational. Then came the protestants that grew out of one ideal and quickly became a dozen groups all claiming to have the new and improved "true" meaning. Every time someone came up with a new theory based on their personal new and improved religious imagination, they split the churches and branched out further. Easier to find a link for you. I knew Baptist best, but look at the Baptist list. We toured most of two years and visited at least 50 baptist churches in that time in Canada, (late 70's). The difference between being invited back and never stepping foot in their church again was smiling, nodding, and keeping the mouth shut or diplomatically trying to explain why their trivial little "extra knowledge" didn't make them any more special than the other churches they'd have nothing to do with. Never issues like predestination, or trinity, but one is totally disgusted at another because the bread of communion was shared again between members in the congregation. How men/women should be dressed...Should men wear complete black double breasted suits? Are pinstripes allowed?, How dare you wear a coloured tie. How dare you wear no tie!!! I personally don't see the connection between God and a noose around my neck that originated as part of a soldier's uniform. Peace and unity inside the churches as long as they don't mix with people of 99.99% the same faith. They are at peace, but no unity. I am only assuming it is similar between the Shia groups...Imami Shia. Twelvers. Ja'faris. Batinis. Alevism. Bektashism. Ghulat. Alawites. Hurufism. Qizilbash. Ismāʿīlīs. Nizaris. Taiyabi-Musta'līs. Dawoodi. Sulaymani. Alavi. Batiniyya. Druze. Pamiris...know what I mean? In the Apostle Peter's second book, he wrote that our Lord was not willing that any should perish, that all should reach repentance. Jude said we should have compassion for those without faith. As Christians, we are to love the sinner but hate the sin. "Judge not lest you be judged" kinda means we have to look deeper.
  6. Thoughts 2018

    I have rights. I won't let your rights get in the way of my rights. I will protest to have your rights removed because my rights matter more. I will argue both sides against the middle, relevant or not until you have no rights. I refuse to believe one human would ever kill another if there were no guns. Oh, wait...I have guns, never thought of killing a human.
  7. Shia and Christians

    Actually, that cross has been a badge of hope carried by criminals for centuries. Young criminals usually have a cross tattooed on their left hand at the fold of the thumb. Don't ever consider the person under it to automatically be a Christian. It's only been amplified by the rap/hip hop culture over the last 30 years. All it means to them is "Jesus saves man" and they don't have enough knowledge to even pretend to care. Hardly equates to the wife beatings and killings tho. Still, very few Christians in this world. Regardless the "religion" it's all happened all around. No religion has ever taken the violence out of men. Nor their need to control. I see more peace in the secular world. I'm not so sure we should feel great about that. Religion has failed to unite anything, it has always separated, divided, split away, and rejected. Canada now is a secular society. People have been "religiously injured" for generations and prefer to live and let live. Our PM would rather finance a known terrorist through a Canadian citizen integration program than subsidize a summer work program where a student may have to work with someone who is Pro life. The new flag is going to be a cannabis leaf on a rainbow. Sickening peaceful people.
  8. Shia and Christians

    It doesn't matter what I believe. This post has pretty much uncovered your disposition. You know everything, and every step on the one and only clear path. It concerns me that rather than educate on what that path is, or how to find it, you condemn those not already on it. I have no doubt if the Mahdi takes one step outside the shoe print you have labelled for him, you will be there to grab the sword from him. Actually, if you can get hold of the sword from Jesus...It's double edged, already meant for slashing Christians, and you might get a yellow dress out of it. Nothing should stand in your way. I'm not mixing anything up, you haven't googled far enough to know what I'm talking about so your opinion is off the top of your head. This is what I was trying to explain. You saw "an unlettered man" referenced in the Old Testament so it must be a prophesy of Muhammad...To start at the first line of Isaiah 29 explains this unlettered guy is of those "Cursed of God". Woe to him, etc....So here's the deal for all Muslims who want to claim this "prophesy". Either the entire story is false and has no meaning except for "those three words". or...Muhammad is somehow tied to the image of a man cursed. or... It's just some guy who can't read who lives in Ariel. The city of King David, the one time hearth of God, a city that strayed from God and now rejected by God, and that it's not even a prophesy at all, it's the predictable effects of cultural genocide. Maybe you want to read it first.
  9. Shia and Christians

    Sounds like my Christian experience. There are dark holes in every religion you are not supposed to poke. Why do they teach you to study if they don't want you to learn?
  10. Thoughts 2018

    The entire market is based on speculation. The business world says rumour is 75% true. My problem with it is that's it's an intangible product. Somebody pulls the power cord and it's all gone. Nothing to fall back on, no assets.
  11. Thoughts 2018

    https://theripplecryptocurrency.com/ripple-amazon-uber/ Trading has very little to do with the product, it's the players.
  12. Thoughts 2018

    Amazon is going to be accepting Ripple as a form of payment. That's huge. It's beyond me how a currency can be based on pixels but people are buying into it. Just remember, you are entering a world of merciless greed. Stock prices don't always reflect the value of a company. One big money man can decide if a stock goes up or down because amateur traders buy or sell on speculation. You not only have to research a stock, but also the players.
  13. Shia and Christians

    God forbid Imam Mahdi does something you don't expect.
  14. Thoughts 2018

    Not a fan of crypto myself, but Amazon just announced it will be dealing with Ripple. Shares should be rising steady once the markets settle down. Then again, Trump is the first prez to ever have an effect on the economy, like to know what he's going to do next.
  15. Shia and Christians

    Wow, Sunni is like a totally different view on many levels and this is only one subject.