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  1. That's a Catholic thing. Protestant churches have an empty cross. Nobody worships it as a God. It is a symbol, a reminder. The Israelites were into idols, they made many graven images, including a golden calf, they worshiped as a god.
  2. Jesus and society

    Think I'd be looking for a better source. If 2.5 mil are only 6%, then some 42 million people have been raped, this in 2003, or since the beginning of time until 2003? This suggests that every Canadian has been raped and injured, and 1/3 of those raped twice, almost 4 million disfigured. If rape has all to do with dress code, then it must have been the summer of 2003 because hijab has nothing on parkas. Someone would have made a movie.
  3. Jesus and society

    Interesting timing on this subject. I just got back from a week on a Mexican island. First time in a dozen years that I've seen a lady in hijab. White hijab, black from there down. Husband in mid thigh shorts and a T. Husband took off the T to go in the waist high water, she went in full garb. I'm guessing they didn't know the waves oppose the current because she was down in no time and struggled back to shore while he somewhat helped her, but was tremendously distracted. There were probably 50 bikinis in the water and one on a paddle board parading around. I heard words of disgust around me that did not shed any good light on Islam. My thoughts were, what a horrific situation to be in. He was totally out of his element, and her stuck in such a sad situation. The first time I saw them walking the bridge my thoughts were they were in the wrong place, I almost wanted to tell them. Society says I'm not allowed to think that way, nor "discriminate" but honestly... I never got to meet them, and never saw them after the indecent in the water, although I don't spend a lot of time at the resort, it's the place I sleep between fishing trips. There's no law that says you have to wear a bikini. There are many styles of modest swimwear that would have allowed her to enjoy the water without being noticed. The locals wear them. The locals are quite modest and the older women are often wearing scarfs over their hair. The place is a unique blend of Roman Catholicism and Mayan culture. I wonder, if this lady did wear "modest swimwear" what a picture of her in her home town would do to her.
  4. The problem of evil

    As I understand it, Jesus was once called "Good Master". His response was, why do you call me good? Only God is good. Kinda means we use the word a little too often. Mainstream teaches evil is the absence of God. Evil is also spiritual, alive and well and living on planet earth. Satan and all followers were cast to the earth, and they are obviously here and turning people away from God in organized fashions. There is a noticeable persecution of religions that is changing laws to allow everything, and stifle any signs of God. A couple who "do not support" homosexuality because of their religion have been refused adoption of a child. The comments that followed the news was condemnation for the couple because they would obviously teach the child...I forgot the word they used. Rule of thumb...All children are to be taught that sexuality is a choice. Canadian Passports now have the option of "other" when it comes to gender. New parents are no longer stating gender on birth certificates.
  5. The Rapture

    If only we could unravel the mystery of timing. There is a time mentioned in the Revelation that says; Men shall seek death and shall not find it.
  6. The Rapture

    Hi Kara, welcome to the forum. I have a feeling most of them are like myself, which means they've studied it until they are relatively confused. Rapture is actually nowhere to be found in the Bible, thus "The Rapture" is a chain of events, that of which nobody is completely sure. Mainstream teaches the idea that the coming of Jesus will take place in two separate stages. The first will be a secret rapture—or carrying away of the saved to heaven—at the beginning of a seven-year period of tribulation, then Jesus comes back again, takes what is His, leaves the rest. The source for the belief of the initial, "secret" rapture can be found in John 14, a continuance of 13, where Jesus says; Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. 2 In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. 3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. Trouble is, everybody wants it to mean every believer from that day on, but actually Jesus was specifically speaking to His disciples. Then again none of them disappeared, they all died. The idea that we will be caught up as Jesus was at His ascension is also problematic if you recall He was already in a heavenly body. Jesus also said we will be given a new body and a new name, which means our earthly bodies are worthless in heaven. This creates a different scene than the glorious, disappearing from earth and enjoying a skyward float idea. Even if a human body could defy gravity, it cannot possibly leave earth and make it to heaven without dying on the way, only the spirit which came from God, which carries the soul, can return unscathed. If Jesus were to call all souls at once there would be dead bodies all over the planet and nobody would know why. The second phase sounds more like the judgement day that Muslims understand. As with Christianity, stories vary on how that plays out.
  7. 4th Commandment Of Moses

    Not sure what you have to create. In OT times a day was measured dusk til dusk, so the Sabbath was basically Friday evening to Saturday evening. Is this not the "Sabbath" of Muslims?
  8. Muslims loves Jesus

    Exodus 21. is the guidance behind this. 22 If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman's husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine. 23 And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life, 24 Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, 25 Burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe. The world seems to think it's justification for first hand revenge however in Exodus note how it is specific to the punishment given in the event of retaliation after the judges have spoken. The entire chapter is on how judgement should be laid out. almost a judgment per verse. If you read far enough you'll also see ox for ox.
  9. Muslims loves Jesus

    Brother, it's much worse than that. Separation of church and state has led up to atheism, feminism, and every ism claiming their rights, there is no room for decency and Christian morals are scoffed at. "Sin" no longer has meaning. The American melting pot is now boiling. Canada has always had two schools...Catholic, and Public. Public schools are now teaching LGBW/E and are forcing the Catholic schools to do the same. This new wave will keep children sexually confused until such time as they decide...what they want to be? What is happening is insane. Love, peace, tolerance, every body needs to rescue a dog because dogs are people too, and there is no tolerance if you don't agree.
  10. Muslims loves Jesus

    Sorry for the short statements. I guess it's an old analogy now. MROM is masked read only memory. It's a burnt memory chip with initial upload directives that cannot be changed. The reason your computer starts the same way every time. This is a study I still have to get back to. My Father has started a group study on Psalms, I have 143 days left. What I am finding in Genesis is that Mainstream Christianity tends to see every mention of "God" as God Almighty. The Hebrew isn't quite as insistent. satan didn't call them sons of god, the narrator did. I have posted the descriptions of Elohim here before so you can see it certainly is not limited to one ultimate God. There's no reason to believe that God, in all His glory would come down and hang in the sky as a cloud to lead people around for forty years. There's no reason to believe that in one narration God would be called by three different names. The highest name given to God in Hebrew is basically "God of gods". At the time Genesis was written it wasn't unusual to see angels, which could also be referred to as Elohim. People see the Israelites as monotheistic but history says time after time, they turned to polytheistic idolatry when left to themselves. More study, more questions. Theologians are still debating whether these "sons of god" were spiritual or physical, nor how a mix could happen, or if it did. God saw they needed to be eradicated and did so. There's a good chance they were some interim dimension we can be glad we'll never have to deal with. All sources are speculative. Father and creator can be interchangeable at times. Jesus never called God His Father without mentioning, "Who is in Heaven" In the NT satan says, "If you are the son of god..." by which Jesus response was to reject any of satans deals. The sci fi of Revelation is actually a mind's eye encryption. It's hard to interpret the meanings of a dream you've had, let alone one you didn't have, especially if it is describing a flash of light before a flashlight was even invented. People are continually trying to associate the book with their times, so the four horses of the apocalypse have been given multiple meanings. Martin Luther saying it's unintelligible, doesn't really help your argument. The revelation was given to John. It seems around 96 AD. Some like to move the date up so it predicts the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD. This proves scholars have an agenda, but there's nothing that would prove Clement of Alexandria made it up. That's probably enough off topic for now. I better do a couple things to do before the snow flies.
  11. Muslims loves Jesus

    Yes, exactly what he said, and he's sticking to it. That "satan says son of god" thing is hard wired MROM. Still unanswered...When Jesus stood on the mount and said, "When we pray, we should pray like this; Our Father..." Didn't say, "My Father" , who else was part of this Our Father family? Considering the thousands of people heard Jesus say it...it would seem logical "Our Father" was meant to include all believers. If you are going to talk Revelation 19, it would be good to read from the start, but even if you don't, you have to at least back up to verse 11, explain who is riding the white horse. If you know that, you must know the riders of the next three horsemen, and Christians around the world would like a definitive answer to that, please don't keep it a secret.
  12. Muslims loves Jesus

    Hi Journal1, welcome to the site. I've been on this site a while and I think you'll find some very knowledgeable people here. It's a really good place to ask. The reason for the "more than you" is reciprocal. Both sides sit back and believe the other is wrong in perspective, thus we are on opposing sides. Not true. The reason I am here is because the Lord showed me that Muslims and Christians can actually worship together, feel the presence of the Lord together, and love...on the same level. I'm not the only one who has had opportunity to discouver this, add Robert Schuller, and Billy Graham to those who have said Muslims will go to Heaven, and nothing about turning to a life in Christ...as Muslims. I'm going by what I've learned, not by what I was originally taught. I was brought up Baptist.
  13. help needed from ex christians

    Long story short, I have seen people see what I could not. I have been surrounded by a presence my Muslim friend called the Spirit of Allah, because he felt it too. Okay, that's two stories. I believe that presence to be the Holy Spirit, sent by God, often in the form of angels, many ascribe to being Jesus. I wish I could have asked the lady that proved answer to my prayer but the timing was rather intense and I was too busy figuring out what was going on already. I couldn't see what she saw but I knew "God in His essence" was there.
  14. Muslims/atheists seeing Jesus?

    Satan can disguise himself any way he wants but I don't think he does. There are enough fallen angels, some organized, some not, that can do anything an angel can. Christians were taught to "Test the spirits to see if they are from God" Not every angel is Jesus. The common trough talk assumes Christians have no proper path. Evidence is taken from the worst of the western world, assumed "Christian". If we draw our conclusions from the worst of a religion, you end up with a proverbial pot-kettle syndrome. Being part of a religion is not the same as seeing the light. Regardless religion, there is a time when you have stop and wonder how much of me is religion, and how much of me is actual faith? Prophet after Prophet...after Prophet have come to interpret their injil. Men grab it, make a bunch of rules around it and call it a religion. If Islam is the name of the perfect religion since Adam, then it is already recorded in three eras, you have the OT, the NT, and the Qur'an. Is it possible the true path would be hidden until those who followed Muhammad exposed it? All those of previous Prophets are...what,? The time period of "Islam post Abraham" is recorded in the Torah. Their modern path splits three ways, Orthodox, Reform, or Conservative. Each of those paths splits off into more paths, Could you be comfortable with the term "The Islam of Jesus"? Christianity is so simple, yet split after split, reform after reform, leaves it with more denominations than any, but so what? Let's say "Islam, post Muhammad" is the true path. While walking this path, you come to a "Y" in the path, the sign says, this way Shia, this way Sunni. A little farther down there's a Wahabi turn off. If you decide to take the Shia path, the sign becomes a list of Twelvers, Alawites, Ismailis, Druze, Zaidiyyah, all divided, not fond of each other. These man made separations in all religions are often called "branches" which resembles a tree, not a path. True Islam is between one person and one God. That's where the path is determined. If God decides you need a face to face it's going to happen.
  15. Paul's salutation normally started with, "Grace be to you and peace from God the Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ" Much along the same lines. Too bad it didn't stick in Christianity the same way it does in Islam.