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  1. relevance? Ah, yeah. unbeliever = anyone not Shia. K, you tell me what I choose and what I don't. May as well tell me what I am and what I'm not while you're at it. Once you have me slotted, let me know.
  2. I get that, but to what end? The average Christian that I've met, when asked about trinity will explain it as they've been taught it, but have no personal details as to how they know. For the most part, they can't wrap their head around it, only accept it. They can't really talk about it because to think otherwise is blasphemous, ( catch 22), so they put it in the back of their mind hoping it doesn't become a problem. If they could be honest, ( or read their scriptures), they would admit that there's too much in the NT that notes the differences. Statements of unison are not statements of equality, nor partnership, nor oneness. Even in their churches, worship God, praise Jesus, ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Why the separation in activities? They are continually exposed to the contradictions and taught not to see them. It's the same leverage used in every religion because it works so well. You can't condemn sheep for being sheep.
  3. As a Christian, I was taught there are no jinn, only good and evil spirits. My experience tells me there are "jinn" and there are demons and they are not at all the same thing although jinn seem to be demon groupies. I'm amazed at how much is taught about victory over evil yet most Christians have no idea and don't want one. The way they are taught it would seem angels are a thing of the past and evil is "out there", but nobody encounters anything, only sees it in the secular world. Islam is pretty much the same with the addition of jinn, a parallel world pretty much left alone. Fact is, the demonic realm spends much more time on the pious and agnostics than the secular. The secular are already like fish in a net. A rancid odour that does not belong in your surroundings is something your senses can pick up. Then what? @Yaaqov Ben Yisrael explains from a deeper understanding than mine that the actual meaning of the "sons of God" in Genesis were not giants, but men of public stature from the Abrahamic genealogy that married pagan women and went wild. <<< slightly paraphrased. His explanation is above your post.
  4. How has this got anything to do with yielding to the words of the devil? Your impetuous emboldened reply only goes to prove what I said.
  5. I'm sure there's a point in there somewhere, but how to focus on satan and ignore the rest? I know it makes a better case, but...something about the whole truth... The Old Testament speaks of the sons of God, Jesus is called a son of God, Jesus refers to everyone as children of God, calls God His Father, (what's the difference?) later on apostles tell us how to become sons of God, All that comes to an end because an unclean spirit acknowledges the same? The whole "s.o.g." thing is totally over rated. It's an exaggerated stance meant to divide Islam from Christianity and taught to be treated with disgust, therefore sliding the actual point of it all by without notice... back to the mat.
  6. Could you be a little more specific? This reads like a rag. According to the NT, Gabriel told Mary she would have a child and that this child would be called the son of God. Jesus is referenced many times as the son of God, not only by satan...In it's proper context, why would satan not know this?
  7. Ishmael is mentioned along with his genealogy in Genesis 25. The Ishmaelites are mentioned a few times but that was long before the Quran. Shia and Sunni were only established after Muhammad died. You must be talking about the pillars, and principles of Islam, more specifically Shia? If my Father was here he would know. I know he was impressed with the similarities and identified the Pillars of Islam in the Bible, just not sure where.
  8. How does that not include Sunni Islam?
  9. You don't have to make stuff up. One fallacy does not disprove another. If you ask a Christian about a holy spook they are likely to tell you to walk away.
  10. Man, you write a lot. I don't know anything Hebrew, but I've come to understand a lot of what you've written without it. Atheists would tell you a day is 24 hours, creationists would say a day is 1000 years. This is based on Peter's letter where he says a day unto the Lord is like 1000 years, and 1000 years is like a day. "Like a day" does not equal 365,250 days, 4,383,000 hours. What Peter was saying is a day, (limited time frame that we understand), is longer than anyone has ever historically lived, and 12X +/- longer than the average person at that time, which is beyond understanding, so why take it literal? I'm not one for believing jelly fish crawled up on shore, but the age of the earth can't be counted in days no matter how you look at it. There's only enough info on Nefilim in the Torah to create questions. Then it depends on what your religious leaders teach. The book of Enoch gives a whole nuther description. Not sure how it survived the flood but it's quasi acceptable to Christians who don't know whether to read it or not, but they were all giants, that much they know. I expect that if these fallen angels were capable of mating with humans before the flood, there's not a lot stopping them from doing so after the flood. Especially through ages where certain people would seek it. Evil can work it's way in many forms, and does, but creating a race of superhumans doesn't seem to one of them.
  11. You call Christians misguided, then say you believe in the swap theory. 4:157 mentions conjecture and all Muslims are told it means Christians, then they conjure more theories on Jesus than the Jews. They also prefer to ignore Ayah 62, so who is misguided? You have all those people, you also have the Qu'ran that tells you that there is no distinction between them, and ahadith that tells you Muhammad is the best. Considering there are 124,000 Prophets, most unknown, there is no proof they all had predecessors and successors. Just too many contradictions within the structure. What do you have to offer?
  12. How does, "Muhammad in the Bible" relate to "Shia" Islam within Christianity?
  13. Emotional preaching, emotional advertising, and emotional awareness is a multi million dollar business. It's not limited to any one source. With a tear in her eye she says, "Dogs are people too."
  14. That's a thought provoking link you added. First time seeing it. I wonder if there's more of the same.
  15. This is as good a history as any. Trinity It's flawed from the get go, but it's what was taught. Now about that clear book.