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  1. Christianity

    Is it not interesting that Peter wrote his Epistles after Paul wrote his letters, yet says nothing to denounce Paul. Actually Peter's salutation was a little longer but with the same theme as Paul. Paul was a missionary with the Apostles, yet no arguments over doctrines or beliefs. As I see it...You can't have a new religion if the old one still works, thus Islamic leaders drug it through the mud without evidence. They are Imam's, aka infallible. You have no choice but to believe everything they say.
  2. Thoughts 2018

    It's okay, we got that. I know what you are saying. people are so emotionally fragile. If you say something that they don't want to hear, it's offensive and the main theme is lost. It's a well practiced escape route that has become the norm.
  3. Thoughts 2018

    Supply and demand. The American music industry followed the hearts of the wicked. Loosened morals to the point that those with morals are persecuted and shunned. It makes light the sins of the world. The rebellion started around the time of prohibition, worked it's way up to rock n roll. By the 50's 60's they were cute silly love songs, by mid 70's it was blatant Sex and drugs and rock and roll. It really hasn't gotten any better. The lyrics became obscure, in some cases make absolutely no logical sense. they accompany the music rather than send a clear message, and don't forget the Rainman. It's a slippery slope. Music is very alluring. You should lovingly advise your sister to take notice when she sings contrary to what she knows to be right and the need to deal with it in her heart. Yes, she sings when nobody is listening.
  4. Christianity

    You would deny it if you were sitting on it.
  5. Christianity

    Jews don't talk about it but It is their history. It's mentioned in Leviticus and again in Deuteronomy. that famine would be bad enough they turn to cannibalism. There are two references later on that describe the famine and mention eating their offspring in 2 Kings, and Lamentations. It's in the list of things you don't teach your children in Sunday school.
  6. Christianity

    Do they grow khat in Texas?
  7. Christianity

    What law was he talking about and who was he telling this to?
  8. Christianity

    No he did not. The Jewish laws were established, the Gentile laws were established by James, what laws are left to delete?
  9. truth

    I find it very interesting that the Aboriginals of North America had similarities to Christianity before white men took over. It was said the religions could co exist in the same belief system. Not really sure what that means. They believed in many spirits, but one God. These spirits interacted with them and it was well known within their circle. They didn't make any sacred texts so now it's all folklore, right?
  10. Christianity

    If you're having a problem with it, look it up for yourself.
  11. Christianity

    Your question is skewed. Paul wasn't in charge of laws. Paul went to James to deal with the Jews who insisted Gentiles be Jews before they could be Christians. James went to council, Paul was not in the meeting. James came out with the laws for the Gentiles.
  12. Christianity

    Just checking. You are saying I must believe exact as you or I'm some kind of traitor and any hope you ever had for me is now gone, and I am guilty of every offense. That kinda panic and exaggeration.
  13. Christianity

    Do you have any proof, or is your saying so good enough?
  14. Christianity

    Do you always panic and exaggerate like this?
  15. Thoughts 2018

    You mean, I don't remember how I know...