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  1. The Americans learned about Muslims on the shores of Tripoli. If you're unfamiliar, Americans sing about it every day. Their Muslim President didn't stop the bombs over his 8 years in office either. That's gotta make you wonder. Time to take the "Christian" and "Muslim" out of the fight. You won't find many of either on the battle grounds. They are not religious wars. ISIS is not a religious group, and there's no religious army after them. Jihad has nothing to do with foreign terrorism either. Give me one Ayah in context please. Another Ayah to say "kaffaar" and "Christian" is interchangeable would be nice. The only reason to spin it as a religious war is to pretend God is on their side and use the religion as leverage to do whatever they want. It's a thin veil. The wars are not likely to stop as long as vengeance is taught as a God given right. Taking the Americans and Russians out of the war won't stop it either.
  2. I'd be thinking anyone who can speak as an infant wouldn't have any language barrier.
  3. If you decide to die while in a situation where you cannot kill yourself, you'll be disappointed with the outcome.
  4. In the book of Hebrews it is written; "It is appointed unto man once to die, after this the judgement" I take that literally. "Dead" has been "brought back to life" for centuries. Actually, what I've come to understand, evil spirits who knew the deceased can take on their appearance and speech, when "called upon". In a room of people willing to open themselves to it.
  5. Not sure I understand how you got committing suicide out of that.'re hanging by your hands, can't beat yourself. Your feet are nailed down, can't kick yourself to death, what possible form of suicide could there even be?
  6. Found in the second letter to the Corinthians. For we know that when this earthly tent we live in is taken down, we will have a house in heaven, an eternal body made for us by God himself and not by human hands. 2 We grow weary in our present bodies, and we long to put on our heavenly bodies like new clothing. 3 For we will put on heavenly bodies; we will not be spirits without bodies. According to the Bible, we get a new body and a new name. Earth passes from our memory as ever tear is dried. We won't be married, nor given in marriage, we will meet the comforter, and will have helpers. Actually that's gathered from a few places in the Bible, but seems to jive with what you are saying.
  7. It's recorded that Jesus said, "Into thy hands I commit my spirit" and when He said that He breathed His last, (gave up the ghost). Not something you or I could do. Two others, also on crosses were still hanging around. Crucifixion is a slow death, they can hang there for days. Jesus may have done a few hours. It was the time of the Passover and there was some rule about not having live people hanging around over the course of the event. The soldiers were sent out in the evening to break the legs of those on the crosses. I'm guessing that even if your feet are nailed up you can get some traction and as long as they hold up you don't suffocate. When they got to Jesus he was (to their surprise) already dead. Rather than break his dead legs, they stabbed him with a spear, out came "blood and water" which is a pretty good sign nothing is working in the body other than enzymes. The spirit was already taken. In that sense he escaped dying at the hands of the Jews and Romans. There is some significance to that last miracle, but it doesn't confirm the common belief that Jesus rose up to Heaven. The Gospel records show there were other things to do first. There was a tremendous shift in the spiritual world, also in the manner of how the spirits of the dead were handled. This was noticed and mentioned by the Apostles after Jesus was gone. It brought on statements like; "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places". Things we prefer to ignore.
  8. My understanding is that the last miracle of Jesus was "He gave up the ghost". Death was inevitable, but He did not leave it to the Jews nor Romans. Anyway. If the zombie story was true, there would be reports of them attacking people, etc, of course nobody knows exactly how many zombies fled to the hills and hid for all these centuries. They could be wandering the night streets in your neighbourhood now. I'm sure you've heard the reports of the flesh eaters capturing people and turning them into christians, er...zombies. Actually there's a much deeper meaning in Matthew's Gospel (27:52-53). You can find it in Daniel, and the Revelation to John. Not something you can thumb through. The three days and nights between death and heaven seems to be a thing. I have a feeling you'd rather stick with the zombie story. Two problems with the whole deal. First off check the history of "zombies", secondly, anyone who died prior to Jesus wasn't actually Christian. It would have had to be Jewish zombies. All your sources missed it. Actually what I don't have is Islam's take on body, soul, spirit, what parts go to heaven, what stays behind. I've heard a few things but was waiting for someone who had a full concept.
  9. A few years back I read a couple posts from a guy who came here. My question, his answer; He's banned for obvious reasons. Actually it was back in 2013, but he never mentioned USA. After reading some of his posts, he would know. He traveled often. NOW ADD...USA...Was run by war mongers and oil thieves for a long time, they go where the action is. It's not Christian/Muslim, it's war over oil and...war, just war, killing people for a "cause". WMD was a good cause, right? It's USA, it's Russia, it's fun. Tweak your skills like a video game. Hey, Shia Rebels, let US bomb a path for you through the city. Shia Rebels smart enough to know the US will bomb anybody that looks Muslim, called off their attack. Lemme see, ISIS, was less than 4000 ground troops in 2013, quickly became 20,000 by the end of 2014, in Toyota Tundra pickups, (Toyota was stunned to realize they had sold some 15,000 tan trucks that ended up there),with decade old artillery and public technology. They can be followed and fired on from half way around the world with amazing accuracy. Oops, we hit a hospital, oops, we hit a school, our condolences, we're sorry. "Our intel, (video surveillance) believed there were Muslim terrorist hiding in the hospital." Hang on, the same "intel" can tell you when the flock of Tundras showed up at a hospital.. Nobody ran up and peeked in the windows and reported seeing a terrorist. No nurse narrowly escaped rapid gunfire until rescued and swept away into the arms of safety where she told all and fell in love with her rescuer and lived happily after, somewhere in the USA. The same drones that supply the video intel are armed and have a choice of boom booms. Why hospitals, why schools? Why not convoys? Truck camps? Ants, climbing up hills? Aleppo...the famous example, but far from the only. The destruction is incredible. It's deliberate. It will all have to be flattened before it can be rebuilt, like the rest. Nobody is chasing bad guys through the streets, arresting them, treating them to republican values and emigrating them to comfy new domiciles abroad. Don't be asking the Award winning White Helmets for help either. Assad isn't a main target or he'd be gone. ISIS isn't a US/Russia main target or they'd be gone. This is so not Christian vs Muslim. This is pure evil intent through human ability and resources. Who has been reducing the ISIS population lately? Muslims, not so called Christians, nor so called atheists. Power corrupts, it's a bi-product. It's a historical fact each and every time, short of the Prophets themselves, it's inevitable. It's reeked havoc on the middle class continually. The "middle class" in every country pays and suffers at the hand of those with all the power because they are those prudent enough to figure out survival, and keep a bit for the future.(Loose change for the rich) The children's game, " If I were king of the world I would..." was so innocent. As children grew up with this concept into students, "what to do with your opponents?" becomes a question that few master and the rest learn to confront, or live with, or around, or avoid. It depends on the aggression of their opponents. The opponents of greed has now shifted. ISIS still remains but their goal is not clear. What we see with ISIS is a sort of game of those who like dropping bombs and compelling their middle class to go kill the middle class in another country. It's about done. US soldiers with Christian morals are commuting suicide by themselves, (Not harming anyone around them). A tour of duty is six months to four years. Young men, so convicted of their actions they'd rather die than continue, or face their loved ones. Or they come back to a prescription of 900 grams of cannabis, or worse per month. A catatonic payoff to not tell deep horrific secrets. A distraction from their past. An internal guilt that eats at them and causes them to quit or speak out against the atrocities they were forced to witness, or forced to do. It's an interesting situation now that the "USA" continues to bomb random places but the American people are split on those who welcome Muslims, and those who still hate. Either way it's easy to find a safe place to live in NA. BTW, it's no secret ahadith instills dominance, prejudice, and vengeance as viable reasons to antagonize whatever, whenever under the guise of Islam. NA knows Muslims have a takeover policy. Europe is an obvious example. Is Islamophobia real? It's an official word now in Canada. Is it a condition that can be treated with drugs and council? It could be controlled with less proof of a reason for it's existence. ISIS was created to fight ISIS against ISIS back when ISIS was the enemy of ISIS but the friend of ISIS who was after vengeance because ISIS killed the son of ISIS, for the sake of ISIS, and can afford to house and pay guerrillas and vigilantes to fight the cause. Most of the middle class that joined ISIS for what they thought was a decent cause are now dead. Max'd around 70,000, suspected to be around 15,000 now. It's no contest if the big guns wanted to do it, but it would create more lies as to why war needs to continue. Sorry, that's about 3X what most people want to read.
  10. Sure it's not a St Paddy's day thing? Is that a hint it's time to retire? Is there a pension?
  11. Not really. All Prophets were sent with the same Injeel for the same reason, to turn religion around. Every time humans get involved corruption happens. New man made god laws pop up everywhere and everybody is jumping hoops and paying extra taxes hoping it pleases God because humans called leaders say it will. Every Prophet was sent to the world. Their ability to change the world was dependent on how big their world was. Jesus predominantly traveled the lush lands of the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. That was His world. No doubt He found more Jews than Gentiles to speak to, but He certainly didn't reject Gentiles, nor did He keep His teaching from them. When multitudes gathered to hear Him, He didn't weed out the Gentiles, nor tell them the message wasn't for them. Jesus came to turn the Jews away from many years of religious abuse. The Gentiles didn't have a religion to scourge. From what I understand, Muhammad did the West to East, Southern coast of Arabia, as far North East as Cairo, As far North as the Aleppo area, and as far North West as the Baghdad area. That was his world. Muhammad came to turn the Arabs from idolatry with the same message which by now is obvious, the message of the Prophets is not only for the Jews.
  12. I don't recall Jesus telling His followers to call themselves anything in particular. It was shortly after His death the term Christian came about. Christian is one who follows Jesus Christ. It's not that hard, why are Muslims not called Islamist for following Islam? "Muslim" seems to be a description that goes back and spans all religions I'm assuming this is in contrast to the name "Muslim" that of which Muhammad considered himself to be the first. Then again...The disciples of Jesus called themselves Muslim, and it is said that Adam was a Muslim. Actually the name in English would be "surrendered one" which is not really a name, but a description. Add to that, most Muslims I know don't seem to be that surrendered, so the description is not a true name for the masses. Not saying I know a lot of Christians that are actually "surrendered to the Will of God" either. It's a name.
  13. In most cases it is believed these people are alive in one form or another and ready to hear your prayers. Fact of the matter is simple, if they were once human they are now dead.
  14. I was hoping Trump's answer to the Israeli/Palestinian land conflict would be a sign of things to come. He basically said, "Whatever they decide is fine with me." If he can really keep his nose out of it, maybe he will withdraw from the rest of the mess. Of course new president does not mean ISIS will dissipate, nor that revenge will not be sought. Too late for a clean slate.
  15. There is a larger agenda prophesied. It includes leaving the entire middle East desolate. Will be interesting to see "The abomination of the desolation" I assume it could be another tower of Babel, even if only metaphoric. The same passage says "Let the reader understand".