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  1. Grace of Christ or Burden of the Law

    That might be as fair as you can get. Nothing about me is Jewish. many of the OT laws were Israelite specific, plus Jews made laws about laws. I can find specific laws that could pertain to me, but certainly not all. I'm best to follow the Laws as Jesus taught as they cover more ground with less words.
  2. Grace of Christ or Burden of the Law

    He's not really a Christian, is he. Actually Jesus said something to the effect that if a man thinks about adultery, he has already sinned. Jesus also said "To he who knoweth what is right and doeth it not, to him it is sin." Dhulfikar nails it with the contrast between Jewish law and the spiritual laws Jesus taught.
  3. Bible changes-Mandela Effect?

    I have no idea what a truly just system is. I'm not sure it can happen on earth. Not even in small non profit organizations have I seen a justice system honoured. Even at the lowest levels, power breeds corruption.
  4. Grace of Christ or Burden of the Law

    For me and mine they are mandatory. I don't really care who else follows them. They are a straightforward list that make sense and I see no reason not to adapt them and teach them within my family circle as it was taught to me. The best way to teach the 10 commandments is through the lessons Jesus taught. It's not hard to see the connection, nor make the association. It's not a list of "don'ts" as much as a list of why we don't. When talking about "Jewish" law, every book contains a bunch more, so much so that Maimonides compiled 613 laws out of the scriptures. It's a test, how Jewish are you? If you're circumcised you only have 612 laws left to go.
  5. God didn't write His name down for anyone. God doesn't bother to speak Hebrew, Greek, or English. Anything recorded was in a language meant for men. If we are not able to speak His name why give it? We have what the Prophets called Him. Here's a vague summary of some of my studies, and questions, because it's still confusing. Jehovah is a Latinized word for starters. Through oral translation YHWH and JHVH could just be a difference in how it was received one generation to another. There were no vowels in Hebrew so make of it what you like, pronounce it how you like. Once you add a few vowels pronounce it YAHWEH or JEHOVAH, or as some pronounce it, YEHOVAH, or make up your own. Obviously you wouldn't be the first. Elohim has a different description than Jehovah in the Hebrew. While Jehovah is described as the One True God, Elohim means a whole bunch of things. Singular, plural, possibly female...basically anything spiritual that wasn't identified. How many were identified I haven't counted, but start with the Archangels, the Lord of Hosts, The Spirit of the Lord, The Word of the Lord, it goes on. Interesting to note the differences, as well as the tasks. Of course they could all fall under the same title one time or another. Not sure how many may go by different names, or which ones are unique, nor how Moses knew which was which. I'm not so sure the early Bibles were "corrupted" as much as altered through years of translation. The Oral scriptures were kept in the hearts of the Prophets, taught to men, recited to the youth, until the youth found a decent way to write it down. From Hebrew and Greek into Latin, then into English, then everybody wanted to sell a Bible, so how many translations now? (Imo NIV is the worst). From the Masoretic text, (basis for many translations), all references to anything spiritual ended up translated as "God", probably because the Israelites were into polygamy every chance they could. So why would God say; "Thou shalt have no other gods, (Elohim) before me? If Elohim was Jehovah. Who was at the burning bush? Actually I should ask, how many were at the burning bush? The burning bush was on the mountain of Elohim, now known as Mount Sinai. The Angel of the Lord first, Then Moses, then Jehovah, then Elohim who speaks first, then Jehovah speaks, then Moses, then Jehovah explains the plan to get His people out of Egypt. All called God, or Lord, meant to mean one in the same in the Baptist theology. The NIV takes the privilege of adding, "and God said" where it's not in the Masoretic, nor the KJV. We have this idea that one God does it all. If that is the case, why did God send Gabriel to Mary, or Muhammad? Would one God send Himself as a cloud by day and a pillar of fire at night? Why would He do what one angel could do? How arrogant would we be, to think God would spend 40 years of His time as a pillar of smoke or fire? None, be it The Lord, of, the Angel of, nor the Word of, are mentioned in a context of parts nor partners. All work for one God. At least that's what the Bible says, not exactly what the Baptists say.
  6. Grace of Christ or Burden of the Law

    Lol, you can choose not to follow any commandment you like, although wasn't it Muhammad that said; “None of you have faith until you love for your neighbor what you love for yourself” “None of you is a believer if he eats his full while his neighbour hasn’t anything.” If you are obliged to live according to such statements it doesn't really matter how many times it's been stated in past scriptures, correct?
  7. I am going to take off my hijab

    What AfricanShia is referring to is those who sin, (maybe out of curiosity), like it, sin again, move on to greater sins, then find justification in their own minds for their sins. As Paul described them...And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting;.As I understand it, everyone has a conscience. Those who argue with it eventually lose it. Believing in God is aside from every religion. The odd thing is, the three biggest religions all believe in the same God...and separation. They all preach unity and practice separation. When you pray, don't pray as a Muslim/Christian/Jew, nor sub sect of any. Pray as one seeking God. Jesus said; "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." Prophet David said this; "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." You are no doubt in your late teens and feel the pressures of the world around you. This is the age where you can destroy your life in a matter of minutes. It's hard to be in the world but not part of it. You know what goes on around you. You can see where people are headed in life. Check their priorities. Decide if it's really for you. It's not just about hijab.
  8. I am going to take off my hijab

    I'm guessing you already know the controversy it would cause, and I am the least qualified to tell you how you should dress. If you must test this, remember this is first between you and Allah. Start with your time of worship and you will either feel relief or conviction. To argue conviction is to disconnect with God.
  9. I am going to take off my hijab

    I'm not sure if hijab is compulsory for all Muslim women, or just some groups, obviously demographics plays a role, but if you are wearing tight designer jeans, (like Canadian Muslims), nobody's looking at your hijab. Some don't wear actual hijab, yet their attire tells you they're Muslim. The dress code here is a mess next to what I keep hearing is proper. Take off your hijab in Calgary, nobody would notice. Some wear clothes, some wear costumes. I'm not so sure wearing or not wearing is the real sin. If you are having trouble with self confidence, a new look isn't going to do it. One that would break your parent's heart would not be a good choice either. Actually, you're better to speak humbly to your parents than in a forum. It's not actually just about hijab anyway, and the world you seek confidence in doesn't really care.
  10. Terminology. When one says "God" everyone thinks God Almighty, the one and only true God. This is an age old problem that goes back to "Thou shalt have no other gods before me" Exodus 20:3. The word used for gods is Elohim. Strong's interpretation includes; 1) (plural) 1a) rulers, judges 1b) divine ones 1c) angels 1d) gods 2) (plural intensive-singular meaning) 2a) god, goddess 2b) godlike one 2c) works or special possessions of God 2d) the (true) God 2e) God English translations, and concordances seem to group all these descriptions into one package and call them all "God". This is an attempt to make Jehovah and Elohim one in the same, but Strong's interpretation of Jehovah is' Jehovah = "the existing One" 1) the proper name of the one true God 1a) unpronounced except with the vowel pointings of H136 Which proves they are not the same. In Exodus 20:2 God declares Himself Jehovah Elohim, basically the God of gods. Again, concordances like to associate "gods before me" with pagan idols which are totally remote from the average Christian, so often explained as items of worship, maybe money, maybe cars. The fact of the matter is, these "gods" are anyone in a position of leadership, physical or spiritual, regardless their rank. Elohim can be angels, or fallen angels, aka pagan gods. This is why Paul said test the spirits to see if they are from God. These spirits can be present in an inanimate object, and in the heart of the teachers. The response to asking how they find favour in Jesus Christ tells all. Making contact with these spirits can leave you spiritually oppressed, obsessed, or influenced. None of which are a fun future. @Mishael I can't tell you what religion to follow. That is between you and God. He does require a little more dedication than you will get playing religious hop scotch.
  11. You can believe in them as long as you realize they are "gods", and not God. Many of these pagan gods are actually fallen spirits. None can claim total control which is why you need one for this and one for that. Ask them how they find favour in Jesus Christ. Their response should enlighten you. Then you can decide which team to be on. Don't forget, but with every team there is a requirement to qualify. Many stories of coming back from death with stories of what they've seen. Considering it's "mind's eye" it's quite likely most would see it as their religion teaches. I still wonder what is actually true, what is true to them, and what is staged. My neighbour of old told me a story once. No religious affiliation, no desire to learn. He took too much window pane LSD. He said he floated up about 20 meters above his body and stayed there for what was about a hour of what felt like eternity, seeing his body motionless on his sofa, through his roof. I asked what went through his mind and he said, "All I thought of was how much I wanted to get back into my body". I asked him if he was just floating or felt connected in any way. He said there was a cord, I asked if it was silver, he looked at me funny and said "possibly". I said that would be Biblical, (as Ecclesiastes 12 "...before the silver cord is severed..." went through my head) and he said it probably wasn't silver in that case. He didn't see heaven. Maybe it wasn't in his mind, maybe because he had no concept.
  12. Bible changes-Mandela Effect?

    He's not talking democracy. In a democracy he'd be given a disability pension, never have to work another day. According to Sharia law you can hack off a hand, but I've never heard what happens to the guy after.
  13. help needed from ex christians

    I can relate, especially when it comes to trinity, but it wasn't enough reason for me to leave Christianity. There's a lot more to Christianity than one doctrine. There are also trinitarians that receive blessings from God, so I don't think it's a game changer for God either. I thought that when I first admitted I didn't believe in a trinity that I would feel the condemnation, who cares people, but from God. I actually felt lighter, and my relationship really didn't change. I was open to explore scripture with new eyes. He doesn't live in the mainstream of any established religion. By the time men establish the does and don'ts, must and can'ts of how to believe in God their way it's always messed up. Millennia of contradicting religions proves nobody really cares what God thinks. 124,000 prophets can't be held responsible for what humans made of the message. God doesn't change because of doctrine, or religion. He is what He is regardless our belief system and criteria. We have to look past that to experience God. It also makes for a better starting point for study. That's just my experience, thus far.
  14. A cure? No. A deterrent, one would think yes. Unless priests are hopeless. From what I've been told, the night before the oath can be quite the stag party. For some it could be more of a beginning than an end.
  15. Bible changes-Mandela Effect?

    It would be a lot more convincing if the arguments were remotely accurate. The lion and the lamb was taught because they start with "L" so kids are more interested and, of course there's more assumed drama using a lion to make the point, but I have yet to "lion" in this reference at all in any Bible. The metaphoric "wolf" is the reference to the enemy of Israel, and of course Israel is the lamb. Israel now shares living space with Gentiles, prophecy fulfilled. If this is the case, then the Bible has only been altered by those who read one thing and teach another. In that case, call it corruption and don't be thinking Islam is immune. You really don't think that Rome had gold and silver coins minted but had no banks do you? ελθων is the Greek word for "banks", although at the time it included established buildings as well as change tables in the market. Tell me this is where you started to doubt the author.