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  1. Muhammad Ka Gharana Karbala Walay

    AOA not sure if it was available in 2005 > it is now, tho u may have found it already: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtAa08jTKKg wa'salaam
  2. Can We Forget About The Past?

    (salam) Just my tuppence worth, i thought that Fadak was gifted to Bibi Fatima(sa) during the lifetime of the Prophet(s) and therefore was NOT inheritance anyway. Can't quote any hadees here but I'm sure some of the brothers and sisters can! ;)
  3. The look on King Abdullahs face as Gaddafi was presumably slagging him off, I don't speak arabic and only caught the clip on the BBC, was something to behold! :) The list of Gaddafis deeds > pure madness but hugely entertaining!!
  4. Islamic Revolution and american/zionist oil theft!

    Interesting. :!!!: Thanks for the info. Regards
  5. Islamic Revolution and american/zionist oil theft!

    Bandar in urdu means monkey. Bandargah is a seaport. Bandar Abbas i assume means Port Abbas. So what does Bandar in the name Prince Bandar mean?
  6. US offers Iran a 'new beginning'

    AOA Brother. I don't recall Bush offering to talk to Iran the way Obama has. As I said above, no harm in talking - it may lead somewhere, if not then nothing lost. Someone50 makes a good point about the oppositiion to any thaw in relations between Iran and the US. I can't understand why so many posters here are taking such entrenched positions about Iran even talking to the US, as though agreeing to some dialogue will automatically mean that compromises and concessions will have been made. Neither Iran or the US are so naive, so ......talk! The propoganda is exactly that, propoganda and I am sure, since Bush left office :D , that the leaders on BOTH sides know this. Regards
  7. US offers Iran a 'new beginning'

    AOA. I watched the documentary series "Iran and the West" and found it to be quite an eye opener. What was really interesting was the desire on both sides to open some sort of dialogue and the continual failure to do so for one reason or another. Given the situation in Afghanistan and the deteriorating situation in Pakistan with its trend towards talibanisation and potential escalation in anti-shia sentiment, what bloody harm can there be in simply engaging in dialogue without any preconditions? Apologies, expressions of contrition, lifting sanctions, unfreezing of assets etc etc can come later if progress is made. Talking, even if the atmosphere is a bit frosty may produce some results and has to be better than the current stalemate. If the talks don't lead anywhere then nothing is lost. I doubt either side is going to contemplate concessions or compromise as their first move in any diplomatic contact. Regards
  8. [Closed/Review]THE MAGICIANS IN IRAN

    AOA. Bilal Philips - this is, I am sure, the clown who produced an audio tape called "The Devils Deception of the Shia".
  9. Can Any One?

    Are you and muslim123 the same person using different nicks? Both of you joined on the same day and seem to be clones of Fathead. Are you here to act as his proxies, posting the same sort of cr@p that he used to until he got banned?
  10. Can Any One?

    Looks like we have a couple of Fathead Maniac, of kfc.com, clones here. :o :o They demonstrate the same warped point of view and post the same sort of bonkers questions as Fathead Maniac. :!!!:
  11. Why Did he bocome a Sunni!

    Err yeah, course they were. I thought you weren't into wasting time typing false stories?
  12. Why Did he bocome a Sunni!

    Looks like my help was not needed after all!
  13. Why Did he bocome a Sunni!

    He's saying he's peeing himself laughing at your story. :P Or at least that is the way I interpret what he said. ;)
  14. Who was SiafUllah really?

    Yes there were but the difference is that H.Ali(as) and the other notables stayed close to the Prophet(s) when it really mattered while the pretenders legged it from the battlefield - a fact conveniently overlooked by you and your sect.
  15. Ali Or Abu Bakr? I Can't Decide

    AOA. I am curious about this : Would H. Hamza speak in this manner to the Prophet(s)????? Regards