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  1. Starting to resent my MIL :(

    This might be the best option. Allah wants to see you grow as a person and this situation may cause great harm to your personality. This mental stress could cause you to treat other people in bad ways. You should move out and tell him that he needs to move too if he still wants you. Once you are out you could give him a little while to see if he agrees to move. Do not allow this to drag on.
  2. Are there any Mutah networks?

    And if the woman did not know this rule, it is halaal for the father to neglect his own child? So some muslim reports say the army went out to a far away land and the men did mutah with some unknown women - for only three days! After that the men can go home and leave this woman alone without needing to find out if she became pregnant. And if she had a child, and the man chose to neglect it, whose fault is it that she did not know the rules?
  3. Are there any Mutah networks?

    Doesn't fiqh include things that are mustahab and makhrooh? Do we not see these terms being used in fiqh? In that case why should things that are considered good akhlaq not be listed as mustahab?
  4. Are there any Mutah networks?

    How can I state the distinction when I do not believe in it? How can I describe something that does not exist? You tell me why this distinction is correct and then I can tell you if I can agree with it.
  5. Thoughts 2018

    What do you mean? It would be an experiment. I wan't to have discussions on some subjects and this is an incentive to get replies. It could have multiple benefits. BTW I am very serious about it. I would pay in crypto for privacy reasons.
  6. Are there any Mutah networks?

    And this is a massive problem with our fiqh. How can fiqh not be identical to morality/akhlaq? All these people coming out of hawzah telling us that fiqh and akhlaq are different things - did they not have a thought in their mind questioning that classification?
  7. Thoughts 2018

    I am contemplating paying people to engage with some of my posts. Is $10 per good reply reasonable?
  8. Virtual Currencies

    They can try to make use of strategies that successful investors and traders have used. E.g. diversification and hedging. They can try to work out how much any token ought to be worth. E.g. with shares people taken things like P/E into account. With cryptos we would need to use other metrics. I think people should learn from the past and learn from those who know. E.g. look at the principles of Ben Graham. Learn lessons from the dotcom bubble. What attributes did the successful early Internet companies have? I think we should mainly look at cryptos that have a proven usecase. But these things are really beyond what most people can do. It takes up a lot of time. These is also the option of using some kind of investment index - if they exist.
  9. Virtual Currencies

    I did that on purpose. I saw what people (including Ron) were promoting on this site and decided to warn against their investments. However I was genuine in my disapproval. A little bit of research is dangerous. A sufficient amount of research is better. How do you know if someone has been doing enough research and has good judgement? Look their long term record. But in this case long term records are not available.
  10. Virtual Currencies

    I feel very bad for those that are losing money right now, but this crash was much needed (and maybe price needs to go down a lot more). The ecosystem couldn't handle the demand and many of the required developments wont be finished for one or two years.
  11. Why are humans terrible at philosophy?

    This is a good point. Even with a lack of some of these distractions, humans would find it unsettling and uncomfortable to think about philosophical problems. If they find it hard to solve some of those problems, how much can we blame them for avoiding them? Perhaps what is needed is for a few to teach the many instead of expecting the many to solve the probelms that only a few can.
  12. Why are humans terrible at philosophy?

    Is a person who thinks 1 +1 = 3 bad at maths or do they just think and understand or interpret differently? Humans are terrible at philosophy because: 1, They were never taught it and have no knowledge in the subject. 2, They lack creative thought. 3, They are unwilling to correct their own erroneous beliefs (due to things such as pride). 4, Philosophy isn't verifiable in the same way science is (so people can get away with saying many wrong things). 5, They have no idea that they are no good at it. It's the Dunning Kruger effect. I can't think of any important subject that humans are worse at than philosophy. This is a precursor to a post I am going to make about natural theology.
  13. Why are humans terrible at philosophy?

    You could meet many that spend hours trying and failing. All they see is syntax but they haven't learned to think in the right manner to solve problems. It's not simply about practising, it's about thinking the right way.
  14. Why are humans terrible at philosophy?

    It requires a lot of creativity. Universities could teach people to do routine tasks, but could not easily teach them to conjure up new solutions. A university can teach you to understand the theory of relativity but it cannot easily make you into an Einstein. You need a certain type of mind for that. However if creativity makes use of certain thought patterns, then perhaps it too can be taught. Maybe it will be a pseudo-creativity, or a lesser creativity. I agree with many of the points in your post (I think you gave the best response). It seems that a certain amount or type of creativity is not inherent in most humans. Genius is creativity without the erroneous thinking of madness.
  15. Why are humans terrible at philosophy?

    I haven't heard of him but I have used the same example. How do you teach someone to be a creative artist? It's a great analogy.