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  1. Muhammed Ali

    A question about wahdat alwujud

    God is pure existence, i.e. the highest level of the the gradation. The other levels are the creation of God. It is like God is the source of light and the created things are the rays coming from that source. The rays are not as strong as the source. Existence is gradated just like light coming from a source is gradated. I am not a fan of these theories. I wouldn't say existence is gradated, rather existents are gradated ontologically. This is because existence is not an entity and nor is it an attribute.
  2. Muhammed Ali

    Verse that Prove Justice Of Companions

    Ask him: if this verse proves the justice of all muslims?
  3. Muhammed Ali

    Imam Tawhidi: Got me 10000% here. Please HELP

    Zayidf74, do you consider any Muslim scholars to be reliable?
  4. In Shi'ism it's almost always haraam even with a waiting period. Anyone who disagrees either doesn't understand the religion or miscommunicates it. Laws removed of all context are deceptive.
  5. Muhammed Ali

    Why God Does Not Need a Cause?

    Many humans overreact to any criticism. The OP in his first two posts is thinking along the right lines. OP there are a number of properties that would make a thing contingent. You may already know some of them.
  6. Muhammed Ali

    Most Europeans don't rinse hands after bathroom?

    Considering these issues I don't understand why very few Muslims wash their hands before eating. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-15284501
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_Baron-Cohen
  8. Muhammed Ali

    Exposing Imam Shaikh Brother Mohammad Tawhidi

    http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-06-23/imam-tawhidi-the-problem-with-the-medias-favourite-muslim/8643726 What do you think of this: https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/3873033/Tawhidi-Change-of-Course-Letter.pdf
  9. 23 mins: N.b. the philosopher on that panel is rather poor at philosophy - unsurprisingly.
  10. Muhammed Ali

    Zeno's paradox

    It's amazing how many so-called educated people (including muslims) make similar arguments. @Mohammed-Mehdi The paradox can be solved by not assuming that motion is continuous, and instead we must believe that motion happens in steps. I.e. there is a smallest size for motion. E.g. it may be the Planck length.
  11. Muhammed Ali

    Exposing Imam Shaikh Brother Mohammad Tawhidi

    I think Tommy Robinson was duped by Tawhidi. It seems like Tawhidi still has his old beliefs but is pretending to be a reformer because he has an anti-Sunni and an anti-IRI agenda, and he has in the past appeared to want fame. You can tell that from the answers he gives.
  12. Muhammed Ali

    Why is Rhetoric a art?

    Can you name any other art that can justifiably not be considered a science?
  13. Muhammed Ali

    Starting to resent my MIL :(

    This might be the best option. Allah wants to see you grow as a person and this situation may cause great harm to your personality. This mental stress could cause you to treat other people in bad ways. You should move out and tell him that he needs to move too if he still wants you. Once you are out you could give him a little while to see if he agrees to move. Do not allow this to drag on.
  14. Muhammed Ali

    Are there any Mutah networks?

    And if the woman did not know this rule, it is halaal for the father to neglect his own child? So some muslim reports say the army went out to a far away land and the men did mutah with some unknown women - for only three days! After that the men can go home and leave this woman alone without needing to find out if she became pregnant. And if she had a child, and the man chose to neglect it, whose fault is it that she did not know the rules?