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  1. why Shias are less in number compared to Sunni

    Because facing a challenge is good.
  2. Whats one unusual or rare fruit you have eaten?

    Mangosteen. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/adam-groffman/mangosteens-are-delicious-thailand_b_5420485.html
  3. People (and their circumstances) are different. Some will hate your religion, and others will love it. But all of them have at least a glimmer of it in their being.
  4. It's a good time to say it. Why did so many shia put him on a pedestal when he clearly wasn’t very intelligent and he lacked akhlaq? Couldn’t you see it?
  5. The large image of Shaykh Khorosani got ripped off. What was the motive of the advertiser and the probable vandal?
  6. http://www.ihrc.org.uk/news/articles/11959-why-we-should-ban-tatbir-and-zanjir-in-our-centres
  7. I am going to take off my hijab

    There are certain mistakes in life that a person can do and then somewhat undo. But there are other actions that are very hard to undo. If you ever regret taking off your hijab then you will not be able to undo the knowledge of your appearance that men you know will have. You will not be able to undo all the photographs that people will have of you without the scarf. That message above was for others and not you – because I don’t think you are ready for it. Some will try to convince you to keep your hijab, but I encourage you contemplate more about life, Allah and your religion. If you had enough knowledge about your religion and an inspired heart, then you would not even contemplate that act.
  8. Dowry

    I think many of you misunderstood what the OP is talking about. In Iraq women and their parents don't pay huge amounts in dowry. I hope the OP doesn't get the wrong impression from these responses. She is right, there is no dowry from women in Islam.
  9. Poetry

    "If you want to annoy a poet, explain his poetry" - Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  10. Don't forget consciousness. Don't only think about the physical. Read: http://www.oxfordscholarship.com/view/10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199556182.001.0001/acprof-9780199556182 https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/the-soul-hypothesis-9781441152244/ Look up David Chalmers. If you need help understanding some of the arguments, ask.
  11. I don't think they are wrong for as long as your are being truthful to yourself and trying to focus hard on the answers.
  12. Even not hating a murderer is a bad thing. However they are far away from "lets not hate them them completely". They love them all. Instead of giving evidence for what I said, I will ask you for evidence what you thought.
  13. Wa alaykumu salaam wa rahmatullah, Hypothetically: If I wanted to invent a religion (or a sect) for the sake of amassing wealth, and I managed to gain a number of followers – would you refuse to condemn that particular tenet which entailed giving me lots of money (so that I could waste it on a lavish lifestyle)? Would you refuse to highlight it as a harmful dogma even though I the founder insisted upon the act as a fundamental of the religion? Not all religions were made with good intentions and if you change a fundamental tenet of a religion, then it is no longer the same religion. If we should overlook a fundamental tenet, then why follow that religion when there are better alternatives? The intention was to give credence to the likes of Uthman and Muawiyah. The leaders of corruption and their followers wanted to justify their leadership positions, so they invented this lie that all the companions were excellent people. The idea is harmful for several reasons; one of them being that it mocks the notion of a just and merciful God. How can God be just if in his eyes these people are seen as the best of humanity? Conveniently the rest were all considered brilliant Muslims. Through some unknown phenomenon the people at that time were either kaffir or saints. Only extremes were possible?
  14. Sister, even if someone convinced me that Shi'ism is wrong, I would not become a Sunni. I would remain Muslim but never become Sunni. The idea that all the 100k+ 'companions' were very very good people is unacceptable. They don't even have a definition from the Prophet {s} for what constitutes a companion - they invented a definition and then said that all of them were better than every Muslim that lived after them. It didn't matter if these 'companions' murdered each other or stole the wealth of people, they are to be respected and seen as pious leaders. If that is religion, then why be religious? One reason I am Shi'i is because the religion puts a lot of emphasis on not belittling corruption and it does not tolerate corrupt leaders. Shi'ism asks us to fight evil with good; Sunnism teaches us to consider evil as good.