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  1. The Position Of Sunnis In Iran

    my husband is a sunni due to him reading and research when it came down to it he decided to follow the sunni way. really u'd have to ask my husband really foe his experience i shouldn't really speak for him! i think i will remove it during my trip and thanks for your advise everyone i will certainly share my experience with you all inshaAllah
  2. The Position Of Sunnis In Iran

    hmm... hpe your not refering to me as i am anything put ignorant. if i wasn't ignorant i wouldn't bother asking the shia community there stance on this.
  3. The Position Of Sunnis In Iran

    i am just a sunni don't class myslef in any ther group apart from that. my in laws always call me awahabi but i am not. its because i am strict on my household, and thier iranian culture doesn't fit in with that. plus im worried my father in law has told his family i am from israle because my family are jewish which is not true thats another problem.
  4. The Position Of Sunnis In Iran

    it wasn't an anti iranian site i was on,and it was sunni scholars from iran talking about the issues. my husband is iranian so i know much about the people and culture! im just a bit worried that if we go we have to stay with his family who are all shia and so is the town they live in, maybe there will be some hostility towards us now he is a sunni! also i wear niqab, but im told iranians believe this is a abrab thing not an islamic one
  5. Going Into Labour

    Asalam alikum ukhti, try to stay calm (its not easy) be relaxed. during your labour find a position that you are comftable with even if you have to change that position a few time during the labour. i advise you to make lots of dua from now that you have a natural birth and that a man doctor does not have to intervene for anything. ask Allah to make it easy for you, and know my sister that with every ounce of pian every kick flatter you feel the angles are writting it down. during labour your dua in answered so please pray fro the ummah! inshaAllah
  6. The Position Of Sunnis In Iran

    Asalam alikum, i wanted to know mainly from the shia community in iran what kind of position do the sunni's have there. i have been hearing te most unpleasant stories and wanted to know how the shia's viewed this problem. it has put me off so much that i think im go to cancell my trip to iran in the summer.
  7. Poll: Love Marriage Or Arrang Marriage

    without a doubt an arragnged one for the sake of Allah
  8. High Energy Foods In Pregnancy

    Asalam alikum, i am working to and i am pregnant mashaAllah i only work sundays so i try to eat properly that day, good fibre cereal, then a tuna sandwhich for lunch with fruit. and make sure you drink plenty, if you are not drinking enough you can get really tired and suffer headachs during pregnancy. it doesn't hurt from time to time to have a sugary treat for a quick boost but keep it to rare treat! may Allah make this pregnancy easy for you amin and remember the hardship of pregnancy sins will be falling from your records like leaves falling of a tree.
  9. Sisters Who's Husbands Are From Different Culture

    Asalam alikum sisters, i am married to a iranian brother but i am half irish half romainian. my family alhumdulilah they don't have much culture so we don't really have problems. but my husbands family are extremely cultural and his dad is an apostate who hates islam so that's where are problems arise. it depends what attitude you have to if you can marry someone from another background for example the language differnce. could you handle in laws talking in a language you do not understand? are you willing to take up the challenge of learning thier language? could you be sensitive to thier culture? i would always suggest meeting the family before you get married cos remember these people will be in your life FOREVER!!! LOL!!!! and sisters the way to a mans heart.... food... respecting and looking after his parents... may Allah make it easy for you all inshaAllah amin
  10. How Would You Feel

    May Allah accept those women and grant them patience when they recognise this is a right Allah has given our brothers as long as they can be just. sistersmy sincere adviseto you as a muslim women is do not be to concernd about this issue until it arises, but be prepared because we do not know what Allah has planned for us. Do not take it personal if this is what he decideds us we know there are more woman that men and we must love for our sisters what we love for ourselves if we know our husband is a good man and is able to do just why would you not want that for your sister. i know its hard and we would be jelous we are women it is in our nature. what would be the point of divorce how do you know when you get married again the brother won't do the same? i have always said to my husband if this time comes please let me choose someone for you, so i know that i will be able to get along with her...inshaAllah. i advise we all do that. sisters do not talk bad of something Allah has made halal for our brothers lets not do that, i know some brothers take this rule and abuse it and do not give there wives thier rights but Allah is a witness over what they do and they will be accountable for there missuse of this noble sunnah.
  11. Asalam alikum, i wouldn't mind as long as this was an act that he regreted and did in a time of weakness or Jahil. we all make mistakes its just some are more apparent then others. but if this something he practiced often or enjoyed then i wouldn't. why would you purposley mark the body that Allah (swt) gave us to look after!
  12. Giving Birth Experience

    Subanallah all i am going to say is the pain is so heavy and intense that you kknow the rewards must be incredible. you have to go in thinking right this is my Jihad and be extremely patient, i gurantee it will be one of the most difficult times of your life, so take advantage by making LOTS AND LOTS of dua for the ummah as Allah inshallah will be answering your duas at this painful time. make dua from now that a male doctor is not need to help if there are any complications as tthat can reallt disturb you and ur husband. and okti remember Allah will never burden you with something that you cannot bare. But every labour is different so yours inshallah will be unique. with my son Ayman it was only 6 hours alhumdulila and he was nearlt 10 pouns mashaallah and although everyone says only 6 hours? my contractions where every 8 minuets from staright away. i had not time to realax for ten minutes or so. just keep us in ur duas inshallah and ask Allah to make it easy for you inshallah!
  13. Jibril Made A Mistake?

    Asalam alikum wr wb, i heard that there is a sect within shia that believe that Jibril made a mistake. and revealed the quran to the prophet mohammed pecae and blessing be upon him instead of Ali may Allah be pleased with him. is this true and if so what is there eveidence for this?
  14. Sunni's :now You May Cry -and Go To Heaven!

    Who are you to say we dont love hossien? this is incorrect. but if we do not even mourn for the prophet saw why would we mourn for his grandson? if you know that hossien may Allah be pleased with him is going to paradise what you mourning for? he is going to the best place that is cause for celebartion. To be shias follow a lot more of what imam hossien says the the prophet pecae and blessing be upon him. this is incorrect too many time now i have heard hossien said this and that and that and this... the only person we are allowed to bllind follow is the prophet pecae and blessings be upon him. dont be sad about Hossien if you believe he is promised junnah that is all of our aims. May Allah unite us all amin and be able to discuss our differences in the coreect islamic manner and may Allah show us all the truth and guide all muslim to the straight path amin
  15. Sunni Areas In Iran?

    Asalam alikum wr wb, i was wondering the names of the cities in iranian which are majority sunni... if there is any? jazakallah