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  1. Many Many Happy Returns Of the day.

    May Allah bless you.

    Have a blast.

    Enjoy !

  2. salam, happy birthday to you


    Happy birthday salman !!! Hope u'll have loads of fun.. and may all ur wishes come true, aammeeennn!!!! :)
  4. :sick: :sick: :sick: I saw a tiny spider yesterday..since then, my body is itching.. somethings wrong with me.. :Hijabi: And Ali..not funny <_<
  5. Havent clicked on the link yet.... too scared ... :cry: I already have to deal with all the spiders here in australia..im sick and tired of it.. :cry: People say u get used to it eventually...but my phobia only increases each time.. what shud i do? anyone??? :cry: :cry:
  6. Is anyone here from australia?

    Poor u! :lol: :lol: :lol: You're right... the life is great in australia... weatcher is great, ppl are nice, but too many spiders though.... :cry: :cry: :cry: And nope zain..i dont wanna adopt u..ure too annoying.. <_< :P
  7. URGENT: Marriage Announcement!

    Congrats bro! Im so happy for u!! :) The pics were beautiful..u deserve all the happiness in the world ! May Allah grant u and ur wife happiness and lots of kids !! *smile*
  8. Hellooo ! Salaam! Va kul o se flera svenskar här ! Och även ni andra fr norden! Du är säkert den enda med svensk mammis! Hörde ni om nyheten i finland.. :cry: gu va sorligt... Jag verkligen lider med de anhöriga... Undrar om det fanns med någon muslim... ifall det var.. så... Innalillahi wainna ilahi rajeoon.... :cry:
  9. Goodbye

    Salaam bro salmany! Good luck with everything. Keep smiling..and hope to see you soon again! My MSN will be empty without u and ur stupid smileys :!!!: My prayers will always be with you. Ma'salaama *smile*
  10. Im back!

    Awwww..nobody likes zain??? Why..what happed when i was away? Uve been a bad boy?? :angry: :angry: Anyway... um..no, the beach is not very far away from here..why???? :blink: My hubby is registered ...but never comes on this forum..sigh... i will try and convince him harder...we'll see what happens.. So u married yet zaini <_<
  11. Im back!

    Salaamz to all ! Just thought id let u know (those who know me).. that im back from pakistan, married and all !! Everything went GREAT, Allhamdulillah... Parents are happy too! Which is the best part !!! Right now im in australia (muahaha to those who are jealouse.. :P ). My hubby is great ... (ofcourse he is!!!!). So all u bros out there, dont have to worry okkk??? :D Well thats all from me now.. so many new topics and new ppl..phew..its gonna take me ages to go through everything.. MIssed ya !!!!! Masalaama! *smile* :angel:
  12. Desperate girl

    hmmm.... are u referring to me ?? :Hijabi: :D :D :D :D :D :D
  13. Bye for now...

    (salam) Just want to say that i'll be away for a couple of months :cry: ... Not that ive been very active lately...but incase someone will miss me..then u'll know where i am .. :Hijabi: Im going to pakistan tomorrow, inshaAllah... to get married ofcourse!! :!!!: Pls..ALL OF YOU pray for me!! After marriage...(which is on 3rd jan inshaAllah).. i'll move to Austraila .. this whole thing will take a couple of months i guess and thats why i wont be coming here for a while..so dont miss me too much :angel: ... Venus, BKK, Ali Hashmi, Salmany, Zul, KS786, YouthOfALi, Mahnoor.. To u ppl..i just wanna thank you all for ur support, comfort, and love.. May Allah always keep u happy! And hey...keep praying ok? Just dont stop yet !! :!!!: Take care all of you Allah hafiz *smile*
  14. dear denyaa_3ajeba

    Awww..happyyy birthday !!!! Grattissssssssss !!!! May ur day be filled with lots of joy and laughter!