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  1. The mother says in her resignation letter So, what would you do? What would the Aimmah (as) have done? There may be other mothers out there reading this who have similar situations going on at home. How can we practically help?
  2. Salaam alaikum, Peace be on you, My mother passed on to the next life and I am trying to action her will. I did try to contact my local office of Ayatollah Sistani, but they put me in touch with the representative but I'm afraid my urdu/arabic isn't good enough for me to communicate with him. She had a small life insurance policy that she used to pay into each month, only about $10. It was a life insurance, not a saving scheme. She said in the will that when she died the payout for this (which came to about $1000) should be given to her friend. I never explicitly asked why, but I assumed it was because she and her friend used to host majalis of Imam Hussain (as) each year and that mother wanted this to continue in her name. But like I said I never explicitly asked, nor was it written down. I do Taqleed of Ayatollah Sistani. Although mum did taqleed of Ayatollah Khoei. 1. Do I need to take out khums from the life insurance payout assuming that the money she used to make the monthly payments had not had khums taken out before paying it - presumably because she had counted that money as part of her normal monthly expenditure. 2. Unfortunately her friend had already passed on before my mother did and my mother never had a chance to re-word her will and I forgot to ask her what she wanted me to do with the money instead. So what do I do now with the $1000? Shall I just consider it as part of the rest of her assets which are going to be distributed according to sharia to her children?
  3. hashmo

    Cutting off hands of stealer

    Salaam alaikum, If you do a search on YouTube for sayed ammar nakshawani and sharia law he did a lecture on this topic describing the conditions and the punishment. Islam is an extremely merciful religion focussed on helping people even when they slip up. You actually have to be pretty evil to even be punished in islamic law. That is of course an islamic law interpreted by those who know and are endowed with divine knowledge of its correct interpretation and application (ie the Ahlulbayt as)
  4. Peace be in you. Let's be honest what would the Holy Prophet saws and His Ahlulbayt (as) have done if they were living in a non muslim country where they were mocked? I can't help feeling that it would involve kind words, forgiveness, a bunch of flowers and an invitation to dinner, offer to host/clothe/feed/repay the debts of the mocker. They (as) would have been so kind to the cartoonist that he would have realised there was no basis or sense in his mockery of the Holy Prophet saws. And he would probably have ended up accepting the real status of the Holy Prophet saws. I'm pretty sure Prophet Musa pbuh was mocked by the Pharoah's people but Allah SWT told him to use "kind words" in response to try and educate the Pharoah to change his opinion. The trouble is the salafi movement have abandoned the Ahlulbayt and misinterpret the Quran to suit their agenda. The whole thing reeks of the not-so-hidden global agenda to demonise Islam rather than any sort of a retaliatory action in itself.
  5. Peace be on you brothers and sisters, and the mercy and blessings of Allah SWT I need some advice please regarding inheritance. I do taqleed of Ayatollah Sistani (may Allah SWT protect him and grant him a long life). I have tried to contact his office about this through his website but I was advised to contact the representative of His Eminence Ayatullah Al-Udhma Al-Sayyid Al-Seestani (may Allah protect him) Hujjatul-Islam Al-Sayyid Murtadha Al-Kashmiri on the following numbers: Uk 0044 77 67 25 72 89 Dubai 00971 5045 22 118 Unfortunately Hujjatul-Islam Al-Sayyid Murtadha Al-Kashmiri only speaks Arabic, Urdu and Persian. And even though I can speak urdu it isn't good enough to explain such a topic or to fully understand a response from some else where urdu isn't their first language either. Plus this is important and I don't want to get it wrong! So what do I do? Can I ask you to please intercede for me and ask him this question on my behalf please? Maybe if someone speaks arabic they could relate the below to him on my behalf? I would really appreciate the help. Here is my situation (I'll change the names to make it anonymous, although I haven't really got anything to hide lol): A lady, Fatima, was first married to a man, Ali. They both did taqleed of Ayatollah Khoei (may Allah SWT be please with him) They had two children, Hasan and Khadija. Ali then passed away. Fatima then married a man named Khalid. (who was Muslim but not Ithna-Asheri, although if you asked him if he was Sunni or Shia he'd just say that he made no distinction and just wanted to be called a Muslim. They got permission from the ithna asheria mujtahid of the time for the marriage). They had three children: Zehra, Batool and Hashim who were all raised and adopted the Ithna Asheri Jaaferi school of thought. Khalid owned 2 houses. One house was rented out. Fatima , Khalid , Batool (severe learning difficulties) and Hashim all lived together in the other house. Zehra married and moved out (had two children and then divorced unfortunately). Khalid then passed away and did not leave a will. How should his inheritance (2 houses) be correctly divided islamically please? Hashim, Batool and Fatima (mum) continue to live together in one of the houses. Zehra still continues to live in her own home. Basically I'm Hashim and I need to make sure everyone gets their proper share so I don't get in trouble on the Day of Judgement in case I get hit by a car tomorrow without having sorted all of this out (and lets be honest I'm going to die eventually so might as well do this sooner rather than later). When I spoke to Hujjatul-Islam Al-Sayyid Murtadha Al-Kashmiri on the phone he started talking about buildings and floorspace etc...and I was out of my depth. May Allah take care of you all. And jazakAllah for your help.
  6. May Allah SWT reward you brother, I really appreciate it :)
  7. Salaam alaikum brothers and sisters, I'm looking for a prayer timetable calendar (i.e. showing the prayer times for a whole month) based on the laws of Ayatollah Sistani in London. I've had a look on the Najaf.org/english website but it only shows the timings for today and I need to give it to someone who doesn't have internet access so they can see at least a whole month's worth of timings (as they are in hospital). I appreciate the help, May Allah SWT take care of you, Hashim
  8. Peace be on you brothers and sisters, I've heard references to Hadith about Prophet Dawud (a.s) or Prophet Sulaiman (a.s) making a living from making baskets. But tbh I don't actually know what the Masumeen a.s did to earn a livelihood for themselves and their families. Anybody have more information? May Allah swt take care of you
  9. hashmo

    shaking hands

    Peace be on you, Here are some suggestions: Pray before the meeting and ask Allah SWT to give you strength and guidance and opportunity to face this challenge successfully for His sake, then 1. wear gloves(leather, cotton, satin). - this is by far the easiest option -especially if you're a woman (net-a-porter does some nice ones in its hosiery section). you can co-ordinate the gloves to match your outfit. if you work in high fashion, you can claim you're doing a Lagerfeld lol 2. wear a wrist brace - if anyone asks, tell them you need to protect your hand (you'd be telling the truth lol). although beware them then wanting to do a leftie shake lol. 3. call up the person in advance and tell them that something was on your mind and you wanted to run something by them. that your faith asks you to show respect when greeting by bowing rather than shaking hands with the opposite gender, would they be ok with that? (sounds nicer than saying I can't shake hands because you're a man/woman) 4, if you're in full hijab, then tbh most guys (muslim or non muslim) will be thinking twice about wanting to shake your hand anyway - i think general awareness of the limitations and respectful boundaries of muslim women is a lot more common nowadays. 5. if the situation does arise and you're caught off guard, keep your right hand against your chest, do a little bow....maintain eyecontact (don't look at their extended hand with disdain or fear or awkwardness) and immediately engage the person in conversation (with a how are you, what have u been upto). Usually you'll find they 'get it' but also appreciate the fact you haven't made them feel awkward. if their extended hand still remains there and they gesture it forward more you may have to smile and sincerely apologise and say that your faith asks you not to shake hands when greeting and to bow instead, are they ok with that, right? (the 'are they ok with that, right?' bit, leads the person into giving a positive answer - most of the time. if they're not and get all huffy, then maybe it isn't the right place for you. I pray that Allah helps you in this matter and that the example of the Ahlul-Bayt help you decide what path to follow insh'Allah. It's tough and awkward and horrible to have to deal with this, trust me I know. The irony is that if we lived in Dubai or Singapore or India or Japan or China, it wouldn't ever be an issue, I guess its having to live in a different culture and learn to integrate but not adopt habits that our Creator has advised us against. If not shaking hands keeps a door closed for you, then be sure that a better door somewhere else (maybe one to janat), will open in its place inshallah. May Allah take care of you, Hashim
  10. hashmo

    Wooden plate found in Noahs Ark

    Peace be on you brothers and sisters. "The plate is still preserved at the Centre of FossiIs Research, Moscow, Russia" Anyone speak Russian care to ring them to ask? Does that organisation still exist today? May Allah take care of you
  11. hashmo

    Bookbinder Quran Uk

    Peace be on you, I have a Quran that i've had for almost 20 years. The pages themselves are intact but the hard cover has fallen off, so it doesn't look very pretty anymore. the actual spine is intact, but the hard cover bit glued over the spine has also fallen off. Anyone know where in the UK i can get it repaired (a muslim book binder perhaps?). I'd be happy to post it out to the person and cover the costs to have it posted back to me. Or is it not worth the hassle, should I just buy a new one and bury the old one in the garden? May Allah take care of you, Hashim
  12. oooh ok, I found www.proxypostusa.com i had no idea such a thing existed. May Allah reward you Logic.
  13. Peace be on you Logic, I did search eBay, but no joy. I asked my local locksmith, he was the one who said it had been discontinued in the UK. He's been established for many years so I trust he knows what he is talking about. When i Googled the product only shops in the US seems to carry the item. What is a proxy service? Perhaps you could give me an example. Lol I would have thought that asking on a Shia messageboard would have saved me from being exploited :) May Allah take care of you, Hashim
  14. Peace be on you Community, I need your assistance please. Basically: I live in London, UK My sliding patio door lock is broken. It has been discontinued in the UK, so I'll need to buy a whole new door for 000s! I've seen a couple of locks on the homedepot.com website that look like they might fit. But they don't ship to the UK. Can anyone help me out by being willing to purchase and send to the UK? Of course I will pay you up front for the items, shipping (to you and from you to UK) and $20 for your trouble as well. I can do this via paypal. If you'd be willing to help out please reply (I'll take the first willing volunteer, if there are any lol) and post up the details of the two items I wish to purchase. In fact I'll just post them up now FYI : http://www.homedepot.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=10051&catalogId=10053&productId=100206394 and http://www.homedepot.com/h_d1/N-5yc1vZ1xr5/R-100037891/h_d2/ProductDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=10051&catalogId=10053 It'd really help me out if you could. May Allah take care of you, Hashim
  15. hashmo

    Ligament sprain

    Salaam Alaikum Thank you for all your comments, jazakallah, I really appreciate them. Peace