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  1. Why People Hate Americans

    SOME PEOPLE hate Americans because they want something to hate or scapegoat for their problems. The people within the United States are the most diverse in the world and consequently differ in their opinions about the world. Those who hate Americans engage in the same simplistic stereotypes they accuse Americans of presenting. Not everyone in the US hates Muslims, and I would argue that the majority are tolerant of or even interested in the culture of Muslim countries. In a representative democracy elected leaders make decisions; Americans don't vote on or create policy. The fact that George Bush has approval ratings in the 20's shows that people in his country disagree with his policies. Even if they support him, they do so for a myriad of reasons, many unrelated to foreign policy, including economics and party loyalty. Don't forget, George HW Bush, a generally pro-Arab politician and the president with the least favourable policies toward Israel since the creation of the Israeli state, was a Republican. Nixon, similar to Bush Sr. in that regard, was also a Republican. The GOP was once greatly influenced by RealPolitik, and not neo-conservative in its foreign policy outlook. Many Republicans still hold these views, but stay with their party based on local politics or for economic reasons. Not that I support the Republican Party, but things are more complicated than they might appear to an outsider looking in. Anyway, if you think the governments of Muslim countries don't act in their own self interest, as many in the US government feel they are doing, then you are sorely mistaken. All states act to preserve their power and increase it, whether they are their region's hegemon or through balancing and bandwagoning. The point is that the actions of the current US government are not in American interests, and are strongly influenced by a few in powerful positions(lobbies, companies, and individuals with certain political beliefs). The best course of action for Americans is to lobby their government to change its policies, especially toward Israel, which inflame tension with Muslim. It's imperative that American Muslims work to change policies that don't benefit them or their country. Wrapping up my little rant, Muslims outside the US need to stop pigeonholing all Americans as stupid rednecks and consider that not everyone in the US is out to kill them.
  2. Democracy Is Destruction

    The original post is barely coherent and I can't find a real argument within it. Democracy is a blessing from Allah, end of story. I don't even see what alternative the original poster is suggesting.
  3. Shiites Against Hezbollah

    I don't think there is anything wrong with being opposed to Hizbullah. Being so doesn't mean you're a bad Shia or Muslim. I happen to support Hizbullah because it attacks Israeli military targets, as opposed to Hamas, which is a terrorist organisation that attacks civilians.
  4. Liberal Muslims

    Yeah, I wouldn't describe them as liberal, just bad Muslims. I think the situation with these people is worse now post-9/11. It's brought a lot of attention to our community here in the west obviously. The problem is that westerners are seeing the ones who are at clubs or having sex outside of marriage or drinking and viewing them as "mainstream muslims". So when they see actual mainstream muslims(ie conservative, devoted to family, opposed to extremism but not willing to compromise their faith), then they lump them in with radicals. It hurts good Muslims.
  5. Well in U.S. you don't vote by party like in most other countries, you vote by candidate. There were several offices up for grabs and I didn't vote only for members of just one party. I voted for the Republican candidate for senate and the Democrat for my House of Reps district.
  6. Fast Food Restaurants

    Arby's, it's delicious and highly underrated. However, it is on the expensive side. Subway is good too.
  7. Which 'barbarous' Group Is The Worst?

    Wow, someone who hasn't jumped on the post-9/11 Muslim bandwagon of embracing leftwing-socialist-marxist claptrap. I applaud you.
  8. Bill Clinton was an evangelical, not Catholic. Southern Baptist to be exact.
  9. The Next Us President:

    Rudy won't be the next president. If he does run, which he most likely wont, his pro-abortion and gay marriage stands wouldn't go over well with the Republican base and therefore he wouldnt get nominated. McCain is the more likely moderate to take the GOP nod. The smart money was on George Allen but he's blown his senate re-election with a couple of large gaffes. So at the moment it looks like it'll be Mitt Romney v. John McCain within the Republican Party and Hillary v. whoever is going to be the sacrificial lamb for the Democrats. Obama is way too inexperianced and far too racial. Edwards is a lightweight, Gore brings up bad memories of his crybaby antics in 2000, and Kerry is a moron. Hillary will get the nomination and she won't win. She can not be elected president because about 60% of Americans absolutely can't stand her. So if you want to guess anyone at this point, guess McCain. Of course if the Dems get too out of control early on after they win tomorrow and go on a left wing spend-and-tax/make-homosexuality-the-national-religion bonanza(which considering their leader in the House will be Nancy Pelosi, isn't too unlikely), then you might see Mitt Romney take the Republican nomination because he's slightly more conservative than McCain. His Mormonism will cease to be a factor in light of radical Democrats coupled with a Hillary candidacy. But if the Dems don't take the Senate and just get the House it might not be so bad and they could be pulled heavily towards the center.
  10. Good Mosques In Amsterdam

    Actually I would probably prefer the former. Lots of people and nice facilities is pretty much what I'm seeking. I'm going to be in Hamburg for a couple of days as well if any of you know of anything there
  11. The faster we kill him the better, because no amount of torture possible in this life can compare to what Allah has in store for him.
  12. Do You Mission

    I have shared Islam with several people who have accepted it and are great muslims today. Others havent been so receptive but that doesn't discourage me from trying.
  13. Good Mosques In Amsterdam

    Hey, I'm going to be in Amsterdam, the Netherlands from the 15th to the 23rd of November and am looking for a good spot to pray and maybe meet some people. I have a map of Amsterdam and see 5 mosques on it. I don't mind if it's Sunni or Shia really, as long as it's friendly. I know some of the mosques there might be geared pretty heavily towards the Morroccan or Turkish communities. Thanks for your help.
  14. Lynchburg, Virginia

    That's good advice from your friend. I know it's hard living around people who don't necissarily share your values or beliefs, but with God's help and a little patience and understanding, you can still have a nice experience all the same. Maintaining my faith during that time really sustained me, and sustains me still. Just know that the people you encounter don't know the truth and haven't had Islam(esp. Shi'ism) explained to them. They have perceptions that they've gotten from biased media and from their religious communities(you can't expect a pastor to stand up and declare Islam the truth and share it's glory with everyone, just as you wouldn't expect a Muslim leader to stand up and say that Christianity is a better way to do things). Ah, and all the preschools are pretty much associated with a church. There is one I know of that isn't, it's ok, it's on Bedford Avenue, across from 7-11. However my littlest brother went to a pre-school at Rivermont Avenue Baptist Church. They didn't indoctrinate the kids or anything, other than learning a couple of songs about Jesus loving them or whatever. The people there were very friendly. The church preschools are probably a lot cheaper than what you're used to as well. Anyway, may Allah be with you and help guide you on the frustrating but potentially rewarding journey you're about to take. Oh, and I'll tell my brother he got rejected by someone who doesn't even know him, :D
  15. Lynchburg, Virginia

    Yeah, my brother still lives there. If you want someone to talk to from the area I can give you his contact info, but he's probably not someone you'd be interested in speaking with :). I'm the most religious person in the family, he's by far the least, hehe. Oh, what area were you looking at the house in? Try to stay in Boonsboro. It's the area past Randolph-Macon Women's College on Rivermont Ave. It's a very nice place to live. My family got stuck living in a neighborhood called "Rivermont" for a year. It's right near downtown on Rivermont Ave. I would not recommend it. Also, the James Crossing/Florida Avenue/Greenfield areas have a lot of crime.