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  1. Most of those horror stories happen to women who do dumb things like not lock their door before they go to sleep, live in areas with very high crime rates, invite men they barely know into their house, or give away sensitive information about where they live and their daily schedule on social media. If you have common sense and don't do the obviously dumb things, your chances of a 'horror story' happening to you are very, very small, even in the US. If you wear hijab, you decrease the chances of a horror story happening to you even more, since most predatory men will not even notice you. Also you should always have a copy of the Holy Quran in your house and put 'Ayat Al Qursi' over your front door as many muslims do. If you want to do the roomate thing, make sure to thoroughly check out the person you are living with. If they are not a trustworthy person, they will increase the probability of a 'horror story' happening to you, and won't decrease it. But like I said above, the main disadvantage to moving out before marriage, is that question mark that will be in the mind of the potential husband regarding the girls reputation. That is a hard thing to get past, for most men.
  2. IMO, if you are working and have enough money to afford a small (studio) apartment, it is better to live alone than with roomates. In most places in the US, you can find a studio apartment for $500 - 600 per month plus utilities unless you live in a part of the country that is very high rent (NY City, San Francisco, Seattle, D.C., etc). I would only live with a roomate if it was someone who was my relative or whom I had known for a long time (more than 5 years) and could observe their behavior and trustworthiness. The problem with muslim women, as opposed to men, is that there are very few (practicing) women who live with roommates, so there is a very small pool of potential roomates to choose from. Also, a muslim women living with roomates is not good for her reputation, because when she does want to get married, many potential grooms will assume that she is doing haram(i.e. having 'flings' with different men) and doesn't want her parent to know which is why she moved out. Of course, it is not true in many cases, but that is what will be assumed. The only time that I would recommend for a single muslim women to move out with roomates is if she is in a situation at home that is either dangerous to her physically (extreme physical abuse) or she is being sexually abused or there is haram going on in her house that she cannot avoid that puts her in direct danger either from losing her Iman or physical harm. Otherwise, I would recommend 'sticking it out' until she finds a man who she would like to marry, of her own choice.
  3. Abu Hadi

    Bin Salman was shot?

    When I first heard about 'heavy gunfire near the Royal Palace in Riyadh', I knew it wasn't because of a drone. You can shoot down most drones with a .22 (small calibre) rifle. You don't need heavy weapons for that, and noone would risk using heavy weapons in an urban area unless there is something big going on. I thought it might be a coup or an attempted coup. Now with this new information, it is probable that he is either dead and the royals are scrambling to find a sucessor before they announce it, severely injured, or the coup succeeded and he is in prison. It also could be that it was a drone and due to the monumental incompetence of the Saudi military, they did use heavy weapons to shoot it down and MBS is taking an extended vacation. Either way, we'll see in the next few weeks. Eventually they will have to release new photos or tell the truth. Coverups don't go on forever.
  4. Abu Hadi

    Multiple Wives in the US

    That's actually how the Mormon families do it. They buy a piece of land, then build multiple houses or attached units on the property and buy everything in bulk and the women who go into it go in knowing that they will probably never have a Bently or a 5 million dollar house on the beach and boxes full of 24k jewelry. They are fine with that. In that case, polygamy may be able to work, but you would need to find a place where land is relatively cheap and the job market is fairly good (like Utah or Texas).
  5. Abu Hadi

    I believe in the Trinity, am I a Mushrikeen?

    First, Egypt is not an Islamic Government. They may say that, to try to get support amoung the people, but if you look at how the government behaves, in reality, it has nothing to do with the religion Second, The prohibition makes sense if you think about it. The foundation of the US Government is the Constitution, which gives credibility to a lawmaking body, i.e. the Congress, to make laws. When you join the military, you take an oath the protect and defend the constitution. If the founding principle of the Constitution was a principle you didn't accept, then to say that you would give your life to defend a founding principle that you didn't accept would be hypocrisy (because noone would die or risk death to defend a principle they didn't accept or believe in). So in a true Islamic Government, the founding principle upon which everything else is based in 'No god but God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God'. If you don't accept this and believe it to be true, then how can you die or risk death in order to defend something that you don't believe in. So in order to not force Christians into hypocrisy, an Islamic Government accepts from them to pay a tax in lieu of military service. This is what the Jizya is. There are some who misuse this idea and misinterpret it, but this is how this tax was implemented by Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) when he was head of the government in Media. So if we call him 'Messenger of God' we should implement this tax the way he did. Although the US Military doesn't outright ban muslims, it implements policies that make it extremely difficult (basically impossible) for a practicing muslim to serve, which is the same as a ban in practice.
  6. Abu Hadi

    I believe in the Trinity, am I a Mushrikeen?

    It is in the Quran, and it is agreed on by all muslims, in principle, but there are many details connected with it that are not agreed upon. The History Jizya began during the time of Prophet Muhammad(p.b.u.h). Most muslims know of the famous incident of Mubahila(it's in the Quran). The Christians of Najran(who lived near Medina) had a series of theological debates with the Prophet Muhammad(p.b.u.h) which are recorded in many hadith. After these debates, they still didn't accept the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad(p.b.u.h) nor did they accept the concept of Divine Unity in the way the Quran teaches it. So they agreed to a Mubahila. The Mubahila is a contest where each side agree to pray to God to destroy the liars (the one of the two groups that are lying with regards to God). So they went to do this, but the Christian group backed out of the Mubahila after they had already agreed to it, but they agreed to pay the Jizya. The Purpose The purpose of the Jizya only comes into effect in an Islamic Government. As an Islamic Government (a true Islamic Government) is based on the principle of No god but God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God. Since Christians don't accept this founding principle on which the government is based, they are not allowed to fight in the cause of Jihad(fight in a military conflict on the side of the Islamic Government). In exchange for their exemption from military service, they are required to pay a tax. This tax is equal in value to the time they would have spent in the military. So the idea of a Jizya in a country like Egypt is a ridiculous idea, since Egypt is not an Islamic Government(it is a secular military dictatorship) and the Christians who live there already serve in the Armed forces, so to to make them both serve in the military and also pay the Jizya is unfair, and like many have already said, we believe the Muslim Brotherhood is not a group that is just or is Islamic in how they conduct themselves. Islam is based on upholding justice and fairness in society.
  7. Didn't he already declare Thursday, 5/17 as first day of Ramadan ?
  8. If a women doesn't give her consent, the marriage is not valid, Islamically.
  9. You brought up alot of good point about Muslims living in the West, but you do realize that there is an answer for each one of these. 1) You have an Islamic Marriage contract that supersedes the secular contract (the State recognized marriage). So as muslims, we are obligated to abide by the Islamic marriage contract, whether it is legal according to Western Law or not. The Western Laws says that if a man marries more than 1 wife, the State will not recognize these additional marriages, but Allah(s.w.a) recognizes them, so what do we need with the State, in this case. It is important for muslims to understand this issue of apparently contradicting legal codes between Islam and Western Countries. We are obligated to obey the laws of the country where we live, so long as those laws do not contradict the Islamic Law (Hukm Sharia). If they contradict, then we are no longer obligated to obey the Western Laws. The Islamic laws are an absolute obligation, the Western Laws are an obligation of convenience(because we don't want to get arrested or have our money or property seized). We obey these laws under compulsion(The Western Laws) whereas we obey the Islamic Laws because of our belief in Allah(s.w.a), the Quran, and Resalat of Prophet Muhammad(p.b.u.h) and Imams of Ahl Al Bayt(a.s). It is only Allah(s.w.a) who legislates. It is important to understand this distinction, whether someone choses to engage in Polygamy or not, we must understand that it is legal, full stop. We don't want to have this confusion in our mind (regarding the two legal codes) when we enter the grave, otherwise we will be in a state of confusion there. It is also, as the brother said, desirable in some cases. For example, you have many hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of muslim women who lost their husband in the conflicts in Syria and Yemen. This is not history, these women are alive today. So what should they do now ? Many of them unfortunately are turning to prostitution, selling their children, or selling themselves in slavery in order to survive. You know this is happening on a daily and hourly basis and there is noone in their right mind who will deny this is happening. We, as an ummah, have a responsibility toward these women to make sure that they survive in a dignified way, and not as a prostitute or a slave with no dignity. The men who have the means and can be just and know of such cases, I would say it is ihtiyyat wajib for these men to help these women and also for the wives of these men to accept these additional women into their family. If we fail to help these women, their children will most likely become corrupt or become extremists, like ISIS, and we will all reap the consequences of these children being liabilities to our communities.
  10. Abu Hadi

    Multiple Wives in the US

    I think this figure is based on studies done on Mormon communities, who are the main ones in the US who practice polygamy. The psychological problems are based on the fact that these polygamous mormon communities are isolated in rural areas because the mainstream Mormon Church outlawed polygamy in 1890.
  11. Abu Hadi

    I believe in the Trinity, am I a Mushrikeen?

    There is a huge difference between a Shia State and a Wahabi / Salafi state. The Wahabi / Salafis (like ISIS) believe that because countries that are predominantly Christian(like the US and European countries such as France and the UK) are occupying land that once belonged to the Ottoman Empire, that Muslims(in general) are at war with Christians(in general) and so all Christians are to be treated like soldiers on the battlefield. They also extend this to all non muslims, and all Shia, since they believe Shia to not be Muslims. They also extend this to other Sunnis who don't agree with their ideology. They do not get this interpretation from Quran or authentic hadith, rather they use some writing of some obscure scholars and twist them around. The Shia interpretation is that Christians are a protected minority. In Iran, there are many Christians and they have their own Churches and institutions and even have representation in government.
  12. Abu Hadi

    I believe in the Trinity, am I a Mushrikeen?

    Thread has been cleaned up. Abusive and Off Topic posts removed. NOTE: I will reopen this topic because it is important. Those members who used this thread to bash each other, be careful. We're watching. If you want to continue to be members in good standing, please refrain from this behavior going forward. Also, this topic is not about the jizya. If members like, they can make a new thread for that.
  13. Abu Hadi

    Multiple Wives in the US

    Youre right, my answer was a little off topic. At the same time, the exact info the OP is looking for, I don't know if it exists. Most people who are in this type of relationships are not going to 'advertise it' for obvious reasons.
  14. Abu Hadi

    I believe in the Trinity, am I a Mushrikeen?

    The criteria for being considered a 'Mushrik' is that you believe there is something or someone who has power that is independent of God(with a capital 'G'). If you believe that Jesus(peace be upon him) has power that he can exercise that is independent of God(s.w.a) or the Holy Spirit has this power, then , yes, you are a Musrikh as per the Islamic definition. Why Christians are not considered Mushrik is because 1) The doctrine of the Trinity does not exactly say that the three entities have power that is independent of each other, thus making these entities three Sovereign gods 2) Most Christians do not believe in the Trinity, because they do not understand what it is or what it means, they simply repeat things like the Nicene Creed because everyone else in Church is doing it and they don't want to look foolish or seem like they don't believe in it. The doctrine of the Trinity was an attempt to reconcile the clearly Pagan(also Muskrik) religious faith and practices the Romans and Greeks with the doctrine of Monotheism, which was and is the true and original teaching of Jesus(peace be upon him) and this can be proven using only the Bible. When you try to reconcile two ideas which are not reconcilable( Monotheism and Polytheism) you get a weird, non cohesive, and non coherent idea which no Christian that I have ever met (and I was raised Chrisitian ) really understands or can discuss intelligently for more than a few minutes. Most Christians cling to their faith because of the other parts of Christianity (Love and Worship of God, Love of Jesus(peace be upon him), kindness to fellow man, charity, chastity, etc. Islam also teaches all these things) and despite the doctrine of Trinity because these 'other' things are part of our nature as human beings so people naturally gravitate toward any religion that teaches these. Allah(s.w.a) or if you like God(with a capital 'G') knew this regarding Chrisitians which is why they are classified as 'People of the Book' and not as Muskrik, as a group, although there are probably individual Chrisitians who are Mushrik because they believe the above, and there are probably other Chrisitans(like the Arians and others you mentioned) who are true Monotheists, like Muslims are. Most Christians are somewhere in the middle. Also, the Chrisitians are considered 'People of the Book' because, as stated in the Holy Quran , 'There are monks amoung them who truely worship Allah(s.w.a) with conviction and because they are not proud'. So because of these two general points, they are also considered as such. This does not mean that there are no Chrisitians who are prideful, there are of course some who are, but it is not a general trait of Christians to be this way, as stated in the Holy Quran.
  15. Abu Hadi

    Multiple Wives in the US

    - Rent is sometimes more than a mortgage payment, sometimes the same for a comparable house or apartment. The rate is set by factors like size of house and neighborhood and geographic location. These rates don't change very much. They are set by the prevailing market price. No landlord will charge less than the prevailing market price because their goal is to make money. It is true that wives bring in additional income, but the problem is that, Islamically, a man cannot rely on the wife's income to pay the basic expenses (food, clothing, utilities, etc). He is the one who required to pay these, and if his wife wants to help him in this, she can, but he is not allowed to require her to do this, if it is a permanent marriage, zawaj tul nikah. If the man is in a situation where he cannot pay the basic expenses for his wives if they choose to stop working, this is not a good situation to be in, Islamically, and I don't know a man myself who would voluntarily put himself in that situation. Also, if they are married there is a high likelihood that she will get pregnant, then she will have to stop working for at least a few years to take care of the child / children. The lifestyle that most people live in the US is not at all conducive to a multiple family situation.