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    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  2. Last seen March 2007! Hellooo!! Happy Birthday! :o)

  3. Hablillah

    were those women really beaten?

    (bismillah) (salam) In the few years that Ive been living in Iran I've made it a point to pay attention to the police officers, how they interact withthe people. To be quite honest I've seen quite a few situations which have shocked me. I remember only after a few months of being here seeing this guy and cop standing in the middle of the intersection, the guy all in the police officers face.. shouting at him... and me thinking "that man's gonna get it for sure!". But, the thing which shocked me was that he didn't. The cop wasn't even shouting at the guy, nor were the rest of the cops that were standing by. He was calmly speaking to him, trying to solve the situation (whatever it was). And that's usually how it goes. Now tell me how often would you see something like that in the U.S. You slightly talk back to a police officer and you get in big trouble. Most of the interactions which I've had with police officers here have been positive (with dokhtarjaan's and khaaharam's) although you do bump into one or two who seem like they've woken up on the wrong side of the bed (which is something normal for most of us isn't it). But I do believe that the police officers have to be extra cautious with how they behave, no matter how bad of a day they've had. At any rate.. the pics aren't enough proof for anything...you don't know what happened before and what took place after. And lets say even that some women did get beat.. you can't measure the amount of force which was used, by looking at those pictures. And another thing, I know how Iranians can be.. especially the women. They get emotional and loud and over exaggerate almost everything. And when it comes to Iranians in large numbers.. that's just pure chaos. So even though I was not present to witness what happened there... I have a pretty good idea of it in my head. And it's not about excuse finding either. If you're going to accuse someone of something you have to have proper and complete evidence. Many of the things which were mentioned in the article are quite contrary to the way in which Iranian police handle situations. I just love how people are so ready to think the worst about Iran. Wasalaam
  4. (bismillah) (salam) Alhamdolillah I have been in Iran (Qum) for the past 2 years and have been able to attend these celebrations. (jaaye hametun khaali) I remember last year the weather was terrible... freezing... there was water in the streets.. but we just keep on going... with frozen feet. Absolutely amazing turnout (which we were a bit shocked by) This year, Alhamdolillah... the weather was relatively nice (although it got a bit hot and sunny) and the outcome was even more amazing. What I found to be really interesting is that there were all sorts of ppl.. not just, as ppl say, hardcore mullahs and uptight chadoris (with faces covered and all). There were ppl of all ages and beliefs and whatever.. expressing their love and desire to have their rights not sntached from beneath them. Oh and I dont recall me or anyone else being forced.. or "rewarded" by attending either. If ppl attend these demonstratiosn and celebrations and what not.. its bc they choose to.. you cant take their pride out of them.....these are ppl who are raised with the love of ahlul bayt (as) and are "children of azaadariye hussayn" whichis something that can't be taken from them, Insha Allah Another thing this year the 22nd of Bahman fell on the 3rd day after Aushura... so there was the typical slogans u usually hear along with the azadari of Imam Hussayn (as) ......THAT was amazing!! anyways, yea so...it brings one hope when we see turn outs like this.... May Allah (swt) protect us all.. and keep us in the line of Ahlul Bayt (as) Wassalaam