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  1. Panzerwaffe


    That made me cry Inshallah maulana is with rasool e pak and ahlebayt
  2. Panzerwaffe

    Do Shias get along better with Sunnis or Ibadis?

    I agree its Persian gulf, Arabs are late commers
  3. Panzerwaffe

    Shahaba and Umar and

    Muawiyah is not like saudi kings , he was more like king abdullah of Jordan
  4. Panzerwaffe

    Prophet's (PBUH) Marriage with Ayesha . . .

    Does it matter? He found her attractive and married her That's a perfectly normal reason Per Sunni hadith prophet says superiority of aisha over other women is like thaarad over other food , so he wasn't referring to her piety when he made the food comparison was he ?
  5. Panzerwaffe

    Cursing sunni personalities

    I dont agree salafis kill even moderate Sunnis , so let not fear of that stop you from cursing
  6. Panzerwaffe

    Cursing sunni personalities

    That's debatable and God knows has been million times on SC Worst crime of first 2 in my opinion ignoring of Ansar and treatment of saad b ubadah Any bidah of first 2 pale in comparison to what uthman did
  7. Panzerwaffe

    Safavid conversion to shiism

    ^It's true esp sunni hadith but later imami Shia sources always try to project the first 2 in the worst possible light esp umar Hadith of Sunni and imami are more concerned with towing the sectarian line than historical research I think the early historian akhbari like ibn Kalbis, waqidi , abu mikhanaf , dinwari etc are more likely to be more fair or mutazilla like ibn abil hadid And a lot we don't know for sure , as sources are too few or too biased on either side
  8. Panzerwaffe

    Safavid conversion to shiism

    No4 was a sassanian general who converted in umar time he was killed by crazy son of umar after latters murder as a hate crime against Persian.
  9. Panzerwaffe

    Safavid conversion to shiism

    Brother I'm sure there were outstanding Persian scholars amongst both Sunni and Shia but the point I'm making is that shiaism until the movement of tawwabun was essentially an Arab movement in fact based on the Arab conquerors of Persia , it was starting with mukhtar that we see a strong Persian presence which was largely due to mukhtars genius of taking up the cause of the oppressed Persian converts to Islam and giving them socio economic freedom.In this sense mukhtars is the first "peasents revolt" in Muslim history against Arab conquerors
  10. Panzerwaffe

    Cursing sunni personalities

    I don't curse abubakr and umar they did much good and very little harm I curse aysha talha and Othman of course mamoo Muawiyah
  11. Panzerwaffe

    Safavid conversion to shiism

    No 1 is Persian? Where does it say ? No 2 and 3 is a contemporary of Ali? But says he was born in time of muaeiyah No 4 was a not a major or minor companion of Ali , Ali just on principle wanted his killer punished
  12. Furthermore his house in medina was destroyed by bishr b abi artat muawiyah General After sulah there was no harm in participating in wars against Romans furthermore even Abdullah b Abbas amd ibn zubaur fought in the same war and they both hated muaeiyah
  13. Panzerwaffe


    I agree , I think maulana ishaq was shaky ul Islam
  14. Panzerwaffe

    Safavid conversion to shiism

    Was there any known persian supporters and companions of Imam Ali ? we know mukhtars movement had socio-economic motivitations too not just sectarian