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  1. Difference between Sunni and Shi'a

    A personal Property dispute it was not a political or military dispute so I'm not much interested in it Its between Abu bakr and Fatima God knows whoever was right Btw what "inner circle " were you talking about ?
  2. Prosperity is in Unity

    No hope for genuine unity until Shia abandon divine imamate concept and Sunni their unconditional defence of the scandalous actions of Sahaba
  3. Difference between Sunni and Shi'a

    Cannot back it up in a few posts I'll recommend some sources if you like ...and you can recommend me your sources
  4. What Happened?

    The truth is subjective to your interpretation of sources What is this "inner circle" may I ask ? Tribal politics involves money economic and power struggle If any force was purely religiously motivated( albeit misguided) are the khawarij
  5. Difference between Sunni and Shi'a

    I cannot have a monologue with myself If you want to discuss post your opinions too
  6. What Happened?

    They had money They had Marriage ties with all the important tribal leaders They had trading relations with imp economic centers They benefited from the kindness of prophet in rehabilitating them after conquest of Mecca, quraishi leaders former enemies of Muslims to be treated as equals and given positions of authority in time of Prophet
  7. Difference between Sunni and Shi'a

    Tribal issue purely
  8. What Happened?

    You know ummayyad also killed the darling Sahabi of Sunnis Abdullah b Zubair Not to forget hundreds of salaf perished in Harrah What happened was that the quraish old guard from time of pre Badr days reestablished their authority over Arabs first by massacring banu Hashim in karbala then scions of muhajireen and ansar families.
  9. Difference between Sunni and Shi'a

    Convictions were religious in many cases but not sectarian otherwise we would have seen very different kind of rhetoric from all sides in these conflicts
  10. Difference between Sunni and Shi'a

    maybe Umar was jealous of banu Hashim position Maybe it was attributed by later sources who were pro ummayyad to Umar Maybe Umar was a hypocrite all along and wanted to see Islam fail Maybe Umar anxious to prevent discord amongst Muslims I'm ok with any the above conclusions The bottom line is your interpretation is only as good as your sources ( on which opinions can differ) and none other than Quran are perfect.Now you can find indirect references to any of the later ideologies back projected in the verses of quran.But the earliest Muslims 3 generations regardless of their disputes did not have sectarian identities we recognize today.
  11. Difference between Sunni and Shi'a

    And they have little to do if any with sectarian and a lot to do with tribal politics
  12. Difference between Sunni and Shi'a

    I suggest you strongly get out of the binary thinking of Shia and Sunni Early Islam esp first 2 centuries was far more pluralistic and less ideologically rigid than the 2 major sects of today Definitely read the seerah and if you have access to works of fred donner, etan kohlberg , martin hinds and MJ kister
  13. Arab superiority in Sunniism

    Culture and nodes of power politics always trump religious people and convictions Christianity is not a racist ideology but was used to justify nationalism fascism and racism If shiaism was in power for a long time racism surely would have seeped into it as well. Sunnis rely on a great many Persian scholars as it's pillars btw so it's not officially racist
  14. Non-Muslim preaching in Islamic state.

    Why ? How are Female apostates treated in Sunni fiqah?
  15. Non-Muslim preaching in Islamic state.

    ^ in this way not much different than Sunni laws on the same issue ?