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  1. Your favorite mosque(s)

    Islamic Centre of England, London. A former Bingo Hall "reverted". Result is amazing.
  2. Your favorite mosque(s)

    Sepahsalar Mosque (Shahid Motahari Mosque). Walked into it randomly and discover a haven of peace amongst Tehran's trafic and noise.
  3. What mosques do you like to go to, or keep special memories from. If possible, mosques we do not always read about.
  4. End of ISIS

    I like this letter. Can we mention Russian Forces ?
  5. Ask baby boy name

    Nassim, Na`im Zaher
  6. Imam `Ali and Surah Zilzal

    I do not think you got my question right, I mean when Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى says "Yauma'ydhin tuhadithu akhbaraha", do He mean that the earth will reveal its secrets to one person like the hadith tends to tell ?
  7. Burning questions

    Done. Answers above.
  8. Is it a habit for him or did he say it once - and maybe regreted it ?
  9. I have a politically incorrect answer which would be that in the times of Imam Sadeq (as) Muslim scholars wrote thousands of books about alchemy or astronomy, and now they are busy writing about tahara and najasa, or differences between sunni and shia.
  10. Imam `Ali and Surah Zilzal

    Does the surah even imply that the truth will be revealed to one particular person?
  11. Imam `Ali and Surah Zilzal

    I do not think this is reliable. Firstly the surah obviously tends to refer to Yawm al Qiyama. Then the verses meaning is not reflected here. The hadith seems to imply some people have control over the earth, while Quran says that it is the Lord that will have her speak. So to me when Amrillah is bound, nothing can change it. Finally hadith does not tell what the earth revealed, nor what was seen amongst people of their good or bad deeds.
  12. Dua during prostration

    I think the OP refers to actual du`a like «Ya khair al mas'ulin». I think there is no problem in doing so, and it may even be recommended.
  13. Great news alhamdulillah.