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  1. Munsaf e Fatima (as)

    I think you are referring to Mušhaf Fatima (as). It is a book that only exists in riwayat and on which no Muslim has ever put a hand. Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى knows best.
  2. Not necessary to have intention on adha. Only qadha.
  3. Big Five Movie Star Test

    50 questions, no way sister !
  4. Big Five Movie Star Test

    Same here. Being a male I secretely hoped I would match a male character.
  5. Khums

    The arrow is not pointed at the Ulema for their greed, rather for not adapting the law to modern times, basically what some other ulama like Sayid Kamal Haidari are doing. One does really not need a phd in economics to seethe the system is structurally not equitable. It is not aidamed at poor sadat either, it is normal that they ask their share if they are entitled to having it. I did not understand your last sentence.
  6. Khums

    An option that solves the dilemma, indeed. Thanks, sincerely. As for the 1,400 sentiment, once again it must have been different back when zakah was significant and every needy person would get a portion. Today I do not even know who distributes and who gets zakah, honestly. Khums at least is more clear on that matter.
  7. Khums

    My point is that money, and our economy should have remained based on valuable goods in the first place : minerals, cereals, etc. as long as it had an intrinseque value. Because Allah emphasises the true value in everything. This way, zakah would have applied to everybody, and khums would have been an extra alm aimed at sustaining shia islam. But since all muslim leaders all bowed down to successive financial riba based invasions from the west (letter of change, copper coins, stockmarket, bitcoins) which have some Dajalish system in them, and we accepted that, we are now in a position where we cannot even fulfill a religious duty correctly. Like if we all lived under drugs, addicted and under the influence to an extent we cannot even approach salah. And we are looking for how to bypass this dilemma. But this is another issue, not directly related to the issue of khums.
  8. Khums

    Is the link supposed to refute something I said ?
  9. Khums

    You have a syed centric approach to this issue. Sorry but that is the truth, I think I had this discussion with you 3 years ago -maybe it wa someone else but a sayed too- and I was already accused of being anti syed. Relax brother, I have nothing but love for descendants of our Prophet (sawas). My problem is not syeds taking the money of non syeds, it is about non syeds getting almost nothing. Am I clear enough to you this time? Edit: My bad, it was not you.
  10. Khums

    Reason is that during the first days, khums was done on any spoils of war, including armors, weapons etc. It was not a tax about exchange "currencies" which at that time were gold, silver, cattle and crops. Personnally, lectures by sheikh Imran Hosein made me understand that indeed our version of zakah is initially correct, but it is the riba in this world and our acceptance of this evil economy that made us unable to pay it. Basically we almost cursed ourselves by accepting the current monetary system. We now resemble merchants of the Temple.
  11. Khums

    Yes. A system which benefits everyone on a same level without regard to lineage, or economical context. You see I am still in that dilemma where : - Paper/electronic/crypto money is all fake, thus I understand that in some some way they can not fall under the law of zakah, but this whole planet is getting richer whil the poor get poorer - Khums which has a more pragmatic approach, but only serves an ecosystem of syed students and islamic structures no one really cares about, and which a part is still labelled as "share of the Imam", like he (as) actually needs it to fulfill Allah's command even during ghayba, and like our maraji cannot change its label.
  12. Khums

    Allow me to jump in, but being a sceptic about the application of khums today, I find your mathematical demonstration not convincing. The problem for us is not about the sum we give, it is more about how much is handed out to the needy, understand here the poor. Not the -pardon me- numerous sadat revolving around the Hawzas. Let us apply your example to a country like Iran. We give $1,000 khums to be shared between say 100 000 sadat. That's ¢1 per sayid. Or $1,250 zakat to 1,000,000 (exact number?) poor. That's ¢0,001250 per needy person - considering they even get their share. And please do not come up with the sadaqa argument. Few people pay $1,250 sadaqa each year in addition to khums. Sorry but this all sounds quite unfair.
  13. A ROAD TO MECCA - The Journey of Muhammad Asad

    Sorry for digging out old threads. I happen to have borrowed that book recently, and got a bit suspicious about the person. I mean an European, who converts to Islam in the entourage of the Saudi kingdom, and then takes a great role in the partition of India - to the extent he was the first person to get a Pakistani passport- has something of a Lawrence of Arabia to me.the What do you Indians or Pakistanis think of him ? @starlight @Marbles @Salsabeel (sorry not sure about you ) @Intellectual Resistance
  14. Praying Salat with Sunni's

    Sayid Khamenei says you can follow them. Just saying.
  15. Hafez Al-Assad, America's ally

    Brother, you need to understand that any party in the Middle East was an American ally at one moment in time. Because the US have this rule to play with any side before overthrowing them. Some get caught up in the game (and eventually lose), and some others just take advantage of situations to place their bets and move forwards. That is the difference between Asad and Saddam.