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  1. Salaam alaikum and Здравствуйте.

  2. Salam Brother, I just wanted you to know your refuting of Anti-Quran Science is why I have regained faith in the Quran thanks alot.

  3. Sc Cat & Dog Appreciation Thread

    Just so everyone knows, today is national cat day in the Russian Federation— Yes. In Russia there is a cat day on a par with mother's day, father's day, book day, museum day and so on.
  4. Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    Signed in just to like this.
  5. Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    Hey! I am NOT a monkey.
  6. Poor Jokes [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    The applicant must be Australian.
  7. Poor Jokes [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    People in the West are apparently afraid that Russian hackers are after them. This cartoon is, probably unintentionally, doubly funny because a lot of the best upload hosts as well as the best anti-virus system (Kaspersky) are indeed Russian.
  8. Poor Jokes [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Amused me. Anti-smoking ad— Smoking kills more people, than Obama Although he kills a lot of people DON'T SMOKE Do not be like Obama
  9. Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    For Ruq— This made Russian news this week. The first operation on a bear for cataracts in Russian Federation. She had them since she was very young. But, Glory to God, the operation was successful and she will see better now. Her name is Marta.
  10. Poor Jokes [OFFICIAL THREAD]

  11. BIg bang does prove theism!

    Forgive me, perhaps I was unclear. On Fr. Lemaitre's theory the universe comes to exist in the big bang—or from what he called the primeval atom, since renamed a singularity. To Fr. Lemaitre's thinking, the universe is the sum total of all those things I enumerated which included matter. If all of all of those things, matter included, came to exist in the initial event his model posited and that was derisively described by his opponents as the "big bang"—then they cannot have existed before that event. Therefore they can't have been its cause. If you believe those things, matter particularly, are the only things that can exist then before the big bang there was—nothing. You then have a severe problem if you hold dear conventional causality and refuse to admit of anything other than the stuff of our universe. The problem was immediately grasped and has been grappled with by physicists, cosmologists, astronomers and mathematicians ever since Fr. Lemaitre's proposal was first put forward. I gave a list of those solutions whose acquaintance I had made when these kinds of questions interested me. No, I was not talking about gravitational waves.
  12. BIg bang does prove theism!

    This isn't true. Father (Societas Iesu) Lemaitre's original theory works on the supposition that the universe is the sum total of time, space, matter, constants and the fundamental forces. If you believe these are the only things that exist or can exist—which it's funny to note a materialist can't as time and the forces are not material—then we do know what was before the big bang. Nothing. This was keenly felt as requiring that something could come from nothing (which Hume thought possible anyway) or that you would need to have recourse to some other kind of explanation. It's clear what Fr. Lemaitre was getting at. Soviet physicists tried to circumvent the problem by cyclical inflation. Hugh Everett suggested there were many worlds. Paul Davies posited pantheistic multiverses. Smolin and Smith argued that causative collapsing black holes were at work. Hartle and Hawking performed a mathematical magic trick and removed the space-time coordinate from Einstein's field equations to replace it with multiples of the square root of negative one. The effect was a model where a beginning of the universe would be as arbitrary as which part of the earth is the top or bottom. Canadian physicists like ekpyrotic explanations. And now there are any number of string theories multiplying dimensions beyond necessity. Gödel's universe is my favourite. It spins and allows time travel. But the big bang theory proper would make theism far more reasonable than atheism. A personal explanation being better than that nothing suddenly up and turned into the universe. Although, as you'll gather by now, it isn't the only model on the market.
  13. More disturbing news from germany

    Meanwhile in Russia...
  14. Shiachat Memes! [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Vladimir Vladimirovich—There's less and less democracy in the USA Lukashenko (President of Belarus)—Of course. They keep exporting it.