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  1. Assalaam Alaikum, I am very sorry for your situation, this situation is extremely tragic. Know the following please: -Women have the absolute right to divorce their husbands for ANY reason, even if it's a blatant thing like they do not find their husbands attractive anymore (harsh but true). Yes divorce is a very detestable thing in Islam so much so that according to hadith the "Throne of Allah SWT shakes" but He has Given his creation that right and under very harsh circumstances there is no problem with it. What is his abnormality if I may ask? Is it some serious mental condition such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia? -No valid nikah can take place without the full consent of each participant, so if your father married you to him without your consent or hid the fact about his severe abnormality the nikah is invalid to begin with -Where do you live? If you live in a western country your situation can be very easily solved as there are plenty of resources here. If you reside in Pakistan/India or wherever I understand your situation becomes more difficult and you may have to rely on your family members for help, if your father leaves you and the family dont worry, Allah SWT Will Provide, have faith in that. Do not prolong this misery if you don't want to, do NOT destroy your life like this, ou will never get this time back and you will always be full of regret. -Reading Ziyarat Ashura for 40 days consecutively inshAllah solves any difficult problem (BELIEVE ME i have done it and experienced it numerous times) and ask Allah through the Ahle Bayt A.S and call on Imam e Zamana A.T.F.S to help you -Please do not think of suicide, I know your situation is extremely tragic but believe me there are much worse circumstances out there, inshAllah you will get through this! -Remember the Ayaats of the Quran "Allah Does Not Burden a soul beyond that it can bear" (2:286) and "So verily with hardship there is ease. Verily with hardship there is ease" (94:5-6) notice that line is repeated twice as in it is being STRESSED to you to believe in that.
  2. Reason For Marriage of Umm Kulthum to Umar

    The clip is removed now but if you listen to the ENTIRE clip (and I am not a fan of Yasir Habib btw) I remember he was explaining that if WE WERE TO BELIEVE these traditions are true (because the marriage is said to have taken place in some of our narrations) then even then it's not a problem due to the reasons he lists. However he I'm pretty sure he believes these traditions are not true as there is a LOT of evidence that this was indeed false (namely because there were many personalities named Umm Kulthum, not just Imam Ali A.S's daughter). I encourage you all to read the book "The Hidden Treause" by Jaffar Ladak, which is perhaps the ONLY book ever written about Imam Ali A.S and Bibi Faatima S.A's daughter Umm Kulthum S.A, it is an amazing narrative of her life and it is such a tragedy that it is the only book ever written about her. And most importantly it clears up all misconceptions about her and her "supposed" marriage to someone who was instrumental in her mother's death.
  3. Israel is trying to bait Iran to use Hezb in Lebanon to attack them so that they can have that same excuse and mantra of having to invade lebanon again like they did in 2006 when two of their soldiers were trespassing and captured in Lebanon and what followed was a full scale war.
  4. Prince Salman

    CLOWN Prince Bin Salman has made the following PUBLIC and open statements in the last couple of weeks: -Iran and Turkey are the new "axis of evil" -Ayatollah Khamenei "makes Hitler look good" -Iran is part of "triangle of evil" -Israelis have right to their own land -War with Iran will happen within next 10 years He's sure obsessed with Iran lately.
  5. Assalaam Alaikum sister, very sorry to hear about your situation. You are dealing with something that most of us probably wouldn't be able to bear at all, MashAllah at your strength so far, keep clinging to your faith. May I ask where in Canada you presently are? I only ask because there are several centers that can provide help (e.g here in toronto the JCC - Jaffari Community Center has lots of services and sometimes financial services that can help people in your situation). If not in toronto please contact your local Imam Bargha or community which I'm sure can lead your family in the right direction in terms of assistance. But yes other than that the one thing I REALLY recommend you to do is to recite Ziyarat Ashura for 40 consecutive days with the hope and intention of removing these specific troubles. Believe me it works, stay strong and May Allah SWT Bless you.
  6. Great story, and thankfully he was a good human being that respected the beliefs of others, there are number of people who's pride and arrogance would have come into the picture and enforced the "work with our values or get out" rule and then there are number of people like this one. Good to know everything worked out!
  7. The younger generation is also close-minded

    The problem is two-fold. Close-mindedness is a universal problem, not just an older generation or newer generation problem. Just like there are a lot of close minded older-generation people (such as people who don't want to let go of their beliefs that actually may be cultural and not necessarily religious, people who think that its okay to act and parent the same way their kids in today's generation like their own parents did to them 20-30 years ago from back home in a completely different environment, people who don't want to dwell into scientific concepts such as evolution because of insecurities), there are as many close-minded newer-generation people (people who read a couple of scientific concepts that in their mind contradicts certain religious aspects and therefore they think they are smarter and want to completely disassociate from any kind of religious or even cultural practices). Underlying issue is PRIDE and ARROGANCE, no matter where you are from there is a significant amount of these vices present in every person which prevents him from thinking that "hey maybe I might not know everything here and should probably listen with an open mind as I might learn a thing or two. Even myself, although I really try hard not to, having studied a lot even I can't completely eradicate small feelings of frustration and pride whenever I am debating someone who I feel has not studied as much as myself. This is a problem I hope to one day inshAllah overcome completely and anybody else can as well, just gotta be willing to have the guts to admit that maybe you may be wrong at some point and could benefit from listening with an open mind.
  8. Secret second marriage

    It says "does not need consent", but is he allowed to HIDE it? Big difference between the 2 words.
  9. Salaam, I am pretty sure there are exceptions to the rule. For example my father is a very moderate sunni (and who unfortunately is very easily persuaded by my shia-hating mother) while I am a shia myself. I would hate to think that there would be such restrictions for my daughter.
  10. Desire for a huge family

    Assalaam Alaikum, nothing wrong with wanting to have a big family, as LONG as you want one for the right reasons (making sure they're brought up in the love of Allah SWT and the Ahle Bayt A.S, grow up to serve Allah SWT and do good for the Ummah and not for the sake of showing off to others or competing with someone as to who has the larger family) AND if you're willing to make a lot of sacrifices (as some have said above, one parent being home FULL-TIME as opposed to baby-sitting or daycare and NOT STICKING them in front of the TV just to get some alone time). If you have the right and sincere intention, then with the Guidance of Allah go ahead and don't worry, He will provide for you and your family. Before any of my kids I was on a very fixed single income and still am and had no idea of how I was going to provide for a family. But Allah SWT has Blessed me with four beautiful kids AlhumduLilah and so far everything is working out perfectly. I love all my children to death, and would give my life for them just to see them happy. But even with that being said, there are times where they drive me and my wife ABSOLUTELY INSANE and it is a LOT of work!!!! lol so just keep all that in that if you are willing to put up with all of that and have the rightful intention, everything should be alright.
  11. Dream Interpretation

    Salaam, well I don't think it can get any clearer than that. Ask through the waseela of Ahle Bayt A.S and especially Bibi Faatima S.A and Abbas A.S and make a sincere mannat yourself (any vow that YOU feel is enough, like sponsoring a majlis in your house every year for Hazrat Abbas A.S, or that if you have a son you will name him Abbas and deidcate him to the religion or if a daughter you will name her Faatima etc). Point is this is YOUR journey and you should do something from your heart whatever you feel like is enough and not necessarily take anyone else's advice word by word here. Why be upset and worried? I would LOVE to have clear and beautiful dreams such as these. And why doubt yourself in being naik or pak? As I quoted the incidents above, even non-believers and mushrikeens have had their hajjat fulfilled by the Ahle Bayt A.S, they are for everyone not just for shias. So ask Allah SWT through them and through their waseela as has been mentioned in the Quran, Surah 5 verse 35. InshAllah all will be well, just DONT ignore the message in the dreams and act upon them asap.
  12. Sunni girl talking about shias

    dude take it easy, in this video she is not saying whether shiaism is right or no, the ENTIRE video is just her criticizing the SUNNIS who say shias are wrong to commemorate and mourn for Imam Hussain A.S. and she is making a full case for shias being justified in the way they commemorate Ashura and Muharram etc. Whatever her other views are or may be judge this video for what it is, a full rebuke to anti-shia/muharram/matam sunnis.
  13. Saudi Arabia Arrests 11 Princes

    This is very serious, in the past 48 hours: -Lebanese PM resigns WHILE IN RIYADH saying that Iran and Hezbollah are trying to assassinate him (which the Lebanese army officially even said yesterday that they have found no such plot). -17 Princes arrested along with the head of the national guard -The SON OF THE FORMER CROWN PRINCE who was replaced by the current crown prince bin Salman was killed in helicopter crash along with 7 other government officials - Houthis fire missile at Riyadh airport and KSA blaming Iran for it which Iran denies KEEP IN MIND that this comes a few weeks after the Saudi Crown Prince meetings with Netanyahu and Trump AND the CIA report which implicates Iran having ties with Al Qaeda (yeah you read that right) and Iran's possible involvement with 9/11. Too many coincidences in such a short period of time don't you think? I really fear we are about to see a ground invasion of lebanon by Israel and Yemen by KSA very soon. Allah SWT Help us all.
  14. Parents Mistreat Wife and I - HELP

    Salaam brother, very sad situation. I've gone through it myself. First of the GOOD news is that you have your own place as that is a huge help (me and my wife had to endure for 7 years before we were able to afford our own place). While it is true that EVERYTHING you have in your life and everything that you are you owe to your parents, but what you don't owe is the willingness to take abuse. You have to be completely obedient to your parents EXCEPT when they are acting wrongly and want to commit wrong on you, in which case you are allowed to disobey them. If you really endure that kind of abuse, in a GENTLE and CALM voice tell them what exactly they say that hurts you and your wife and unless they promise to stop you (for the sake of your family and marriage) cannot be together at any event unless they change (and then stop meeting them until they comply, even if that takes ages, it's tough but necessary as they have no right to destroy your marriage). The reason for this is in the Quran, Allah SWT tells Musa to preach to Pharoah in a GENTLE voice (that although he was one of the worst human beings to have ever lived in history and not even Musa's A.S biological father, since he raised Musa A.S in his household that's why Musa A.S must show him that respect), in similar way you must show that respect as well, but take a hard stand when you must. A lot of parents didn't accomplish certain things in their lives, so they choose to live through their children, or take their frustrations out on their children and in-laws, and try to implement their family culture from back home and the old times into today's youths. This is a trait I find with many people from the Middle East and especially within Indo-pak community. It is sad but remember as with every tough thing in life it is a test, know what your obligations are and at the same time what your rights are and act accordingly. Best of luck brother. Salaam.
  15. Dream Interpretation

    Oh WOW, I may be wrong here and only Allah SWT Knows Best, but my thoughts (and again strictly only my thoughts which may or may not be correct) is that the beautiful boy you saw in your dream was indeed your baby boy which you lost last year, and that it was members of the Ahle Bayt A.S in your dream that were showing you that Allah SWT and them are personally taking care of him and in what a beautiful and wonderful environment he is in, and just how happy and waiting he is to be reunited with you in the next life inshAllah. I remember very clearly how my grandmother suffered so much during her last few years of her life because she went blind and was very sick and how when she finally passed I was still so sad and depressed at the amount of suffering she went through, but then one night I remember I just randomly prayed a 2 rakat nawafil prayer and gifted it to Imam Hussain A.S (after never having done such a thing before, this was still during my sunni-shia conversion days) and that night I saw a dream of my grandmother being so happy and being able to see in the environment she was in. Definitely if you can please try to hold a majlis in your house annually as per your dream, and InshAllah many happy times await you in this life and the next. All my prayers are with you and your family