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  1. Love/Praise of Ahlulbayt and Ghuluw

    Salam, @Fahad Sani You have not answer the valid questions raised by @Struggling_onn
  2. The topic should be..'No valid reasons for the Saudis restricting total number of Muslims going for Hajj. Lesson learned from Shias & Arbaeen 2016.'
  3. Syria is currently a battlefield between supporters of Haq and Bathil. If we loss, followers of Ahlulbayt in ME will have trouble in the future. It is not about Assad.
  4. Have you every came close to dying ?

    Salam, Yes, one time when I was 14. While I was laying down on my bed, my breath stopped and my vision circle became smaller and smaller until complete darkness. Then the vision started to open up again, but no on this world. It was beautiful! I turned my face to my right shoulder and I saw instantaneously all the goodness that I had done in chronologically order. When I turned to my left shoulder,.... I got really scare. I beg Allah swt to return, to obey him, to pray...very desperate. Can't even describe it. It was very desperate situation. I am lucky, I was given a chance to return.. I still remember the event as if it just happened. Just a point to share...Allah swt is real and what the Prophet pbuh told us on the situation after death is real..at least for me. I am thankful to Him. Layman
  5. If we look from the perspective of Imamat, then it is part of religious belief. The scenario is the same as to the belief in Imam Mahdi where Sunni and Shia believe in similar doctrine. If we look from the perspective of worldly and culture administrator, then the people will have to decide. For example, the president of Pakistan, US or Iran, the people of these countries have the right to decide, even though we do have Imam at present time. Most of Arabs and Muslim in the time of Prophet and also today are more culture oriented, meaning they want their leaders to preserve their culture more than religion. Whereas, Ahlulbayt are more to preserve the religion than the culture, especially to demolish the Jahiliyah culture. Only those elements in a culture that are compatible with religion are preserved. The current fight between Sunni and Shia is mostly political. But there are Muslim leaders among Sunnis and Shias that will turn it into religious disputes, resulting call each other as deviated from right path. Religious disputes shall be done by learned persons among Sunnis and Shias in scholarly manner. The Shias can accept what happened after the death of our Prophet as political move by few dominant figures. Ali (as), accepted it by been quiet and patient. Because it was purely political. Today, the enemies of Islam want to destroy the Muslims by advocating that the fight between Sunnis and Shias is purely due to religion, so that they will call each other deviated. We have heard that the Saudis Sheikh calling Iranian Shia leaders as religiously deviated with no proofs whatsoever. Simple minded followers will kill each other under the pretext of preserving the religion, but in reality it is politically, worldly and culturely motivated. Personally, I view the Khalifahs after the death of Prophet as political figures. All other Khalifahs during Ummayyah, Abbasiyyah, Othmaniyyah (and Ale Saud) as family inherited political leaders and not rooted in religious beliefs. They are just part of human history with no significant in the protecting the Pure Value of Religion.
  6. Why the need for discussion on "GHADIR KHUM" now?

    Surely, there are lessons to be learned that affect us and future people. Allah swt talked about Adam (as) so that we may learn.
  7. Symbolic means to express to Allah swt that we are ready to sacrifice even the most dearest of worldly things to our ownself, just because of Him swt. We do so that others will benefits.
  8. Journey From a proud Muslim to Atheist

    Salam, Anyone who believe in Allah swt and His Prophet (pbuh) are muslims whether they called themselves a Sunni, Shia,... Anyone who does good will get good in return, does not matter whether they are muslims or not. Everyone is entitled to go to Jannah. Allah swt will decide on that issue. However, those who follow His Prophet teachings truthfully will got to Jannah the fastest. Shia deplore characters of anyone who are proven to show disrespect knowingly and willingly to the Prophet and Family of Prophet, regardless if these people are well known, even if they were sahaba.
  9. Wilayah Takwiniyah

    Salam, Why we call Rasul, Imams, Qur'an and Kaabah as HOLY. What make them HOLY? What made Muhammad as a Rasul? What has been installed in his Souls that we don't see? We got a clue on what has been installed in Adam (as) and he able to teach Angels. Can Muhammad make himself as Rasul? When Muhammad as a Rasul teaching Qur'an to the people and Muhammad words must be followed...who is talking to the people? Or Muhammad is just the mean? Wassalam
  10. To say Bismillah

    Bismillahir Rahmaani Raheem Salam, Everything in this world belongs to Allah swt ..guidance, physical, belief, the self, spiritual, past and future...you name it! Saying Bismillah in all our actions is to acknowledge that we are nothing and Allah swt is Everything. However, before saying Bismillah, don't forget to say... Aauuzibillahi minas syaitani rajeem This is to strengthen the Bismillah that we are going to say...we will be more focused, relaxed, peaceful, protected and ready to say the dhikr of Bismillah. May Allah swt names be with us all the time!
  11. Evil eye isn't leaving me

    Fighting dark forces (spiritually) is part of personal Jihad and one must not be defeated. May loss few battles, but must win the war. End results of each battle is peace in heart and mind. This peacefulness granted by Allah swt (because winning the battles) is difficult to describe unless he/she experienced it. A person feels that he needs help from Allah swt all the time to move on in life. His weapons are duas...
  12. I hate my hijab

    This is a problem between you and your mother, but none of us. and it has nothing to do with "requirement set by Allah swt". Keep it within your family.
  13. Salam, It was due to statement in Hadith Thaqalain by the Prophet that made many great Muslim personalities of the past that were with the Prophet went astray. It will the same reason current Muslims and future Muslims will go astray. Some great Muslims in past gave their life for Islam but turned back after their interest of being closed to Prophet was cut short by statement of Thaqalain during last pilgrimage at Ghadir Khum. There are also great personality Muslims that were with the Prophet, accepted statement in Thaqalain, but again has personal interest in worldly affairs and failed...that was Talha and Zubair. Muslims in general must learn the past history so we won't go astray... There was a hadith stated that 'Ali is with the truth and truth is with Ali, only hypocrites will hate Ali'. There were great Personalities in Islam who fought bloody battles against Ali...in Jamal and Siffin.
  14. No one will be guaranteed a paradise until he/she is tested up to the very end of his/her life. Don't just focus to one episode to justify anything. That is how we look at all Prophets and Imams. Adam (as) was tested, dropped from heaven, made taubah and became Prophet. Iblis was good, failed the test and downgraded to level of Syaitan. We shall look at great Muslims of the past based on the history of their actions from the time they were born up to the time their death. Ali (as) was born in Kaabah, fought in battles while with the Prophet, never disobey the Prophet and was struck by sword while in Sadjah, and die two days later. Not enough paper to write his contributions to Islam. That is how we evaluate past great Muslims.
  15. Evil eye isn't leaving me

    Salam, Try to remember the sufferings of Imam Hussain (as) at the final moment of Karbala until you forget about yourself for while...look at Imam Hussain (as) as he was alone surrounded by evil people (that full with evil eyes) and Imam was asking 'has anyone to help Hussain'... insyaAllah, with syafaat of Imam Hussain, by virtue that you remember the sufferings of Imam Hussain, Allah swt will remove your evil eyes, and your mental distress, insyaAllah. Spiritually, it will uplift you.