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  1. I couldn't find a decent mic/headphone, so had to record into the laptop. Sounds like I'm speaking from inside the well. Oh well! @Heavenly_Silk your turn.
  2. Yours truly is a self-certified bookhunter with a 99% rate of success. Just give me a shout if google does not return fruitful results - esp contemporary books and literature.
  3. Well that speech was, what, 18 minutes of the same bluster from his campaign? That looked nothing like an inauguration speech.
  4. Nah bro, protests are just getting started. American public, civil society and people from within the establishment will have to keep this clown of a president on a tight leash during the next four years to retain the country they have known and to deny the nationalistic, racist and dictatorial spirit that Trump represents from taking over. This is time for action.
  5. We have an aspiring writer here. Cool.
  6. She sounds quintessentially American.
  7. I will have wasted my time if something dramatic doesn't happen. I'm flipping between channels to see how different outlets are reporting it. Only BBC so far has spent any time on the (violent) protests. American outlets are quiet, unusually for anti-Trump ones, but I guess they've come round to accepting the fateful day. Betting companies are already taking bets on Trump not completing his first term or being impeached. But the list of associated specials is disappointingly thin. - Imposition of martial law before end of Trump's first term. - No election in 2020. - Terrorist attack on US Congress. - Nuclear strike on Mecca.
  8. They have practically given up their traditional dresses for the "low Western ones," but there seems to be something about ties that Iranians don't like. Perhaps their resemblance with the cross? But that reason is not given and I doubt if the story of its origin in the cross is true. And when every woman wears some sort of makeup, where do you suppose to look at? Surreal questions and equally surreal answers.
  9. "Every war when it comes, or before it comes, is represented not as a war but as an act of self-defense against a homicidal maniac." _George Orwell
  10. Your simplifications have caused poor confused kharijis to move their heads up and down and left and right to very situation as if their headwiring has malfunctioned.
  11. Goal today: send condolences to my American friends after noon Washington time.
  12. It would be weird to watch America go back to the social and racial attitudes of the 40s and the 50s. I reckon America had for long hidden its troubles beneath the veneer of liberalism and openness and believed themselves when they elected Obama, only to get this backlash. Dear Amreeka, hunooz dilli door ast.
  13. Tragic. My heart goes out to people trapped beneath the rubble, especially the firefighters who were standing at the mouth of danger to protect others. Inna lillah... Those responsible for ignoring safety procedures should get their just deserts.
  14. Goal today: stop wasting time on SC.
  15. Oops. It's in public domain. See if you can find it on Project Gutenberg database. But it's a chore. The whole novel is in ungrammatical southern US patois and it's a stylistically challenging read. If you haven't ready any Faulkner, Light in August is a good place to start. An excellent book!