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  1. I don't know much about the movers and shakers of this latest bout of protests in Iran but there is good reason to believe that it has been planned and thought-out well in advance. Don't ask me how I know but a couple of weeks before the first signs of the protest appeared, Iranian airport officials had stepped up screening of certain foreign arrivals in the country. Some individual tourists from certain friendly Southeast Asian countries, who probably have visa-on-arrival facility for Iran, had been deemed Israeli spies and refused entry/deported back to wherever they came from. If this is as it's been relayed, it is interesting that this time they have used people who are neither gora Westerners nor Iranian origin, to trick the authorities.
  2. I can relate to it in the context of a couple of discussion boards (which I've outgrown) but I can't relate to it when it comes to popular social media platforms like those mentioned in tags. I don't have twitter or instagram or viber or whatever. I have a very old FB account which remains idle most of the year except lately when I've needed to use frequently to administer a travel group and do only and only that. But it seems social media is fast becoming a health hazard and a social crisis. I'm sure there are people among the readers who suffer from the addiction. How do you tackle it and what do you think about "social media addiction?"
  3. Pakistan

    I haven't used Zong to browse SC but my cousin has it and I will get him to check. I have accessed SC with Mobilink without a problem. Yes, we don't get any problem with PTCL, which is government owned. SC would not have been accessible through PTCL if there was a govt ban on it.
  4. Pakistan

    @Wahdat thank you. Yes, I have been good and I hope everything has been well at your end too? It must be really cold up there these days right... As I said, circumstances change to allow for developments hitherto unseen and unappreciated. Appreciating China's continental structure building requires an appreciation of the opportunity that CPEC and the larger OBOR provide despite the negative press both are getting. India and beyond will inevitably join in when the projects become functional. What is today Pakistan's vice may well becomes its virtue. I'm not overly optimistic in near future about our region, but even one-eyed pundits can see that things are changing fast here. What was once set up to serve foreign powers decades ago may not serve their purpose anymore, and what was set up as a bulwark against imperialism may well come under its influence. Let's see how things come about. I agree about there being nothing wrong in a show of patriotism and appreciation for nations that have done well. Some form of patriotism and a sense of collective civic responsibility is necessary to take off especially for newer countries & those that have seen terrible lows like Afghanistan. That said, people who see beyond slogans and sweeping statements are worried more about the rise of toxic right wing nationalism the world over, including in countries that are being congratulated here, than terrorism and its foreign masters. Terrorism will eventually die because nothing based on terror and brute force lasts for long, but the spectre of divisive and hostile nationalism that the world had undergone a 100 years ago is all set to return. But about that, maybe some other time.
  5. Pakistan

    Bro @Wahdat I haven't read the entire thread but why should every discussion about Pakistan (or any other country, for that matter) become a discussion about its creation and who created it for what purpose? As you indicate there are many countries in the world both in the East and the West that came to exist due to the exigencies of regional politics or under the pressure of foreign intervention, or have different borders than they should have, or seceded from parent country at the cost of their own long term prosperity (Eg the Central and Southern Europe is made of countries that emerged through infighting between empires, South American is one big Hispanica divided into pieces on the basis of frozen battle lines, likewise Arab states and Israel). But I don't think any of this helps to discus the real problems people and societies face in those countries. That being said, we also know that states change over time, get better or worse depending on the path they take. It's better to focus on that than retell the old wives tale about their creation. re: nationalism. It is a liability when it takes on toxic forms that blind people, but ironically it is also a necessary component in the development of societies that value their sovereignty and Independence, Countries you appreciate as being strong and independent (Russia, Iran, China etc) have all very strong nationalistic currents that resist foreign intervention. Just my two cents.
  6. Pakistan

    I am using SC right now from Pakistan without proxy and I have never had a problem ever. Which ISP you were using? Did you use it through company servers or independently?
  7. Atheism on the rise in Iraq

    Yes, and it can be seen in various Muslim countries. Atheism in youth is on the rise if anecdotal evidence is anything to go by. If the only way to be a practicing Muslims is to be a bigoted hater as preached by hardliners and to fight for non-issues like the fundamentalists do, it is not surprising that saner, educated people don't want to be part of that worldview. While some find balance or a middle way, others resolve it by abandoning it altogether. Since it remains extremely dangerous for atheists to come out publicly, majority of them keep to themselves for fear of reprisals.
  8. New Year's Eve

    Who else would visit SC on New Year's eve...
  9. Whats one unusual or rare fruit you have eaten?

    Singharay! I like them. They are in season so I have them often these days. Best eaten with a sprinkling of black salt. As for rare fruits, nobody outside of desiland seems to know about these but I love them. It's tasty and as berries has lots of health benefits. Jamun https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syzygium_cumini
  10. Yeah, it may be said that SC is on life support, or as good as as dead. It's so slow that it makes makes you feel like you're back in the dial up era. (The young ones among you wouldn't know what dial up was, the oldies would know what I'm talking about) I offer my condolences to old and new members and hoping you'll do something worthwhile with the time you'll save from fussing over 504 timeout error and all the other retarded strains of the error that have been bothering you for the better part of the year. WS
  11. girl doesnt love me back

    This is called topi drama! SCers: don't be fooled guys. The poster is just having a laugh. This ain't genuine.
  12. Some time ago I argued that with the passing of time and the growth of Muslim communities in the West there would appear a different and distinct strain of Islam which might be dubbed "Western Islam." What it would mean and how it would look like is a debate that is still in its infancy, so it remains to be seen as what shape and form it would eventually take. There was a counterargument that there wouldn't be such a thing as Western Islam and that Muslims would either be religious in the traditional sense or they would abandon religion altogether. The number of atheists or agnostics is growing if personal experience is anything to go by, but at the same time many more people are trying to find that precarious balance that makes them be an integrated Western Muslim as well as a practicing one.
  13. Who's South Asian here?

    The term "Indian" has been abused so much that it's best to avoid it except for when it refers to the modern day Republic of India (excluding Kashmir)
  14. sister wont go to majalis

    That's not stupid, that's PTSD, as Gaius said. If you don't know what PTSD is, it's Post Traumatic Stress Order. She needs to get professional help, and I hope she wants to.