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  1. Let the Bullets Fly (2010) This is a fast-paced action comedy amid the confusion of names and identities. Apparently it's the highest grossing film in China. Good for a laugh.
  2. I have watched it recently and thoroughly enjoyed the exploits of Ragnar and his band of warriors.
  3. No. See that's the thing. Calling this concoction lassi is a grave insult to the idea and philosophy of lassi! Corrupting it with fruity flavours is salt on the wound But in the brave new world this thing passes for lassi.
  4. 4 delicious lassis to cool down with this summer This is Satan's plan to destroy our authentic lassi with these false floozy flavoured concoctions! Chocolate lassi??
  5. "She called me chicken-legged. How rude"
  6. On what grounds was Ahmedinejad disqualified from running?
  7. Agreed. The focus has long shifted from fight against the zombies to fight between various groups. It was good while it worked within the zombie framework but nothing new has happened since season 5. They needed to open up the story or introduce a new angle to the survival drama. This last installment was the most unimaginative ever. Worse still, the season has ended on a stalemate so this Neegan character is likely to be back next year.
  8. Thoughts. I hate going to the dentist. I absolutely [Edited Out]ing hate to go under the bleeding drill.
  9. Perhaps some people do it more than others. Perhaps some groups don't have a redeeming achievment to brag about, except building nukes... Anyway self-criticism is good and even healthy, but self-hate is not. On the other hand superiority complex (common among Arabs) is a sin. Non-Arabs are still looked down upon in Arab societies. Tribal thinking follows from superiority complex and that's one big cultural influence Arabs brought to Islam. We saw that right after the Prophet's death in Saqifa, we see it today in Saudia and Libya.
  10. Recently an Iranian member said similar things about her own Iranians. Tendency to criticise one's own group is universal, but people get sensitive when outsiders do it.
  11. Not really. Arabs, Persians and others have brought their own cultural peculiarities to Islam. Subcontinental people aren't alone in this.
  12. Desh simply means country or homeland. It's variant, Des, is used in Urdu. Desi دیسی comes from Des دیس It is used for all people belonging to the subcontinent regardless of where they live. The label became more prominent among the community in the West because of their need to define themselves against others.
  13. SC has taught me that... * inter-Shia rivalry is a big thing. I thought we offered a united front but that's not really true. * people listen when you're polite and avoid ad hominem. * Western Shias have huge identity problems. * "culture" is supposed to be hated and reviled ad nauseam. * after ShiaChat we don't need ShiaMatch.
  14. The Walking Dead (Season 7) It started in a splendid fashion but the latter set of episodes of S07 is arguably the most headless of all seasons in the show's history. Really, they stretched the whole conflict with Negan to stupidly elastic lengths. There was too much repetition for it to hold my interest through the 2nd installment. Half the time they sat and brooded, cried and commiserated. The whole 16-set episodes could be easily covered in the first installment that aired in Sept '16. It looks like the show is going to end soon, as it should. Things are falling apart, the centre cannot hold.
  15. It was called Fish Spinaci on the menu. Pan fried Vietnamese pangasius coated in some sort of creamy sauce served with rice. It was [edited out] delicious...