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  1. I don't think so. You're reading your personal political bias into Farhadi's films. His work is not ideological but seeks to portray the truth about human condition as he's witnessed in Iran. It is a natural knee-jerk reaction of nationalist type people who don't want the harsh side of life in their countries portrayed in art and media, or how ordinary people really think and act in their societies. I remember when Slumdog Millionaire came out, every nationalist Indian was having a heart attack. They asked why it didn't show 'the other side' - the glitzy technological cities - and focused on the slums and poverty. But that was 'the other side.' Anyway, congratulations to Iranians for winning recognition for their splendid cinema. That's doubly remarkable considering they work under restrictions and lack of funding.
  2. If politics were central to faith, we'd have at least one example of an Imam starting a rebellion. But we have none. The circumstances of the two Imams who did come to power are instructive. Imam Ali waited for years without claiming his right to rule until the Medinaties came running to him and begged him to take up the reins of government, whilst Imam Hassan resigned when the same people did not side with him. Neither clung to power, or sought it, as a matter of faith or principle. Imam Hassan was the legitimate ruler for six months or so after the death of Amir al-momineen. If Islam depended on his being in power, he would have died fighting than to resign and retire to an ordinary life. Yet this is just what he did and according to the terms of agreement, did not seek to undermine the government of Muawiyah. It is not true to say that Imam Hassan, after he abdicated, strove to return to power. The case of Imam Hussain is most well known. He was driven out of his house and Medinah after Yazid's people started hounding him. Imam followed his brother's line until the ruler demanded allegiance. Prior to that the Imam had neither declared rebellion nor put forward his name as a candidate for power. The other Imams were poisoned because they were a threat to the ruling class, you're right about that. Imam Kadhim and Hassan Askar were even held captives for years, but not because they had started a revolt or supported one, but because of their position as the leaders of the Ahlebait, and hence with the strongest claim to rule. I'm not a Neturei Karta type of Shia, who believe that establishing an Islamic state in the absence of the Mahdi is haraam. We can have an Islamically run state in any number of variations if it's socially and politically beneficial for the community (eg having the Iranian state fight the anti-Shia forces in the Middle East), but I don't see how our belief and salvation depends on having one. We had never had one for the most of our history and we survived.
  3. Duplicate. See below... Mods please delete this.
  4. These are modern-day hypotheses --- explanations to argue way the discrepancies in recorded history versus Shia revolutionary aspirations of our times. I'm of the view that actions speak louder than anything else. If establishing a direct rulership was indispensable to Shi'ism, then every Imam would have died fighting in battle trying to accomplish that goal. But the truth is that none - not a single - Imam died fighting in an attempt to mount a revolt against the rulers of their times. Zaydi branch believed in wresting power through revolt, and their Imams would rebel and get killed every so often. But not us. The Hashmi revolt against Banu Umayyah was led by the Prophet's tribe and it was the best opportunity for the Imams of the time to gather his followers and seek power. But guess what, they didn't raise a finger. Imam Jafar Sadiq stayed busy with teaching religion and other sciences in his university in Medinah. If seeking and gaining power was so central to Shi'ism, you'd see Imams active on the frontlines... It would have been a good thing for Islam and Muslims if the rightful Imams could rule, but when they couldn't do that, they didn't make it a life and death matter, and this tells me that ruling from a position of worldly power was the last thing on Imams' minds, and ipso facto, not central to the belief and practice of our religion. There were enough true Shias in the world to establish an Islamic system in Iran. Why do you think the Twelfh Imam is still not reappearing? Are you implying that those Shias especially scholars who have supported, fought and established the Islamic system in Iran aren't Shias enough for our Twelfth Imam? Why hasn't the Imam come? My point is that only Allah knows the reasons for the continued Occultation of the Qa`im. Who are we speculate as to why he's not come yet?
  5. What a ghastly Neanderthal. This proves the level of intelligence of the Saudi state and those who run its religious establishment.
  6. For desis who can understand!
  7. It is not just duplicate posts; board servers are also acting up. I get frequent error message (504 Time Out or somethin' like that) and need to refresh the page every now and then. It's not a big deal if it happens occasionally but it's become quite a nuisance over the past couple of weeks.
  8. No, I will read about it in the papers. Oscars ceremony works like movie recommendation for me. This is how I hear about most recent and most well-liked films and watch them if any catch my eye.
  9. Thoughts: Says Bulleh Shah... Parh parh nafal namaaz guzaari Uchian baangaan changaan maarein Mimbar te charh waaz pukaarein Keeta tenu ilm khuwaar Ilmo bas karen O yaar Ek alif tere darkaar! Translation "Marking time in extra prayers Climbing a minaret and screeching Mounting a pulpit and preaching All this has nothing to do with knowledge Cryptic sciences? Enough already! Aleph is all you need"
  10. I do hope it's a joke. But Saudi muftis are known to indulge in answering extremely hypothetical scenarios with extremely retarded fatwas. Like that fatwa about eating mermaids. First the mufti goes to expound what a mermaid is and where they might be found and then argues that because it's permissible to eat all kinds of seafood (according to Sunni fiqh), therefore it is halal to eat the flesh of mermaids, while knowing all the while that they are a mythical creatures and don't exist.
  11. "Kick people hard till they get a conscience." _Louis Paul Boon
  12. The little runt has his feet in shoes bigger than himself. I believe he will not survive for long due to the evident power struggle within the regime which show its insecurities and weaknesses. My only fear is that in a moment of madness he might just send a nuke out of the skies. The Kims are mad enough to do that, regardless of what their apologists say.
  13. I had what-shall-I-call-it...a shake up of strawberry, yogurt and honey. Smoothie? Also yesterday at lunch
  14. Bhooka_Bhairiya always struck me as a troll who was having a laugh at our expense. He wasn't serious in anything he said, just here to stir up things. It is amazing that so many people considered him "knowledgeable" just because he brought forth the most ultraconservative and regressive stuff out of the vast store of narrations to make Islam look worse than the IS caliphate.
  15. Answer: