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  1. I love airports

    I watch people come and go, almost stare at them. So many nationalities, so many faces, so many personalities, so many ways to dress up. It's quite fascinating to see so many different people from all over the world in transit, like a microcosm of life on the go. My long layovers are never boring as long as the airport is a cosmopolitan one and not some tiny hole in some God forsaken city!
  2. Favorite Cheese

    Correction: fatty grease spread
  3. Favorite Cheese

    You should be handed a hefty fine for calling this concoction cheese.
  4. Favorite Cheese

    Question: Is there any other type of cheese in the world besides factory made mozzarella and cheddar that taste exactly the same? #Pakicheeseignorance
  5. Here's some background to the Pig's Blood Theory. The idea is that Muslims believe that that they would not enter heaven if they come in contact with something as impure as a pig's blood. This is the first item ever I've heard this. But this has been part of Western knowledge for a long time.
  6. If stopping the Jihadists entailed shooting them with pig's blood, I'm sure governments in the Muslim world would have already done that - because we remain the first and foremost target of jihadist zombies however you may look at it. Either the POTUS is an utterly dumb fool to think this would work, or maybe he believes in the magical power of pig's blood. Either way, it is an insult to intelligence to even engage with such nonsense. On another note, the phenomenon of radical Islamism is a relatively new beast and didn't exist 100 years ago, unless you're following the same logic by which natives became "terrorists" for seeking independence and fighting for it. This is an insult to those people to mix them up with jihadist nihilists we've at hand today.
  7. Yair Netanyahu says leftists more dangerous than neo-Nazis. Echoing Trump, PM’s son claims ‘thugs of Antifa and Black Lives Matter are getting stronger’ while Nazis are a thing of the past, http://www.timesofisrael.com/netanyahu-junior-says-leftists-more-dangerous-than-neo-nazis/
  8. Favourite Word Of The Day

    For a while I also believed it was real and laughed in utter amusement at the language of the tweets - until I saw those lol.
  9. A very interesting observation http://nymag.com/selectall/2017/08/baked-alaska-charlottesville-and-the-end-of-ironic-nazi.html
  10. I agree there is no point in rewriting history, but the problem we have here is that these statues and the flag they represent is a very contemporary phenomenon and has become a rallying point for certain interest groups. These statues are relatively new if seen in relation to the date of the actual confederate defeat. The symbols and sigils of Confederacy should have been lost a long time ago and the matter ended once and for all. Lost by force if necessary. Now it's too late to ban flags and destroy statues, because this is no longer about history but the symbolism of the traditional and now lost United States, whatever it was that brought about that "loss." Being an outsider I can't tell Americans what to do, but something needs to be done to address the rise of the so-called disenfranchised white male (which I don't quite buy as they remain the most privileged group in society) now being expressed in essentially racist white nationalism, because history has repeatedly shown that fascism doesn't take much to spread, as the route is all downhill.
  11. Favourite Word Of The Day

    It's a parody account, not run by North Korea! This tweet from 15th Aug is a dead giveaway. "Marshal Kim Jong-Un to blot out sun over skies of United States on August 21, 2017, in awesome display of DPRK space power." And this: "Marshal Kim Jong-Un bests all competitors in annual Pyongyang Chili Cook-Off, consuming 820 quarts of chili and over 100 crackers." Aug 13
  12. Donald J. Trump [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    'No Vacancies' for Blacks - How Donald Trump Got His Start and Was First Accused of Bias https://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/28/us/politics/donald-trump-housing-race.html
  13. Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    @notme your fig coookies look awesome! My mum used to make similar cookies but with dates. Anyway, we made desi version of shawarma at home. Grilled chicken with fresh salad and extra light mayo so they are quite low cal. I still wanted to have a dinner after eating two of those.