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  1. Whats one unusual or rare fruit you have eaten?

    Singharay! I like them. They are in season so I have them often these days. Best eaten with a sprinkling of black salt. As for rare fruits, nobody outside of desiland seems to know about these but I love them. It's tasty and as berries has lots of health benefits. Jamun https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syzygium_cumini
  2. Yeah, it may be said that SC is on life support, or as good as as dead. It's so slow that it makes makes you feel like you're back in the dial up era. (The young ones among you wouldn't know what dial up was, the oldies would know what I'm talking about) I offer my condolences to old and new members and hoping you'll do something worthwhile with the time you'll save from fussing over 504 timeout error and all the other retarded strains of the error that have been bothering you for the better part of the year. WS
  3. girl doesnt love me back

    This is called topi drama! SCers: don't be fooled guys. The poster is just having a laugh. This ain't genuine.
  4. Some time ago I argued that with the passing of time and the growth of Muslim communities in the West there would appear a different and distinct strain of Islam which might be dubbed "Western Islam." What it would mean and how it would look like is a debate that is still in its infancy, so it remains to be seen as what shape and form it would eventually take. There was a counterargument that there wouldn't be such a thing as Western Islam and that Muslims would either be religious in the traditional sense or they would abandon religion altogether. The number of atheists or agnostics is growing if personal experience is anything to go by, but at the same time many more people are trying to find that precarious balance that makes them be an integrated Western Muslim as well as a practicing one.
  5. Who's South Asian here?

    The term "Indian" has been abused so much that it's best to avoid it except for when it refers to the modern day Republic of India (excluding Kashmir)
  6. sister wont go to majalis

    That's not stupid, that's PTSD, as Gaius said. If you don't know what PTSD is, it's Post Traumatic Stress Order. She needs to get professional help, and I hope she wants to.
  7. Who's South Asian here?

    Most people.
  8. What is your favorite Noha?

    Many, but I post this one every year. Great matam material.
  9. Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    When we stopped for chai on a roadside truck restaurant...
  10. What Have You Watched Recently? [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    It (2017) I succumbed to the peer pressure yesterday. On big screen. A different kind of horror with a twist of irony and comedy. Not bad at all.
  11. selling roasted clay..

    Roasted what?? Mohterma aisa kijiye aap ye sawaal Urdu mein kijiye to sahih jawaab mil jaye ga.
  12. What he said about "extremely positive propaganda" for Thailand is something I have previously written and compared to the negative propaganda that comes out of Western media for Turkey. Two or three bomb attacks in a year and a failed military coup has seen a sudden and massive drop of European visitor numbers to Turkey. I was in Istanbul recently and many people told me that, despite huge crowds of Arab, Iranian, and Russian tourists, the numbers are less than half of what they used to be until 2015, so much so that you couldn't find a table to sit in any of the millions of eateries lining the streets of the Sultanahmet area where Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia are located. But I had no trouble finding a table wherever I went in for a bite. Even though Istanbul and other cities are not more unsafe than London or Paris today, the constant negative coverage of Turkey has scared the European tourist to visit. On the other hand similar events have had little to no effect on tourist numbers in Thailand.
  13. "Frankly and honestly," I think the writer has gone too far to vent his frustration over his bad experiences in Thailand. I detect a deep-seated sense of superiority and entitlement in the voice of this write-up. "Frankly and honestly," If you're a long-term or repeat visitor to a country, try to acquire a working knowledge of the language so that you don't make a fool of yourself every time you try to interact with the locals. Seriously, the onus to learn the language is on the visitor not on the host country. Anyone who has visited Germany and France knows that no one speaks English outside a few tourist centres in a couple of major cities. I don't think I have seen an essay bashing the French and the Germans for not bothering to learn the language of world commerce and tourism. Queen's English! A case can be made that since the Thais like to portray themselves as a destination for high-end services, they should also make an effort to make the foreign clientele welcome by taking the trouble to learn major foreign languages. But the fact that that facility is still not yet common for the foreign visitor is not a good reason to throw a tantrum, and I think the writer is throwing a kind of tantrum. In any case, not knowing the language of the land is not really a huge problem when navigating that place as a bona fide tourist. Most countries, no matter what their official language and script is, use Roman alphabet on signposts and shopheaders, at least on the tourist trail.
  14. Tattoos

    Divorce In 1965 = what do we do about the kids. In 2017 = what do we do about the tattoo.