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  1. Cannot use the search option

    (salam) i still cannot use the search feature...an error message always pops up. plz help thx
  2. Cannot use the search option

    (salam) I'm also unable to use the search feature. I was trying to search the discussion on Aisha's age when Rasulullah (pbuh & hf) married her. If anyone know of the discussion thread, plz tell me. Jazakallah.
  3. (salam) I would like to warn my brothers and sisters in Melbourne of the operation of a husband and wife conteam who prey on unsuspecting good hearted muslims living in the vicinity of Fawkner, Broadmeadows, Upfield, Dallas etc. This husband and wife team pose as good muslims. They are arabs (lebanese), wife wears hijab :angry: !!! This is their mode: They will approach muslims ..give salam and say they need help:' either they have no money for petrol..or their wallet has been stolen..they lost one week of pay money..no money for food/petrol etc'. They then say their would like to borrow some money and will return it back. They provide bogus address and phone numbers. They even bring along their child to make it ' a family affair'. Places where they have been known to strike: along Barry Road, Broadmeadows shopping centre, Campbellfield Shopping Centre (K-Mart, Coles). How do I know this? Cos my husband was one of those kind-hearted individuals who gave $ to this con-man (story: wallet stolen with one-week pay) outside Safeway, Broadmeadows Shopping centre, and this man struck again outside K-mart Campbellfield, saying he had no money for petrol to go home. When my husband confronted him and asked him 'didn't i give you money at Broadmeadows?', he denied it and said that he was not that man. On the same day, I warned my daughter to be aware of such people. My daughter told her boss . Her boss told her that this conman came one day came into their pizza shop and gave the same story (no money for petrol). They lend him some money and even gave him free pizzas. Another sister at K-mart approached us too (on the day of the incident) after she saw the hijabi con-woman approached us and told us that she was also conned of $50 by them. We were told that these people are druggies and gamblers (Allahu Alam) So just be careful and be aware (Issa Akbar...plz tell your family members and friends since I believe u are living in this area) of such despicable ppl who give their race and Islam a bad name.
  4. The Punjatani Centre in Melbourne

    (salam) Issa, that is the problem my family is similarly facing ...we are non-arabic/non-urdu speakers. Unfortunately, there are no majlis in English in Melbourne unlike Sydney. However, occassionally, the Panjtan centre does invite English speakers ..Dr Mansour Leghai (spelling?) was invited from Sydney during one commemoration..he was very good. We need to poach the Sydney English speaking alims to Melbourne ..what say u ;)? It is fortunate indeed that we do have Sheikh Zaid to conduct English lectures on Fridays. If there are programmes in English at the Panjtan..I will inform u, inshaAllah. The Panjtan centre has a Youth committee too. regards Um Hasan
  5. The Punjatani Centre in Melbourne

    (salam) Issa, yes , my family sometimes go to the Panjatan Centre in St Alban for some majlis. However, most often then not, the majlis are in Urdu. We normally go to the Upfield centre (majlis held every Friday after Maghrib., in Arabic) or to the Imam Ali Centre. My children attend the madrasah at the Panjtan (lessons held in English) every Sunday.
  6. Australian Federal Elections. . .

    (salam) We are voting for Green..they seem to be the only party with a conscience. That's 3 votes from my family.
  7. Salam Manalah budak-budak ini semua? semua tenggelam sahaja. I setuju dengan pendapat Haidar 70%. Kalaulah di Malaysia, bahasa pertama nya bahasa Melayu..jadi haruslah menggunakan bahasa Melayu selalunya. If you notice, my sentences in Malay don't sound that good, kerana cik jarang sangat menggunakan bahasa Melayu....bukan kerana cik secondclasskan bahasa Melayu dan agungkan bahasa Inggeris..tetapi kerana keadaan tertentu. Situasi di Singapura, Haidar, lain daripada situasi di Malaysia. Our official language is English...semuanya berbahasa Inggeris..jadi bahasa Melayu kami di Singapura tidaklah sehebat bahasa Melayu Haidar di Malaysia. Cik baca tulisan Haidar...sedap dibaca...tetapi rasanya apa yang Cik tuliskan dalam bahasa Melayu ini rasa janggal..'not smooth'..kerana mungkin separuh 'thoughts' diproseskan dalam bahasa Inggeris. Apa pendapat Sarah? On the whole..cik rasa kita harus maintain bahasa Ibunda kita. Cik sudah buat mistake dengan anak-anak cik..semuanya tidak tahu berbahasa Melayu..sedih betul! (if you must know, my husband is Chinese..and I don't like to hear him speak Malay..teruklah..so most of the time we speak English). Only my eldest girl can speak Malay kerana dia ada ramai kawan Malaysia di university. Apa kata Hang Tuah? "Tidak akan hilang Melayu dari ...?"
  8. chinese Shi'a

    (salam) i'm unable to access the website.
  9. (salam) Betul juga kata Haidar. It's quality not quantity. Tapi selalunya orang Shia Malaysia kena underground sahaja kan? susah juga ya, kerana takut activiti-activiti semua selalunya diawasi oleh pihak-pihak yang tertentu. Mungkin ada juga musuh di dalam selimut. Apa kata kita uruskan perniagaan import export kari? :D. Itulah yang cik ura-urakan kepada Abu Hasan..tetapi dia selalu melenting bila mendengar ini..dia kata.....'tak habis habis! nak import kari sahaja..tak ada lain ke?! ' hehe. Anyway, sekarang tak ada idealah kerana my suggestion has been vetoed by abuhasan! I was thinking of muslim attire..itupun kena veto! If you have any great ideas..u can pm me. Sarah all the best, bilqis jangan menangis, haidar selamat maju jaya dalam lapangan perniagaan, sis zareen..ceritakan sedikit pengalaman di rantau orang, akhi Rosli..sabar jaga anak, tengku..happy globe-trotting, sis pohon dan lain-lain, cubalah drop a few lines now and then, inshaAllah. Ini semester penghabisan cik belajar..inshaAllah. Massalama
  10. (salam) Haidar, ada ke ramai Malay shias in Malaysia? Where are they? Which state has the most? Haidar di mana? KL? Bilqis, where's your mummy?
  11. (salam) Eh! Hari lahir akhi Rosley ke? Selamat Hari Lahir! Selamat Hari Lahir! Selamat Hari Lahir akhi Rosley! Selamat....Hari....Lahir!! Yeeeehhhh!!!! Berapa umur nya ye? Kesian, bro Rosley tak datang sudah lama ke sini kerana dia has to look after his baby. Tengku pula tu globe-trotter. Cik pun sibuk juga. maklumlah! Kelakar juga baca pantun dan puisi Bilqis, Haidar dan Sarah. Kadang-kadang tak fahamlah orang muda berbicara. Anyway... Bilqis jangan bersedih sangat ya..inshaAllah you will find someone... Di rimba sebuah perigi Duduk sepi si burung hantu Saya juga mencari cari InshaAllah dapat anak menantu. maaf kalau pantun ini sound sumbang..my first pantun ever :!!!:
  12. can't log out

    (salam) This site does not allow me to log out. I've tried 3 times to do so and that's why I'm writing here. Do others experience similar problem?
  13. treatment of muslim women

    What is so funny about that? lol where did malays come from for the best treatement of women. well its not really the first country that comes to mind when u think about the current topic. (salam) I just want to inform the UNINFORMED that Indonesia has the largest muslim population in the world, and that most muslims in Indonesia are MALAYs. So if u want to draw a venn diagram whatsoever to draw the relationship between Malays and muslim culture from the above information, please do so.
  14. (salam) Welcome Bilqis and Haidar. InshaAllah lagi meriah 'kampung melayu' (quote from Rosley) kita. Anak-anak, bros and sisters, please participate in this poll. Do you think Malay men, pada UMUMNYA, treat their women the best? ..comments please. Terimakasih. http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=31173
  15. treatment of muslim women

    What is so funny about that?