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  1. I think it is rude to ask people constantly to refute these points, when most people don't have time to go to video and start listen garbage and then refute them. Just start yourself to give us the points in video that you see it is worthy to be respond, then maybe we can give the right answer.
  2. Salaam aleikum, I wonder is there any significant in Islam if the jews build the third temple.
  3. No. This is not about personal issues. But why Shia's keep inventing these not benefit for Ahlulbait (as) inventions that clearly goes against their principles. If we are sticking to Islam and what Ahlulbait (as) said about mourning, they clearly have showed us what we can do, but is not a bid'ha by we starting to invite so many different things for mourning? It seems people are so confused about these inventions that they even need to go ask Scholars if they are even allowed in first place.
  4. I know people start to give fatwas or verses but it has nothing to do on what I don't understand with this invention. The concept is clear, people can invent infinite many of way to mourning but no Shia care to say anything and keep allowing even when it has went too far that the person who is so blind with the love can't see it. What is the point with this new invention. You make an expensive coffin that can feed poor people, because of what? What do you get from making imaginary Coffin of Imam to bring it to another Imam? Why Shias keep doing this every year and accept it?
  5. It says ''Symbolic Coffin of Imam Ali A.S Inside Imam Hussein A.S Holy Shrine] #21Ramadan1438" http://followahlulbayt.tumblr.com/post/161960644240/symbolic-coffin-of-imam-ali-as-inside-imam But why?
  6. The most important thing is what our Imams said about the Quran we have.
  7. Does not infallibility specially in Shi'a case means that it is possible that they can sin, but because of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì protection, he protects them from sinning as referred in 33:33?
  8. Yes it seems that it will be shown when there is new post or comment.
  9. Sharing the truth that is revealed by Allah does not make it distinction, we just accept it as truth. It is you now that limits Allah by saying it is not allowed by prophet to share what Allah reveals in this particular matter. The problem with you is that you think it is us that made the distinction when actually it is Allah that can reveal the truth and still we cant say now Allah is making distinction.
  10. We as people do not differentiate between two entities, this is what we can't to do. If Allah revealed the name of who is the one who exceeded all from particular group, Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì does not make any differentiating that contradict Qur'an verses. Verse 3:84 warn us that we as humans should not make any distinction between the prophets, which is true. I can't start to compare Musa and Muhammad and start to make distinctions, when all of them have same message to deliver and all of them are prophets that we should accept and follow. But If Jibrael reveled to Prophet that Allah made him exceed all the prophets, then we believe and accept it, thats all.
  11. The problem is your reasoning to think it means differentiate.
  12. Allah's book "We make no distinction between any of them" + "We have preferred some of the Prophets above others" + " some of them We caused to exceed others" Allah to Prophet (Hadith): "Tells the Prophet Muhammad his favor and the status." me: "it is not up to us to judge who is better, i do not make distinction between the prophets. If Allah reveal the status of Prophet, it does not mean that Allah is making distinction between prophets.
  13. It seems that we can't even have proper discussion in this matter. Wassalam.
  14. Where? And who are people of differences and what you mean by differences?
  15. And it does not contradict the Qur'an if God inform the status of any prophet.