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  1. I think you are avoiding the question...........
  2. its like watching two..............its just... its just not interesting what they have to say due to the insane distance we have in the very basics of humanity, faith and ethics/morals
  3. That is fine, but didn't really answer my question. Scenario is; You either kill the person, or he kills/rapes your daughter. It sounds like you are saying you would let him kill her, and sit by and pray, which is your only other option in this scenario. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. salam, They are both good. What you need to focus on is which one makes it easier for you to study without worrying about other issues such as healthcare, place to live, rent prices, prices in general etc etc. When you figure that out it makes it easier to make a choice. Other than that its inportant to understand that there is no one Hawzah in Najaf and one Hawzah in Qom. Both have several hawzahs and you need to research which gives the best type of education you want. Both have modern and orthodox styles e5c etc.
  5. Sorry, i just had to.......cracked me up:
  6. That's a horrible example. That's like saying Texans voting to get out of America, that's wrong. But if you had say Vancouver and BC having 90% Americans then that would be perfectly fine, specially if US had previously owned the place. You need to rethink your examples a little mate.
  7. for 5000 dollars a year, it's a hell of a long is the lease?
  8. other: That's why i made him moderator
  9. What? Another one of these....sigh. Read what i wrote again instead of shouting foul. I said by saying stuff like that you are indirectly calling us stupid. Speak with compassion and kindness......when you say stuff like a guy like Hamza Sodagar causing fitnah and going against the prophet etc, without having understood what Wilayat Faghi even is and that most if not all scholars accept it(just not the limits of it) then yeah, you are treating us like we are stupid, and i told you to go educate yourself. Same with you "hinting" that we think WF is the same as Imam zaman. What do you expect me to treat you with compassion when you say stuff like that? Go on your marjas page and look up wilayat faghi, pretty sure he will explain it to you. I'm not here to give you an extensive lecture on what WF is. What? Depends who you consider muslim. I'll gladly call Wahabis apostates, they consider themselves muslims. What are you asking? These statements don't work anymore. Sorry. Funny how you just ignored all the points and put all your chips on the victim card. As i said earlier, if you are sneaky and sly in your approach, don't expect comforting hugs from me. It's not going to happen. And i already explained to you what was sly in your responses. One does not need to use bad words or directly insult to be sly, and that is exactly what you did.
  10. @Christianlady I didn't understand your last answer. What specifically is the answer to: You see someone killing someone else, and the only way to stop that person is to kill him. What is the Christian action here? From your answer, i understand that the action is to pray? Or did i misunderstand?
  11. I think you might be confused and just repeating sayyid Ammar. You know practically all marjas agree that WF is a thing right? You mean to tell me that all marjas just unanimously agreed on a theory that they randomly picked up from nowhere? Or is this a concept that is actually in our books? The difference is the limit of power WF has that they disagree on. Some say it's supposed to be limited, some say it's not limited. So if it is the issue you have a problem with, bring it up with your local marja and have the debate with him. Tell that to Iraq that was hours from falling when followers of WF saved it. Tell that to Lebanon when Israel attacked and Hezbollah has protected every inch of the border. Tell that to Hazrat Zeynab when her shrine was meters away from destruction and fatemyoon saved it(together with sunnis btw). Tell that to Imam Reza when Saddam attacked and wanted to take over Iran. You believing that we think WF is the same as Imam zaman is your shortcomming and lack of knowledge, not ours. You think we don't believe that Imam Zaman didn't help with all these cases and that it was under his influence that the missions were successful? Imam Zaman just like the other Imams won't do anything until he has the right people to do it with, people with basirah, foresight, bravery, political awareness etc etc. We believe WF and its followers is that right "people" Maybe educate yourself before such statements. You say things like "speak with compassion and respect, and then you say stuff like this like we are stupid, then you expect what sort of answer exactly? I treat people who give respect with respect, others with firm blunt answers. You can't find a single post where ive just trashed someone for asking a question or giving their opinion, if the intention and nuisance wasn't obviously bad intented, or the person had a track-record of being sneaky.
  12. Problem is that Section 1152(f) states: Doesn't this overrule 1182(f)? Specially since it's newer?
  13. Walaykeum salam This part is interesting. The way i understood it it's about intention. I don't think any Abrahamic religions allow you to kill someone to protect yourself, specially if there is another option. Sometimes the result of protecting yourself or others is killing, but that is not the intention. Example, God forbid someone is molesting your daughter and you witness it. Obviously no Christian believes that you should just sit there and "love him" while he is doing so. But intervene and stop the person. Say you smack him in the head with a shovel and he dies. Or a more complex situation: If someone is killing someone else, and you witness this. And the only way to stop the killing is by killing that person. What is the proper Christian way to react here?