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  1. It puzzles me that you don't understand that you can mention 99 facts that i agree with and you can sneak in 1 that i don't, which you did. Plus i think you are naive that after all the evidence, starting with Al Qaida being funded by the CIA all the way up to ISIS, Saudi friendship with US, millions upon millions spent of false flags and velvet revolutions, you still seem to live in what some call lala land. Either that, or you choose to ignore this fact and are just being stubborn in accepting it. Have you ever been to the military? It took us 6 months to get trained in certain equipment, yet, somehow, ISIS started off with fresh unopened American equipment, that they somehow knew how to use. Fresh medicine, fresh bullets, fresh guns and bombs, intel about everything they needed, seriously professional video editing, cars, Humvees, mortars. You can't be that naive, so i choose to believe that you are turning your back to these facts and don't want to accept it. But hey, you are entitled to you opinion.
  2. Yeah because they have said, including nasrallah, that they agree that a reform must be done in terma of Asad and the presidency. But not by terrorists being funded by US/Israel and Saudi. US doeant want to get into Syria because it has it's puppets there. Iran also helped Bosnia and Palestine, they are sunni too, so that theory goes down the drain fast.
  3. Conveniently skipped this part: "Russia and Iran have. Not to implement Democrasy, only for their own benefit" I have enough experience to smell who makes up fun facts and who doesn't.
  4. He is gonna deny it....but he won't get around it. It just delights me the more hate the nizam gets the more robust it gets. It warms my heart.
  5. we dont believe in human rights. In Islam (you might have heard of it) We believe in rights that god has appointed mankind. You consistently miss the point of different concepts. Who told you forcing hijab was to force holiness?
  6. Sure if that makes you feel better. I usually have a hard time finding arguments against comments that are based on made up "facts". So you are right i can't find any arguments...hence the pic.
  7. hopefully not, but we have had cases were everything is bidah....apparently.
  8. Yes i am from Imam Hassans bloodline. Our family tree was Written by Ayatollah Borojerdi whom was my grandfather's cousin. What are you wondering about?
  9. Diyah is cheaper than mehr nowadays.....
  10. Celebrating first day of spring is jahiliyah? You might argue that the way its celebrated is jahil, but the actual occasion is jahil to celebrate? That's odd.....
  11. not any, those 3 are spesifically mentioned. I havent heard that any other activity is allowed to bet on if you participate yourself. Don't look at it as sport, that would be the wrong approach.
  12. It wasnt considered sports 1400 years ago. It was considered means of war, survival and necessity for hunting and life in general. If its considered sport today i guess is irrelevant as driving, shooting and swimming are still essential today, specially in times of war.