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  1. Iran's Ugly Teacher Guidelines

    Misleading....Certain private schools only. Still retarded, and school should be fined.
  2. The proof is in the pudding. You are just either playing ignorant or really are ignorant. As i said, no one cares. We don't need California and London "Sheikhs" when we have characters such as Khamenei, Sistani, Waheed etc.
  3. Why I became Muslim (Sunni)

    Are you talking about the 3 guys that are giving your drug abusing, child killing, woman raping wahabis a good beating?
  4. Thoughts 2017

    It's really hard. I honestly have no idea. Could go either way.
  5. Point is, you want to debate about 2 personalities that no one really cares about anymore. For most people they are exposed, no one cares. After the ISIS attacks, many "scholars" got revealed for what they really are. No one cares....
  6. Yeah.....i'm the confused one ;)
  7. I stand corrected, i meant his son. Btw, 1000 books.......no. Do the math.
  8. Sigh...kind of missing the point here aren't we. Sayed Muhammad was the greatest of them, and didn't qualify to be a marja according to one of the greatest Scholars of the century. His younger brothers did nothing but inherit his name. Muhammad shirazi complaining about Sayed Khamenei is like a 5 year old complaining about Einstein and his theories. Not even in the same league. And btw, the only reason shirazi is alive and well is because of Khamenei. Holding lectures, keeping his shows, talking the way he does, etc etc. Him and his brother. If you still dont see the point, then.....what's the point?
  9. I honestly don't care that you are unconvinced. You are responsible to research on your own. You came to a gunfight with a waterpistol. And you had a picture of Ayatollah Sistani in your avatar. Well guess what, Ayatollah Khoei, Ayatollah Sistanis teacher, is one of the people that didn't agree that Shirazi(the big brother) was on the level to be a marja(do a search, you will find the letter). So you are trying to convince us, that even if Habib did study under the little brother Shirazi, he is somewhat qualified to talk this big? Time to get real friend. Turns out, even if you "think" you are ready to debate and protect your idols, you don't even know enough about them and their background to do so. Even if you think are. You can shield your chest and huff and puff all you like, but it's going to be futile.
  10. http://elaph.com/Web/news/2010/11/614420.html Do your research.
  11. Where exactly has your habib studied? He is a sheikh, i would like to know who his teachers were. He says his teacher was Sayed Reza Shirazi in kuwait, but when Reza shirazi moved to kuwait, he was 12, and yassir wasnt even born. Yassir was born 8 years later. By the time yassir was 10, Shirazi had already moved to Qum, so who exactly other than Mojtaba Shirazi is his teacher? "Sheikh" Btw, you have 10 hours to remove Dajjali Jamat from your "mood". Else i will be in the "banning" mood.
  12. Great, Urdu, Arabic and Turkish......still no farsi version.
  13. Hit the Beach ?

    Cant hit anything here:
  14. This is kind of the problem when people run out of arguments, they start saying the other person isn't a scholar. Refute the logic instead. Certain things are code of conduct, show us where the 12 imams, ulama and marjas of today "celebrated" the death of Aisha. If you claim unicorns exists, you can't expect me to prove they don't. You made the claim, you have to prove the truth of it.