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  1. According to our sources, not western, 120-140 missiles were fired, over 70 of them were shot down. They didn't hit anything "significant" in the big picture of things. I guess the S-300 works like a charm.
  2. Why did Iran support the Arab Spring?

    Good luck with your thread
  3. Why did Iran support the Arab Spring?

    I'm not sure what support Arab spring means. Shias in Iran supported the intention of throwing out the imperialists and puppets and go towards Islamic values. It wasn't just blindly supporting everything that happened. If you are going to tell people to be quiet that suspect your intentions, then you should perhaps ask your questions better, else you will look weak too. Here are some videos on the Iranian stance(notice the dates) Or get someone who knows farsi to translate this for you:
  4. Salam Where in sweden do you live. I know the sheikh from the Imam Ali Masjid in Stockholm. You should contact him and get advice, he is a very nice and caring person.
  5. Iran-Contra affair

    They were as "revolutionaries" as the first, second and third. They still exist. The purchases are well documented from iranian side at least and its not significant. In regards to Iranian airforce, it's false. The most significant plane Iran had was F-14 and the only two countries that had this plane was Iran and US. The old phantoms had enough stockpile for 20 years, problem was the maintenance.
  6. Iran-Contra affair

    I agree that some groups in the cluster mess of a war might have done such a thing. You can guess which individuals might have been involved. Dr.Hassan Abbasi often mentions names while others don't dare. I don't trust mushrik sources when it comes to anything related to Muslim issues, but if such a thing ever happend it was betrayal and nothing less. According to western sources it was very puny as well...a couple of TOWs here and bullets there...why would one tarnish oneself for such a puny purchase.
  7. [TRASH PIT]Fake news about Iran!

    Ahh, its actually 6 lawyers and 6 mujtahids that vet the candidates. So not sure where he got Imams from......but then again, kind of gotten used to it.
  8. [TRASH PIT]Fake news about Iran!

    The Imams? What imams?
  9. [TRASH PIT]Fake news about Iran!

    How can you determine that my estimate that its 99% is right or wrong? The guy has no basis for it, he just pukes out statements like this all day. He never debates with people who can actually refute his silly statements, and the one time he did he got so embarrassed that by the end of the debate he was just not saying anything anymore.
  10. [TRASH PIT]Fake news about Iran!

    Oh Zibakalam..lol he is a joke. His brother is also a univ professor and utterly destroys him in every speech, his mother curses him. This is the guy that burnt US flags and walked on them in the beginning of the revolution, now he holds signs saying "I love USA" in public.
  11. Whats stopping me from becoming a Shia???

    If you are truthful then Congrats, but always rememeber this, we have a saying in farsi, im sure it exists in other forms in other languages too: It's important to live in allegiance with Ali, but it's far more important to die in allegiance with Ali! The worst thing one can do in this life, is breaking bayah. The thing that destroyed many men throughout history was that they broke their bayah with the Prophet and his Family.
  12. Iran-Contra affair

    Ok, not sure what this has to do with what i said, but what you hope for will never happen. Hajj Qassim will chop his own legs off before having Zarif on his team. But that is another discussion.
  13. Iran-Contra affair

    What are you talking about? I'm talking about the 3 political groups in power in Iran. Not the people. What you are saying is totally irrelevant to what i'm saying. Who people vote for and why has nothing to do with my point.
  14. Iran-Contra affair

    He praised him for a couple of things he did right, but he usually doesn't and is quite the opposite.
  15. Iran-Contra affair

    Im talking in general. And those you speak of are the neutrals, they swing both ways...sort of say. Also..i was speaking about those in political power...not the people.