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  1. This should be good..................
  2. This tawhidi guy is such a stooge.
  3. Please educate us which Persian sources we should read and which Arab sources we should avoid.
  4. Because Raisi has been a prosecutor, and the clerical court prosecutor. He is also a hardcore Hezbollahi. Meaning he has lots of dirt on Rouhani and Rouhani knows this.
  5. I just woke everyone up god damnit. Hahahaha. This post deserves a nobel prize of some sort. #TheLunchtimeMassacreOf2017
  6. It's haram to break family ties. You should at least call and say hi and ask how they are doing. I doubt you are disobeying him as well, because he isn't allowed to ask you to do something that is haram. Check with your marja.
  7. ............................what?
  8. No there is no evidence that i have seen that he is a british agent. But this idea of what truth is has guidelines, and as you said it has different guidelines in an islamic court vs when you don't have access to one. Which will leave us left with our own witts. If a group of people have a good track record according to most decent people(now we could discuss what and who is decent) then of course there would be more room for benefit of the doubt than towards a group that has been involved in fishy activities for over a decade. In case of Habib, it's the same thing, without being 100% certain, i'm naturally inclined to believe Nasrallah over Habib due to their trackrecord and not their turbans or its colors, which is also direcrly and indirectly recommended by our faith to do. Trusting the words of someone who is regarded as aadil by more than many fellow shia muslims + a pretty impressive CV is nothing short of a logical approach un my opinion. Politics might play a role yes, but track record outwheighs it by far. And many shias do not seperate politics from religion as you know, so this idea would just regarded as: "Religion plays a role".
  9. I still wouldn't be too quick to judge, it's still quite fresh. I won't defent him either due to the extent of the sofar evidence. As for Yasser Habib, well it's a bit different. He wasn't judged so much when he started either, but after 10+ years of rambling, trustworthy scholars (scholars that could be judges and their witness trustworthy, and are keeping shias safe accorsing to a great majority) saying this guy is on the payroll, million dollar maajid at the good part of london, unbanned sattelite channels that costs millions to keep up then it leaves less room for doubt.
  10. Personally, if i was caught in a situation like this, i would not deny it or comment on it. Just saying, you don't have to defend him, i certainly won't, but shouldn't accuse him too much either until you know more.
  11. This is tom hanks standing next to president Kennedy. Just saying.........