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  1. Thanks. You do not find anything wrong and perhaps fishy with those two articles? Such as, was that the appropriate answer to what Ayayollah Alamulhoda said? What did Ayatollah Alamulhoda actually say and in what context? What did other Ulama say in response to Rohanis words and why wasn't that covered by guardian? The examples given by Rohani aren't really good nor reality in terms of everyday life. We have to realise he is a president, and unfortunately, presidents are salespersons, populists and say whatever that sounds nice and easy to swallow, often without any reality to them. This is kind of derailing the thread and these questions arent meant for you to answer here, just thoughts i believe are important.
  2. So what you are saying is that you agree with the laws of Iran? Because no one forces you to pray, fast, pay zakat etc. But if you break the law of the "don't" in public you will be punished. Presiden Rohanis quote if neither here or there though, in what context did he say this? Who has forced people to heaven? Or should i say, what law forces people people to heaven?
  3. Thanks for the answer. You did however not exactly answer my question with "sticks" on the dont and do's. But ill accept it anyways. We aren't surprised btw, we know it happenes. Second question if i may. What do you think of the western laws, in many countries like Norway prostitution is illegal. In thailand its not. Norwegians travelling to Thailand, if caught or proven they have hired a prostitute, will get punished upon return as if they did it at home. What is your opinion on this?
  4. According to her, she had scarf on first, then it fell. She was tired and warm, and since no one was around she let it stay off a little. Now how long a little is, i don't know. But personally, instead of being upset at her, i choose to be upset at a jerk who would film her and share the image of someones mahram like that. I have personally been with mahrams at the beach in Iran, and they take their headscarf off when there is no one close enough to tell or notice the shapes or texture of peoples hair, skin etc. I'm not saying its right, because personally i don't like the idea exactly because of reasons like this, but fiqh wise, i don't see a problem with it.
  5. Btw, this is her explaining:واکنش-آزاده-نامداری-به-انتشار-تصاویر-جنجالی-در-فضای-مجازی-فیلم Points she made: 1. She doesn't want to defend her self but will say a little. 2. Everyone around her was mahram and her headscarf fell off a little and she was tired with the kid, and since no one was around she let it stay off a little(you notice the rest of her clothes is pretty modest. 3. She is not pleased with any muslim spreading this and tarnishing her reputation. Sooooo... there it is.
  6. Do you believe that parts of Religion should be regulated with a stick or non of it in a society(public)? More specificly, i'm asking, do you believe in a muslim society where the significant majority are muslims, should "don't do" laws be regulated with a stick? Such as drinking, slandering, fornication, breaking fast in public etc etc, and leave the "do's" of religion such as praying, fasting, etc etc unregulated?
  7. Two things i noticed: 1. She says she was wearing a scarf and it fell off.......was she wearing a scarf over the glasses she has on her head? Sounds fishy too me. 2. The drinking beer thing is another case though. It's very serious to accuse someone of drinking alcohol when that "beer" could have been something like Istak(which btw is awesome, alcohol free beer) As a public figure, she should be more careful though, if she is not guilty, and we should be more careful not to judge too quickly.
  8. Grats, banned 24 hours. Why do you people feel the need to push it?
  9. I don't appologize for disagreeing with someone and asking them for proof, you on the other hand, went personal several times, you deserve a ban, but i'm giving you a break. So don't push it. Provide proper proof of the advice you are giving, or don't write.
  10. Alright, that's enough, i gave you enough chances to get to the point and give substance to what advice you give people. Instead you keep getting personal. I'm hiding your posts, and you are not allowed to write in this thread anymore. Don't say i didn't tell you.
  11. I know bro, i was just making a point. I agree with you.
  12. Not sure you are in a position or qualified to come to conclusions like this.
  13. It's funny because Hijab also uploaded the debate and the comment section is just a bunch of sunnis saying mashallah he did well, destroyed the shia , etc etc. At one point i was wondering if i watched the same debate.
  14. I don't know enough about Taraweeh to say if it is classified as bidah or not. But if the practitioners of Taraweeh say it was introduced and performed by the prophet as part of religion, be it wajib or muatahab, when it wasn't, then it's another story.
  15. Thats not what bidah means. The prophet never wrestled or motorcrossed for charity either. But you can set up a sporting event and use the ticket sales for charity without it being bidah.