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  1. Ayatollah Sistani wields a lot of power, Shirazis don't, they like to think they do, but they don't.
  2. Let's pretend that all 77million iranians are adults. 1.4% is approximately 108000 people. Now let's pretend we deduct the children and elderly and perhaps those who don't care. Say 1/3 of the population we calculated; which is about 33000. You do realize that Mosallah in Tehran alone has around that number, maybe more each friday right? So take Mosallah, all the mosques in Tehran, + all the cities + all the mosques in those cities. Long story short, that number is garbage. This is just the courtyard of mosallah: Notice how far outside it goes:
  3. They hate Rouhani now more than they ever did Ahmadinejad. And no, he didn't strengthen anything other than his ego. Iran lost so much because of him.
  4. Ayatollah Sistani is Iranian.......So are the Shirazis. But yes, Iraqi politics should be up to Iraqis, they should decide.
  5. Because he still has cases in court that has not been finalized, and he can't seem to keep his mouth shut.
  6. Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi is best!!!! Everyone else on that list is horrible.
  7. Desi food is the best food, anyone disagreeing can delete their account and take a hike!
  8. Ofc, and so far, they have determined that Hezbollah is righteous and they would like them to keep their arms. They haven't forgotten the Israellis and Americans prancing around beirut and then turning it to ruins when they got kicked out.
  9. He was never insignificant to anyone in the past, but when he lost his honesty and being aadil, of course he is insignificant. Even Imam Khomeini said he is good in fiqh but should stay out of politics because he is naive and simple minded. He isn't critizised for his knowledge in fiqh, but for his naive mind and cooperation with munafiqeen. After he started doing that, everything went south for him and his words were no longer worthy of trusting. Having a turban on your head does not automatically make you smart in or truthful in everything, trackrecord is what counts. And no, he was not emulated by many people. Where do you get this from? While he was of significance and mattered, Imam Khomeini was still alive, no one emulated Montazeri while imam khomeini was alive, and when Imam told him to stay quiet and "banished" him, montazeris pictures was taken down from all the walls of alle the families that ever cared for him.
  10. Sure let's. It has meant what it has always meant. Hezbollah laying down its arms so Israel can do what it wants. So Hariri can take his government and dream on because that is not going to happen.
  11. said Ayatollah Shirazi is a marja without suspicion, unlike Ayatollah Khamenei. But Great Ulama like Khoei and Haeri have said Muhammad Shirazi is not a marja while no one significant have said the same about Ayatollah Khamenei.
  12. According to Ayatollah Khoei, his brother wasn't. And i would say his brother was more knowledgeable than him, so that would make him not as well according to Ayatollah Khoei.
  13. News hasn't been a source of knowledge in a long of all people should know this(and i know you do). IF you really want to understand anything nowadays you better know several languages, read up on all the news sources, from different angles and sides, documentaries, commentators then finally............actually think a little for yourself and not let others do the thinking for you.
  14. Thats fine..but Quran is quite clear on this point.
  15. explain angels bowing down to Adam then.......