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  1. Will Israel-Hizbollah war break out?

    They didnt stop the rockets, they just stopped firing them. As soon as they threatened beyond haifa, Israel suddenly wanted a peace deal. It's a good idea to read beyond your hand picked sources. Clearly you pretend to know Lebanon. "lebanese population already hate Hezbollah". This is the same kind of quote i would expect from someone like you, along with White helmets saving children.........and Israel stands up for human rights(By helping wounded ISIS henchmen in their hospitals). You already "corrected" yourself so many times, which was my objective. You aren't to be taken seriously and just argue for the sake of arguing without any academic purpose whatsoever.
  2. Will Israel-Hizbollah war break out?

    ehhhh, you don't know much about Hezbollah then do you? You aren't making any sense either, so either you are trolling, or just argue for the sake of arguing. Hezbollah objective - Embarrass Israel - Accomplished Israel Objective - Finish off Hezbollah, make Lebanese population hate Hezbollah - Failed IDF itself claims between 600-800 hezbollah soldiers died, you say 1000. Haaretz reported that only 187 died. You say 1000. Hezbollah itself says no more than 250 died. Just admit it, it was an embarrassement for Israel to have to pull out like they did, and they didn't even put a dent in Hezbollah, only made it stronger. Every military, including Israelli knows this, but you still hold on to your arguments that are not only innaccurate, but also very fantasy rich.
  3. Will Israel-Hizbollah war break out?

    You have a strange way of defining victory. While rest of the world including most israelli officals and generals agree that they got embarrassed, you define it as a victory. Are you a flat earther too?
  4. Will Israel-Hizbollah war break out?

    1. Strong Army? When did Israel have a strong army? They got their behinds handed to them in 2006. 2. Khaliji countries and Israel are best friends. Specially Saudi. Even the west admits Israel had a hand in creation of ISIS, but i guess there is always that one person ;) 3. We are shias, you mentioning khalid means nothing to us. 4. The only reason you are still around is that i find your arrogance and ignorance slightly amusing. But due to the increased amount of complaints against you, im letting you know so you wont be surprised if your login doesn't work.
  5. Will Israel-Hizbollah war break out?

    The problem Israel is having is that Fatemiyoon, Zeynabioon, rev guard and hezb are now walking distance from the Golan heights, gateway between iran and leb is now open with Iraq and Syria in between, whilst Yemen can potentially close down straight of bab al mandab on command. They might not engage in straight up war, but they already tried unleashing ISIS, it backfired, they will try something else. Unfortunately some muslims will be fooled, some wont and will have to sacrifice blood...to save the day..again.
  6. World Cup 2018!

    All i read here was "We spend hundreds millions of dollars to be one of the few teams that suck less in a region full of teams that suck, aka Asia"
  7. World Cup 2018!

    Never was a big fan of spending millions of dollars on a sport we aren't even good at.
  8. World Cup 2018!

    lol, iran is screwed!
  9. Good thing the legitimacy of the council isn't dependant on your doubts.....
  10. Really? That's your response? First you start out with democracy and human rights, then you say that actually west is only interested in a stable middle east, not so much about their democracy, then you ask me this? What do you think should be a proper response to such a well thought through question? Isn't it easier to admit you are wrong and maybe....just maybe you need to rethink your ideas? And it's the comittes decision to filter out those that according to law can't run. People having a criminal case going is one of them. Law that is created by people that are voted in. Whats your problem? It's ok...not everyone can understand everything...clearly. There is a limit on how many different ways one can explain such a simple concept.
  11. Totally missed the point did we? The number of people that voted for Assembly.......? This isn't really rocket science man...why are you insisting on something that is pointless? Oohhh good thing you mentioned Iran Iran war...who helped saddam? Go on..let's see how pathetic my claim really was...start with norway. Then go on to sweden and tell me what swedish "neutral" Saab Scania sold saddam, then come back and tell me how western countries want stability...or maybe you change your claim again?
  12. Would you hire a man accused of child molestation as babysitter for your kids if he is not convicted yet but under investigation? You don't actually have to answer this, we all know the answer. You don't need a poll when the estimates of the rallies and pro "government" demonstrations are over 50% of the city. Again you used the "government". Do you even know what the different demonstrations are for and against who? I just told you that "government" has a very wide meaning in Iran. Easy to say that after the western coallition "Democratic" forces killed over a million people the last 17 years, not to mention put countries in ruins, supported ISIS that killed another god knows how many thousand, and still to this day supports Saudi Arabia that is slaughtering Yemenis and supporting ISIS. Good job realizing your western democratic systems "mistake"!
  13. People don't usually answer questions that have been answeres 1000 times before. Bruk søkefunskjonen!!!! But i'll play nice. He was not allowed to run because he has multiple cases of corruption still in progress. Secondly, it is cery easy to compare size of pro vs anti government protests/rallies. If you bother to open your horizon of newsoulets it suddenly becomesa very easy task. Also, government in Iran is not like Sweden or Norway. You have the Nizam which is the establishment, then you have the different branches of government. You can have anti government protests without necessarily be against the nizam, and vice versa. What western news does smash everything under "regime/government" as a general term, which makes no sense.
  14. The Guardian counsil can't reject someone if they cover the basic requirements by law. Doesn't matter who selects the council, they are bound by law to approve/disapprove anyone based on the criterias given. That is why they are laywers and faqi divided 50/50. So your inner circle comment goes straight out the window.
  15. When they stop voting for the Assembly. When you have a 70% + voting on the Assembly that means they want him to stay. People dont vote for a system they dont believe in. Thats half the point of voting, showing you support the system.