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  1. Quran Burnt In Florida

    I don't think "hatred of Islam" is the issue here. I think the issue is that Islam, which claims to be peaceful and tolerant, is actually violent, murderous and quite INTOLERANT of anything that disagrees with it and/or "disrespects" or "insults" it. I think the Quran burning in Florida was meant simply to expose that violent, murderous side of Islam -- and I personally think that side of Islam needs to be exposed. While I certainly appreciate the deep faith of the true Muslims who honestly believe the Quran is God's word, the rest of the world cannot and will not live in fear of offending a Muslim "because they might get violent". If Muslims want to act like a powder keg poised and ready to explode the minute someone lights a match, the the rest of the world needs to stand up and point out that "ready to explode and murder at the drop of a hat" mentality that exists in Islam any time they feel "insulted". If we don't stand up and face that down, the only other alternative is for the rest of the world to keep quiet and let Islam overrun the world and force it's Anti-Christian belief system globally. I hope I'm in Heaven with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ long before that happens. Peace, The Rock <>< A Quran is a book -- it's ink on paper. I don't care if you burn a Bible -- I'll feel sorry for you but I'm not going to get violent, because violence isn't what God wants from me. He wants compassion, peace and love. I'll never worship a god who would want me to murder another one of His beloved children because they disrespected a book or anything else. I don't, and never will worship a god of violence, hatred and murder. The God I will always worship is a God of peace, love, tolerance and kindness, which was demonstrated for us in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Peace, The Rock <><
  2. Recently In Afghanistan

    Socrates, For the record, I believe the Christian Crusaders were absolutely WRONG, WRONG, WRONG if they were killing Muslims simply because they weren't Christians. Are you happy now? I don't believe in EVER, EVER, EVER killing another human being simply because he is a different religion from me -- EVEN IF HE IS PROMOTING OR TRYING TO SPREAD A RELIGION DIFFERENT FROM MINE. It's not my place to murder another human being for his or her religious beliefs, and it's not your place either -- or anyone else's. Promoting what YOU BELIEVE to be falsehood isn't a crime -- because obviously the one doing the spreading DOESN'T BELIEVE it's falsehood -- in fact, the one doing the spreading believes YOUR RELIGION is falsehood -- so who's to say you're right and he's wrong? How can you be so arrogant as to think you're right and he's wrong, so much so that you think you have some God-given mandate to murder him??? That's a SICK, TWISTED mentality, and I hope to God that mainstream Islam doesn't think that way. What if all Christians thought that way, and believed they had a God-given mandate to murder any Muslims who were caught trying to spread Islam? Muslims need to learn how to RESPECT other religions instead of having some sort of twisted "I'm better than you" attitude that makes them feel like they can murder people who promote a religion other than Islam. I know Muslims think Islam is the true religion of God, but the rest of the world DOESN'T believe that -- and you have no right to murder the rest of the world to try to make it conform to YOUR belief system. May God help us all, if Muslims really think that way as a whole! Peace, The Rock <><
  3. Recently In Afghanistan

    Socrates, If you're going to say that "promotion of falsehood is problematic" and shouldn't be allowed, then you'd have to agree that Muslims trying to spread Islam in non-Muslim countries should be suppressed and stopped from doing so, since in that country, Islam is NOT accepted by the masses as being the truth. Right? Of course you won't agree with me -- because your logic is "you can believe and promote whatever religion you want, as long as it's Islam". That's the arrogance I'm talking about, and that's extremely frightening. Any religion that has to try to squash and stamp out all others is afraid of something... and what is it afraid of? THE TRUTH. If Islam was truly confident of itself, it would allow other faiths to exist and flourish alongside of it (like every other religion in the world does), because it would know that it would stand on its own even when tested, questioned and challenged. However, when a religion feels the need to suppress the others and prevent them from spreading, that's a demonstration of fear -- it's afraid of being exposed for the false religion that it is. And I'm not necessarily referring to Islam with that statement -- I said ANY religion that feels the need to squash and try to suppress all other religions. The Bible tells us that Satan is the ruler of this world, and it tells us that in the end times, Satan's enemies the Christians will be hunted down and killed simply for believing in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. That's already happening in certain parts of the world and the victimization & persecution of Christians seems to be spreading -- at the hands of radical Islam for the most part, thanks to Muslims with an attitude like yours, which seeks to punish Christians for sharing their faith. However, the Bible teaches us to share our faith, so share Christianity is exactly what we'll do, even to the point of death. Just know that when you and those who think like you persecute us for sharing Christianity, you're doing EXACTLY what the Bible tells us you'll do in the book of Revelation as we near the End Times. That's just one more piece of evidence supporting the truth of the Bible. We're not afraid though -- we've read the book, and while we might be killed by Muslims in this life, we win in the end. :) Peace, The Rock <><
  4. Recently In Afghanistan

    Socrates, I don't believe you just said that -- that's the kind of extreme arrogance that's causing or at least fueling the religious wars!! You have a very obvious "I'm right and you'r wrong", "my religion is true and yours is false" kind of mentality, and while it's perfectly normal to believe firmly in your own religion, it's not ok to share your own faith but punish people of other faiths from sharing theirs!! If you think you can share or try to spread Islam, while at the same time suppressing or punishing Christians who are spreading Christianity, you're setting yourself up for a religious war. If that's what you want, then fine -- you'll get it. But if you want peace, then you need to back off of your arrogance and recognize the fact -- and it is a FACT -- that Islam is what you BELIEVE to be the truth. It may or may NOT be the truth. It's what you BELIEVE to be the truth. Just like Christianity is what I BELIEVE to be the truth. Any religion, and I do mean, ANY religion whether it be Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism or whatever -- that thinks it has the right to punish people of other faiths for trying to spread their faith, is nothing short of evil. Thanks for expressing your thoughts, though -- because I suspect many, many Muslims share that same view, but they just don't say it out loud. Frightening -- very, very frightening. Peace, The Rock <><
  5. Recently In Afghanistan

    Hello Qa'im, Thanks for your post. I'll be honest (seemingly unlike a lot of Muslims who post here), and say that you raise some good questions that I don't have an answer for. I haven't done enough homework or research to be able to argue effectively with you -- because I don't know if what you're saying is true or not. What I do know, howerver, is what's in my heart. I think at the end of the day, it all comes down to this -- WHAT RINGS TRUE IN YOUR HEART? Tragically, for what seems to be a very large number of Muslims, what rings true in their hearts is apparently hatred. Hatred for Jews, hatred for America, and a burning desire for vengeance against what they percieve as evils being committed against their fellow Muslims. Evidently that large number of Muslims worship a god of hatred and vengeance -- a god that wants them to murder and destroy other human beings. That's not a god I'll ever serve or worship -- the God I love and worship is a God of kindness, love and mercy -- a God who fills my heart with compassion and a burning desire to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and shelter the homeless. The idea that that's what God wants us to do, simply rings true in my heart and soul. The idea that god wants us to murder and destroy "infidels" just doesn't ring true to me -- I can't wrap my brain around that. It's like trying to ram a square peg into the round hole in my heart -- it doesn't fit. We can debate things like the authorship of the Gospels, the authenticity of the ahadith or the crucifixion of Jesus all day long, but where will that get us? We're never going to agree. The Gospels and the rest of the New Testament paint a very clear picture of a God, manifested to mankind in the person of Jesus Christ, who was all about kindness, love and compassion, and when I read the story of Jesus and His love for us, it melts my heart and gives me the same kind of love and compassion for other people. THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS TO ME. The Biblical story of Jesus Christ rings true in my soul. If the idea of a kind, loving, compassionate God doesn't ring true in YOUR soul, and if it doesn't make you want to fall to your knees and give Him thanks and praise, and then run out into the world looking for ways to show His love, kindness and mercy to others, regardless of their ethnicity, sex, religion, sexual orientation or anything else, then I don't know what else to say... but I think you're sorely missing out on the beautiful, abundant life He wants for you. Peace, The Rock <><
  6. Recently In Afghanistan

    I personally don't believe in throwing out Deuteronomy, and I'm not sure that's what the original poster of that comment meant either... and a similar question -- if Muslims can throw out certain ahadith because they don't believe they're true, should all ahadith be thrown out? The Old Testament had some things that are no longer necessary because they were fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ. Did JESUS command His followers to kill apostates or unbelievers? Jesus was all about love, kindness and compassion -- and we have His words recorded in the Gospels. Interestingly though (perhaps conveniently?), Muslims claim that the "true" words of Jesus have been "lost". They're not lost at all -- they're recorded very plainly in the Bible. Muslims simply choose not to believe them because they don't fit with the Qur'an, so in order to continue believing the Qur'an, Muslims have no choice but to claim that the words of Jesus are "corrupted" in the Bible -- even though they don't have a shred of evidence to prove that Jesus didn't really say what the Bible tells us He said. I wonder why Muslims would say the Jews had Him crucified? The Bible is very clear that it was for alleged blasphemy -- because He said He was One wtih God -- equal with God. The truth is, He was! It boggles my mind that Muslims believe a book that came along some 600 years after Jesus, and they refuse to believe the eyewitness accounts and the historical records that were recorded by the people who were actually there at the time and saw things with their own eyes. Peace, The Rock <><
  7. Islam For Christians

    Hello SayYaAli, Well, regarding the crucifixion of Christ, that's an extremely well documented historical fact -- every credible source who was there at the time confirmed that He was indeed crucified. It was the Qur'an, which came along some 600 years after the fact, that said "He was not crucified, nor was he killed... it just appeared to them to be so". Again, everyone who was there at the time -- both His friends and His enemies -- all knew He had been crucified and died on the cross. There's a big difference between simply believing in the truth of a well documented historical event, and actively following a tradition of praying a specified number of times a day. It would be like comparing your belief in Muhammad as the final prophet of God, with (I'm making this up) someone's practice of bowing down in front of a crucifix five times a day. God wants the belief -- I don't think He cares how many times a day we pray. The Bible teaches us to pray constantly -- to be in constant communication with Him... not out of fear or compulsion, but rather as a friend / Father / companion who is always with us, who wants us to lean on Him for all of our needs. Peace, The Rock <><
  8. Islam For Christians

    I wonder how many Muslims (or former Muslims) have been brought up in a Muslim home and then had the courage to leave the Muslim faith -- or at the very least, been WILLING to leave their Muslim faith while they studied, prayed and searched for God on their own, rather than conforming to their societal norms and/or the way they were raised? Personally, I was raised Roman Catholic, but as a teenager I started questioning some of the beliefs and practices of the Catholics, like praying to Mary and praying to various other saints for intercession. Several Catholic ideas just didn't ring true in my soul, so I left the Catholic church as a teenager and went out in search of the true God on my own.... and my mother -- my very own flesh and blood -- informed me very seriously that I was going to "rot in hell" for leaving the Catholic church. Did that stop me? Of course not!! My relationship with God was far more important to me than my relationship with my mother. Not only that, why is my mother Catholic? Because HER mother was Catholic and she was taught from birth that Catholicism is true, and any other religion is wrong. She never questioned that teaching -- she could have just as easily have been born a Hindu, a Muslim, a Buddhist or anything else, and she wouldn't have questioned that teaching either. I find that tragic!! Any religion that makes it compulsory for people to adhere to it -- and doles out punishment on anyone who leaves or tries to leave -- smacks very loudly of falsehood to me. Just as a human parent can't force a child to love them, God Almighty can't force us to love Him either -- and He certainly doesn't want earthly religious institutions trying to force people to worship Him a certain way either. The man-God relationship is a very personal one, and is different for each soul He created. I might want to worship Him in song, you might want to worship Him through dance, or through your charitable giving, or whatever. Any religion that tells me I have to pray a certain number of times a day, face a certain direction when I pray, run in circles and throw stones at something, visit a certain city, or whatever, isn't a religion for me. And I'd say the same thing if Christianity told me I had to do those things too! I want to visit Israel one day, but not because I feel like I have to in order to please God -- I want to go to Israel because I WANT to go to Israel. I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ so much that I WANT to walk where He walked, see what He saw, pray where He prayed, etc. Forced or compulsory worship -- where you're punished by the authorities if you don't do it -- is NOT what God wants. I'll never believe God wants His people treated that way! God wants VOLUNTARY worship -- it's so much sweeter when we come to Him because we love Him, not because some earthly rules require us to conform to a specific pattern of behavior. Anyone who can't understand why I'm a Christian and not a Muslim just needs to ask me why, and I'll tell them the answer. In fact I'll tell you right now -- I'm a Christian because of what Jesus Christ has ALREADY DONE and CONTINUES TO DO in my life. My heart aches for the homeless -- I spend lots of hours looking for ways to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and house those without a roof over their heads. Why do I care so much about the less fortuante? I don't know -- but the only explanation I can come up with is that the love of God dwells in me, and it's His love for His people that flows from me and gives me compassion on others. And I say that NOT to build myself up, but rather to give glory to God Himself -- and to show that a true relationship with God Almighty manifests itself through outward love, not through hate. Peace, The Rock <><
  9. Recently In Afghanistan

    macisaac, You talk as if it's wrong for a Chistian to try to lead Muslims away from Islam and over to Christianity -- you act like that's a terrible thing. If it is, then is it equally as terrible for a Muslim to try to lead Christians away from Christianity and over to Islam? Or is one ok and the other not ok? That's my whole point -- and I'm still waiting for an answer to that question. If Christianity and Islam are both peaceful, tolerant, respectful religions, then both religions should be ok with people lovingly (NOT forcefully at all) offering their faith to others in the hope of seeing them convert. If Islam thinks it's ok for Muslms to do it, but wants to "punish" Christians for doing it, then I'd have to seriously call into question any Islamic claims of being a peaceful, tolerant or respectful religion. Peace, The Rock <><
  10. Recently In Afghanistan

    In my original question, I was looking for an answer to this question -- If nobody is being forced to do anything, but someone is peacefully trying to explain why another person should change their religion -- in other words, the person is pointing out some things they believe are false about the other person's religion, and trying to show them that the their religion is wrong and trying to lead them over to the other religion, is that ok according to Islam, or is it punishable according to Islam? If it's punishable, what's the recommended punishment? If Islam is truly a peaceful religion, and if Islam is truly tolerant of other religions and is respectful of other religions, then the answer to the above question should be the same, regardless of whether it's a Christian trying to peacefully lead a Muslim away from Islam over to Christianity, or a Muslim trying to peacefully lead a Christian away from Christianity and over to Islam. I suspect though, that Islam would say it's ok for Muslims to lead Christians to Islam, but it's a punishable crime for a Christian to lead Muslims to Christianity. If I'm wrong about that, please let me know. I'm looking for a very clear answer to this question, representing an accurate interpretation of Islamic law. Thanks in advance, and peace. The Rock <><
  11. Recently In Afghanistan

    I don't see how your post has anything at all to do with my questions. I look forward to hearing your answers to my questions. Thanks, The Rock <><
  12. The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the murders of six members of a medical mission team, claiming they were killed for attempting to convert Muslims to Christianity. For the purpose of this discussion, the truth or falsehood of that accusation is irrelevant. My question is this: If the accusation is true, was their murder justified according to the teachings of Islam? If trying to pursuade a person to leave one religion and convert to a different religion is punishable by death, then it follows logically that any Muslim who attempts to lead a Christian or a Jew away from their religion and to embrace Islam has committed an offense punishable by death too -- unless Islam thinks it's better than everyone else and has the right to impose itself on the rest of the world and play by a different set of rules. We always hear how "arrogant" America is, but if the Islamic faith thinks the way I've described above, then it sounds to me like it's far more arrogant than America. Bottom line question: If a Christian repeatedly tries to convert Muslims to Christianity, and doesn't stop even after being warned to stop, is the Christian worthy of death according to the teachings of Islam? And then, if a Muslim repeatedly tries to convert Christians to Islam, and doesn't stop even after being warned to stop, is the Muslim worthy of death according to the teachings of Islam? If the answers are Yes to one part of the question and No to the other part of the question, then it sounds to me like there's a very blatant "I'm better than you and I'll kill you if you don't conform to my belief system" mentality here. If I'm wrong, help me understand where I'm wrong. Peace, The Rock <><
  13. Death...

    Thanks, Zufa. There are radicals in every religion, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, or whatever. I think one reason for Islam being viewed the way it is by many of us in the west is because, when a situation comes up like the Muhammad cartoons and Muslims around the world riot, murder people and make death threats against the "infidels", if those are just the "insanity Muslims" as you say, they should be vastly outnumbered by the "sensible Muslims" who should be condemning them for their violence and threats -- but the mainstream Muslim world seems to either be sympathetic toward the violent ones, or they pretty much remain silent, which makes it appear to the west that Muslims as a whole are in agreement that the violence is justified. If there are any Muslims speaking out against the violence, they seem to be in the minority. If more Muslims would stand up and publicly condemn their radical Muslim brothers when they are incited to violence over some perceived "attack" or "insult" against Islam or Muhammad, I think that would go a long way toward improving the west's relationship with Muslims. Christians could very easily find ourselves, our religion and our God insulted or offended by the teachings of Islam, but we don't get violent and kill people or make death threats against Muslims because we feel offended or insulted. I think Muslims should behave similarly. Peace, The Rock. <><
  14. Death...

    Qa'im, You say I'm firing off posts, ignoring macisaac's points, and then disappearing... but I don't see YOU answering MY points. My original question, which is still not answered, has to do with being justified in punishing (including murdering) someone who blasphemes God or a holy prophet. Is that justified or not? If you say yes, then I'll say "ok, Muslims are blaspheming Jesus in the eyes of a lot of Christians by claiming that He is "just another prophet" or that he is lower in stature than Muhammad" -- so you're saying those Christians would be justified in murdering Muslims for blaspheming the Christian God? And if you say "no, it's not justified", then that'll be the answer I'll be looking for, but that seems to differ from what we see Muslims doing every day when someone draws a picture of Muhammad or says or does something else that Muslims find offensive. So, Qa'im, please tell me -- should someone who blasphemes God or a holy prophet be punished or put to death? Or, is punishment justified only if the person is offending the MUSLIM GOD or the MUSLIM HOLY PROPHET? I look forward to your reply. Peace, The Rock <><
  15. Death...

    You know, I think Yonus just hit the nail on the head -- Muslims seem to think that DISAGREEING with Islam is "attacking" or "insulting" Islam, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. How is believing Muhammad was a false prophet "attacking" or "insulting" Muhammad? The Bible clearly states that there will be false prophets arising, and surely Islam believes there either have been or could be false prophets. If Christians believed Muhammad was a true prophet of God and that his revelations in the Qur'an were true, we'd be Muslims -- but we're not, so obviouly we don't believe Muhammad was a true prophet of God, meaning he must be a false prophet, by definition (unless the Qur'an is corrupted). So... for a Christian to believe Muhammad was one of the false prophets is simply a DIFFERENT RELIGIOUS BELIEF, not an "attack" or an "insult" against Muhammad or Islam. Similarly, many if not all Christians believe Jesus was literally God in the flesh, which makes Him VERY far above Muhammad. Muslims claim that Jesus was simply another in a long line of prophets, and lower than Muhammad. Should Christians view this Muslim belief as an "attack" or an "insult" against Jesus and Christianity? Of course not! Because again, it's simply a DIFFERENT RELIGIOUS BELIEF, not an "attack" or "insult". The problem comes when Muslims (or perhaps Islam as a religion) wants to punish (even murder) people who simply have a DIFFERENT RELIGIOUS BELIEF, since Muslims / Islam consider those different beliefs "attacks" or "insults" against their god or their prophet. That, in a nutshell, is what I see as the Islamic threat to the world... the intolerance Muslims / Islam seem to have for DIFFERENT RELIGIOUS BELIEFS which Muslims / Islam want to consider "attacks" and "insults" when they're not. If Muslims want to hold Muhammad in the highest regard, than that's great -- Muslims should be allowed to revere him as much as they want to. However, if a non-Muslim wants to draw a picture of him and publish it in the newspaper, even if it's an insulting drawing, then sure, I'll agree that would be in poor taste, but the non-Muslim should be able to do that, since HE DOESN'T hold Muhammad in high regard -- and he doesn't have to! Muslims don't have have to recognize Jesus as the Son of God, and revere him as such -- and nobody's going to punish the Muslim or threaten him with death for not accepting Jesus Christ as Lord. Likewise, the non-Muslim doesn't have to recognize Muhammad as a prophet of God or revere him as such, and nobody has the right to punish him or threaten him with death for exercising HIS religious views. It all comes down to tolerance -- if Muslims feel like they're justified in murdering someone who disrespects Muhammad (based on the Islamic views of Muhammad), then Muslims should also believe that other religions would be justified in murdering Muslims if a Muslim disrespects Jesus or any other religious figure (based on that religion's views of the religious figure). Otherwise, it would mean that Islam and Muslims think they're the only ones justified in murdering people based on THEIR religion, but no other religion is justified that way. Surely Islam isn't that arrogant... let's hope not. Peace, The Rock <><