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  1. Brighton Iftar

    Salam and ramadan mubarek, We are not a huge Shia community in Brighton but we've managed to get a little place and having Iftar there every evening from now until eid. Duaa starting at 8pm on most evenings. Everyone is very welcome. Address: 173 new church road Hove Bn3 4da Buses 6, 1 and 1A stop right outside Please PM me for any extra info or give me a heads up if you would like to come.
  2. Shias In Brighton?

    Thank you Zahra, looking forward to hearing from you! Out of curiosity are there any Shias or communities set up anywhere in east Sussex? Surely there are some brothers n sisters between Eastbourne n Worthing??? Do they all go to London during Muharram??? Come on people, where are you? I'm trying to establish a bigger community so we can join up and get a permanent place.... Can't keep going back n forth to London. Especially with a young family.... Ws
  3. Shias In Brighton?

    Salam alaykum, I know this is a long shot, but anyone still looking for Shias in Brighton? There is one small community and I'm trying to set something up. Please get in touch. Ws
  4. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day.

    May Allah Bless you.

    Have a blast...Enjoy !!!

  5. salam, happy birthday to you.

  6. Im Pregnant!

    (salam) Just wanted to say mubarak :!!!: to you and I hope all goes well for you during the next 9 months!!!! Your gonna have ur ups and downs and goings rounds! I can't tell you how to tell them but I'll tell you how not to: Don't leave him the tester because he won't understand anyway :squeez: Don't tell him over the phone while he's next to your mother-in-law and he buys her a great big bunch of flowers while your waiting for him to come home! :wacko: I only had two kids so can't give you more advise! but keep me posted! :blush: (wasalam) Rend
  7. (salam) Where do you live? That would help....and please ignore dingdong...Ithink he ws trying to make a joke? :wacko:
  8. Women Can't Sight Moon?!?!?

    After much discussion, and mosltly laughing from my husband :dry: , the only reasoning I could think of is that men, physiologically, have better eye sight. Just like women have better hearing, scientifically proven by the way! I cannot see myself sending such a silly question to his website...I'm sure he's got better things to figure out....(like EID!) :P
  9. Eid Ul Fitr Prayer Alkhoei London

    Baraka Allah feek Londonman. Much Appreciated !!!! :D
  10. When Is Your Eid?

    (salam) Mind if I ask which mosque in London will be doing the eid prayer on Wenesday...plus what time as we wil driving from Brigton!!! no such thing as a shia here! :(
  11. (salam) I was just reading his question and answer section on the web site (english) www.sistani.org. And I saw this : Question : What is the rulings of His Eminence Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Sistani (May Allah protect him) on sighting of the new moon crescent and determining the 1st day of the month? § Answer : Sighting of the new moon is ascertained by knowledge of the actual sighting or through solid news of such sighting, or some other means. Certainty can also be achieved through common knowledge. Amongst other sources of ascertaining the sighting of the new moon is the lapse of thirty days on Sha’ban’s crescent for the start of Ramadhan to be confirmed, or thirty days on the crescent of Ramadhan for the new moon of Shawwal to be confirmed [and so on]. Sighting can also be confirmed by the evidence of two witnesses of impeccable character (adl). However, sighting of the new moon is not recognised by the evidence of women :o , or by the evidence of one just witness, even with oath, or by the words of astrologers. Neither by its absence after dawn dusk, so that it could be said that it belongs to a previous night, nor by the evidence of two just witnesses, if the evidence is not confined to their own sighting of the newly born moon. Sighting is not recognised too when it is seen before zawaal so that the day of sighting be from the ensuing month. The impression of a ring it may give, proving that it could belong to a previous night, cannot be accepted as well. Does anyone know why that it?? Because it seriously makes me want to consider things? :wacko: Um Laith :Hijabi:
  12. Pregnancy And Cravings

    Salam Um hussayn, God help you with being pregnant in ramadan or are you not fasting? I use to eat ice cream in the middle of winter day and night. A friend use to crunch ice through out her pregnancy. Old wives tale is that you shouldn't itch if you're craving something and not getting it! Otherwise the child will be born with a birthmark! So enjoy it while you can and eat what you like!!! ;) Salam, Um Laith
  13. Shias in brighton

    (bismillah) Salam to all, I'M SO LONELY IN BRIGHTON!!! I knw that sounds a bit desperate :blush: but even when i was at brighton uni there was only one guy that was from iran. Couldn't exactly go shopping with him being a married woman and all! Please tell me if you live near or around brighton. I just need a shia friend, just one, my kingdom for a shia friend!!! :P Name's rend by the way...
  14. My father in law died

    His Name is Mohammed Abbas, Thank you
  15. After surviving hurricane Katrina when visiting my parents, we come back to the Uk to find my father in law died a day before. My husband is very upset and so am i as i loved his dad like my own... All i do is read Al-Fatiha all day, even as i clean up after the mourners. His burial will in a brighton muslim graveyard...tomorow If anybody can suggest any Duaa or prayers, or how i can help my husband who is only 30 to get this through this very difficult time, i'm sure your deed will be rewarded sorrowfully Um laith