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  1. Assalam o Alaikum While performing wudu. And when washing right arm, is it better to first take water in right hand then transfer it to left hand and then wash the right arm. i.e not taking water directly in left hand. Is this mustahib/better or it makes no difference?
  2. Here is the English arabic wasail us shia http://www.*******.org/ithna-ashariyya/wasail
  3. Assalam o Alaikum This brings another question. Since khums is haram for non syed. If a syed who takes khums prepares food and invites a non syed for dinner/lunch then is it permissible for a non syed to eat that food?
  4. Assalam o Alaikum There is a confusing question. If a syed lady is married to non syed boy,when she is pregnant and if she takes khums and eats food using khums money. Its halal for her but haram for her child inside her as the child is not syed. Please clarify this scenario. Is the child eating khums? This was posted by a friend who believes syed girl can't marry non syed because in the above situation the child will be eating khums which is haram for non syed.
  5. Assalam o Alaikum The 4 rakat salat(in two parts) that is recited on noroz day, is to be performed on 20th march or 21 march. In my country noroz time is at 9:15 PM on 20th march. So, shall we offer this salat on 20th or 21th march. Usually noroz day is 21st march
  6. Assalam o Alaikum It is said that marwan bin hakim caused the death of bibi ummal banin, mother of abulfazal abbas(as). He gave poison mixed in a sattu drink. Is this correct?
  7. Yes thats correct
  8. She caught pneumonia as well and it has become very hard for her to breath. Please pray that she gets rid of this pain.
  9. Salam My aunt had a stroke and she went into coma. Its been 6 days. Which duas or suras could be recited for such a patient. There is Dua e mashlool. Any other duas or quranic suras Please pray for her recovery. Regards
  10. Assalam o Alaikum Came across this situation today. The time of fajar prayer ends on 7:14am in my city. I started the salat on 7:12am and when i finished the time was 7:15am So the time of salat ended during salat. Now Shall i offer qadha of fajar? Or the salat is valid even if half of it is offered after its time has ended.
  11. Assalam o Alaikum If a person performs wudu then after one or two minutes if the wudu breaks. Now he will perform wudu again. But his head is still wet because of previous wudu. Does he have to first dry his head before performing the masa(wiping) of head for this new wudu? Regards
  12. Question sent to ayatullah Makarem Shirazi Assalam o Alaikum Is it permissible to say "wa ajilfarajahum" after salawat during tashad, sujood and ruku of salat? Wa Alaykum Assalaam It is permissible but do not say it sometimes so that it will not be considered a part of Salat.
  13. Assalam o Alaikum Is it permissible to say "wa ajilfarajahum" after salawat during tashad of salat? Regards
  14. If u dont understand juma khutba language?

    Thanks for the great suggestion but Mobiles are not allowed inside haram imam hussain a.s.