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  1. Question sent to ayatullah Makarem Shirazi Assalam o Alaikum Is it permissible to say "wa ajilfarajahum" after salawat during tashad, sujood and ruku of salat? Wa Alaykum Assalaam It is permissible but do not say it sometimes so that it will not be considered a part of Salat.
  2. Assalam o Alaikum Is it permissible to say "wa ajilfarajahum" after salawat during tashad of salat? Regards
  3. If u dont understand juma khutba language?

    Thanks for the great suggestion but Mobiles are not allowed inside haram imam hussain a.s.
  4. Salam If u dont understand the juma khutba language, can you offer that juma prayer? Because without listening to juma khutba, juma ptayer cant be offered. Whats the ruling. Im in karbala and the khutba will be in arabic which i dont understand. Regards
  5. im in indian subcontinent. Pakistan. can you refer a website which shows these sort of things.
  6. Salam How much time it takes from fajar till appearance of redness in the sky. Im talking about in approximate minutes. Just want to know how much time do we have to offer fajar nafal.
  7. Learn how to do wutho!

    السلام علیکم I read An interesting view regarding nyat of wudu. If you perform wudu with the nya of performing a wajib salat then wudu will become invalid after you complete the salat. Also there is a timing issue in this case, wudu cant be performed well before salat time, otherwise it will become invalid. Therefore its better to do wudu with the nya of qurbatan illallah and you can perform everything, salat, recite quran etc I have sent the question to ayatullah Makarem Shirazi to confirm. Lets see.
  8. Salam It is said that the nephew of imam kazim(as), Ali bin ismail betrayed imam and was offered money for spreading the fake news about imam kazim(as) revolt against government, which lead to imam's imprisonment. Is this correct? Ismailis dont accept that and say its an unjust blame. What are the views of our scholars and historians on this issue.
  9. The proof of maraji who support Tatbir

    Salam i was also curious about this riwayat. hence i asked ayatullah makarem sherazi and this is what he replied. Q : Assalam o Alaikum There is a narration which says that Lady Zainab (sa) hit her head on the "kajawa" of camel and it began to bleed. Is it authentic? Best Regards Ans: Wa Alaykum Assalaam There were no Mahmil or Kajawah because it has been mentioned in narrations that captives were on camels without Kajawah and also Kajawah is a means for respect and no one uses it for captives.
  10. Dinner invitation

    Another way around is that you can give sadqa rad e mazalim. The sadqa amount must be accordingly what and how much you have eaten there.
  11. Salam Got the reply from ayatullah Makarem Shirazi and he also says its not authentic. Ayatullah sistani website doesn't reply my queries anymore. They used to be very quick. But i dont get any reply from them since a couple of years. Waiting for the answer of a few other marajas though. Regards
  12. Salam The arms of Hazrat Abbas(as) are buried with the body or they buried at the two different places i.e maqams of kaf e abbas(as) in Karbala? the arms are buried in the maqams or they are with the body? Does any one have any info in this regard?
  13. Assalam o Alaikum It is said that in ziarat e nahiya imam ajf says" salam on the one, the color of whose cheeks kept on changing from karbala to sham" i.e about bibi sakina(as) bint Hussain(as). However i haven't found it in ziarat e nahiya. Is there another version of ziarat e nahiya? Am i missing something? Best regards
  14. About taqleed

    I think by this he means "i dont know. Ask someone else".