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  1. Zurushkan

    Pompeo threatens Iran

    US Sanctions mean nothing when the rest of the world decides to ignore the US and continue on business as usual with Iran.
  2. Zurushkan

    What Have You Watched Recently? [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    I did, fantastic movie. Plenty of good actors in it too and a pretty low budget. Plus it had Paul Anderson from Peaky Blinders.
  3. Zurushkan

    Yanny or Laurel?

    I hear Yanny. That said this seems to be an even dumber version of that whole dress meme like 2 years ago. Where some would say they see "Black and Blue" and others would say they see "White and Gold". Posted the dress below (hopefully I did it right)
  4. Zurushkan

    Donald Trump and The Iran Deal (2018)

    https://www.politico.eu/article/brussels-to-launch-law-for-blocking-iran-sanctions-on-friday/ Surprisingly the EU is standing up to America. EU set to basically allow EU companies to do as they please and trade with Iran.
  5. Zurushkan

    Bin Salman was shot?

    It's very possible I guess, but the videos I saw that came out during the whole "drone" thing didn't seem to show as much Saudi gun fire that you'd expect from a situation where a group/someone managed to get close enough to shoot him.
  6. The last part about Lieberman was great -"We have destroyed all Iranian bases in Syria!" -"If there is another attack we will destroy all Iranian bases in Syria" [EDITED OUT]
  7. Zurushkan

    if US seek surrender

    Exactly, a deal between those two would catapult them to probably in top 5 Superpowers.
  8. Zurushkan

    if US seek surrender

    He is 100% correct. Look up "North Korea Rare Earth Minerals". That is the reason the US wants North Korea disarmed.
  9. Zurushkan

    Iran fires on Golan Heights

    Have any links to it but English subtitled?
  10. Zurushkan

    Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine

    This @Reza is probably the best reply I've seen to posts similar. They put people in an open air prison for decades that has a complete land, sea and air blockade. An area that Israel officials say will be unlivable by 2020, an area that has horrid quality water that is ingested on a daily basis. Then they are shot, and bombed when they try and break free of their open air prison? And when they try and protest to be seen as human? This is not a morally equivalent situation. One side has the whip and is beating the other sides back to shreds.
  11. Zurushkan

    New Discord for Shi'as, "Rafed"!

    Thanks, I sent him a friend request. If you know anybody else like a moderator or someone who could admit me that'd be cool since I guess the owner wont be back for a month.
  12. Zurushkan

    Unable to quote.

    I have resolved the problem. I forgot that in order to quote you must click the little popup on the right hand side to quote so that it posts it in the forum box.The issue is resolved, and I am filled with embarrassment so feel free to mark it as resolved.
  13. Zurushkan

    Unable to quote.

    Recently I decided to post in a thread on the Politics/Current Events section, and in the thread I was unable to quote. I would click it and nothing would happen in my text chat box. The problem also arose in another thread. Is this just a temporary site glitch?
  14. Zurushkan

    Iran fires on Golan Heights

    A country like Israel isn't the type to report it's actual losses, instead they'll say "nothing was hit".
  15. "Nut-and-Yahoo" Now that is one I haven't seen.