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  1. Salams, I'm new to this website, I've always wanted to ask but felt ashamed for some reason I am 22 years of age and never been engaged and no proper proposal has come through the door. All my sisters has at least gotten engaged at 17, and I just feel as though there is something wrong with me. I do want to get married and want someone who will better me in my religion inshallah. Although, I feel my self esteem is lowering majorly due to my hand not getting asked for at all. I know I sound silly, I have done dua and have asked during my trip to ziyara, but nothing. I am patiently waiting, but like I said my self esteem is making me feel insecure about myself, and doubting Allah's love towards me. If there are any dua's for marriage and Duas for patients or any advice at all, it would be help full. Please and thank you, salam