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  1. Men in the West are becoming Feminized

    And what do you want to do about it? Who is going to fix this?
  2. Men in the West are becoming Feminized

    You can't take a single example and extrapolate that to a whole gender, sure feminism hasn't been as successful as what we might have hoped but women have more rights than they did 100 years ago. Is this what you have objection to? What do you mean by us wanting to "have our cake and eat it too"?
  3. Kazakhstan bans headscarfs in school

    Is this the first 'muslim majority' country to put a ban on hijab? Seems odd...
  4. Tell me something about you!

    Salam Maha I'm 30, F, Australian but living in London, my not so interesting thing is that I am absolutely obsessed with gardening and i'm so excited that its finally spring so I can tend to my garden and watch my flowers bloom
  5. starting from scratch

    Salaam! Thanks for the warm welcome, I look forward to reading through this book
  6. starting from scratch

    Many thanks for your well wishes! I'm Australian as well, hence my picture, but living in London for the next little while. Are you in Sydney? Is there a good sized Shia community there? I will have to look into it more before I move back!
  7. Men in the West are becoming Feminized

    There are certainly men who are victims of domestic abuse, though it is much, much lower compared to the violence faced by women. The job of feminism is to liberate women so why would it focus on male suffering? You are continuously seeking to blame women and/or feminism for men's choices and actions even though we live in a society that vastly privileges men over women. I agree that men need to have better emotional support, space to talk about their feelings, vulnerabilities and body issues... these things are necessary to grow up to be mentally healthy adults. Though I suspect men acting in these ways is what you are calling feminization, the thing that would solve your issues is precisely what you are railing against.
  8. Men in the West are becoming Feminized

    If you want a body positive movement for men why don't you start one? Thats what women did? Men face many burdens but it is not up to women to fix it for them!
  9. Men in the West are becoming Feminized

    what does that have to do with men providing more emotional support to each other?
  10. Men in the West are becoming Feminized

    I absolutely agree that women receive more emotional support from peers, not sure what the attractiveness of these women has to do with the situation. Women are seen as non threatening because women tend to be non threatening, the vast majority of violence in the world is committed by men after all. Still, the responsibility for men receiving more emotional support from their peers lies with men themselves. Maybe men need more feminine influence so they can learn to give appropriate emotional support to their peers, it would also help them to recover from break ups...
  11. Men in the West are becoming Feminized

    And what about the women who are frustrated at not being able to find a happy relationship, they don't commit mass murder?! At the end of the day men need to take responsibility for their own behaviour and actions. There's a reason these men are single and its not because women are 'materialistic', its because these men treat women badly! Surely materialistic women would be more likely to get into relationships with men who will provide for them and allow them to gain more material possessions?
  12. starting from scratch

    Thank you so much! I know I need to get the courage to just attend prayers and programmes but it is daunting. I'm going to make it my goal for the week to go to the centre at least one day this week inshallah
  13. Salaam Alaikum, I am a recent revert and am brand new to Shiachat and have enjoyed reading through the posts and learning so much! I'm struggling to find programmes or community events for new Shia sisters in London, every event for reverts I find is aimed at Sunnis or are held at Sunni mosques. I'm trying to find ways to reach out and make friends and build a new community, especially with Ramadan coming up it would be great to find support away from the internet. I'd appreciate any suggestions or tips people could make to help me! I'm lucky to live quite close to many shia islamic centres but it can be intimidating going in there alone and trying to strike up conversations but maybe I need to be more brave