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  1. i have no idea. i have not met the girl but since she was hanging out after hours with friends, i think she is some kind of hooligan. like those kids who never go home, never go to school, drink, smoke and do drugs. obviously she has no conscience or maturity, since shes okay with lying to ruin an innocent mans life. alot of kids like that here are absolutely crazy, i have no idea what goes through their mind, so its difficult to tell. my only wish is that when she is questioned, all these factors will play against her. also must be hard to maintain a story when you lied about all of it.
  2. I'm 19, but my parents dont allow me to work. they say i should focus on my school. even if i did convince them to let me work, they would never take my money, even if i insisted
  3. Hello everyone, I've just made this account because I did not know where else to turn. This is the situation. We live in Canada. My dad works as a security guard. There was an incident, and my dad brought a 17 year old girl into the security office to review the footage as she witnessed the incident. She is now accusing him of sexual assault. There was no camera inside the office, but there were outside. He already talked to the police, but we have since been advised not to. My heart is in so much pain. My dad is 55. He has cataracts, diabetes, health problems, but he never sleeps, working 3 jobs to make sure we are not homeless. He never skips prayer, spends hours and hours praying, reciting duas. But we have hit a rough patch for the past 4 years. He lost his job, we lost house after house. And even at his work there would be problems, minor ones, but nothing major like this. I don't know what to do. I am so ashamed to admit, but my deen imaan are very weak. After my dad lost his job, i prayed and prayed and prayed, and when I saw that we kept sinking lower towards rock bottom, I lost hope. I rarely pray. Sometimes I'll do wudhu, stand on the janamaz, start praying, then stop in the middle because I don't have the will to continue. I have been reading quran for 8 months now though. What can I do? This is all a mess. I was going to start ziyarat ashura, for as long as it takes for this problem to lift off our heads. My mother will start reading Bibi ki kahani for 10 days. please if everyone can pray for my father, please, please, please do. if there are any other duas or anything i can do, please recommend them to me. I'm in the middle of university, and so busy with exams, and i have limited time, but this is eating away at my heart. please help me.