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  1. Happy Harmony Day 21st March - Australia

    Today is Harmony Day and to celebrate the theme of Everyone Belongs Happy Harmony day to all SC members, its all about Honouring traditions, appreciating benefits of Cultural Diversity, respect to each other. Lots of celebrations here ( at my work place) What a Positivity, colorful dresses, some cultural programmes dedicated to Australian Refugees.
  2. What is your goal today?

    Aww...:) Cute!
  3. [MATURE] Husband Issues

    Why there is always the answer MAN CAN MARRY 4..rather than talking on his mistakes or path of dishonesty (if he is doing)
  4. Love marriage and hurdles

    Wasalm Syeda, Nothing can resolve such issues except sitting face to face and talking to family asking their rejection reasons and explaining them...
  5. any akbaris on here?

    Sure :), Hope everyone tries to follow such steps of Masoomeen a.s
  6. any akbaris on here?

    Not Sure, What you trying to tell me via above story, I liked it and knows this story from my childhood.
  7. any akbaris on here?

    Oh ok...Doesn't bother me I try to be a kind human being first....Way far for me to be usooli/akhbari/shayki or etc
  8. What Have You Watched Recently? [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    I watched Lucy and Ex Machina over the weekend... I love to watch these movies over and over again.
  9. What is your goal today?

    Ohh ok
  10. What is your goal today?

    Especially with Sydney City...(sharing this as your profile says- Australia)
  11. What is your goal today?

    So True, But i give them way because I do go cycling at times, & I know the feeling
  12. #30 Knowledge or Money?

    Great Question, Do increase the amount ...20 is very less.
  13. What is your goal today?

    I had a good sleep, rest over last weekend, and today all set for Monday. Thanks to Almighty for everything. Happy to reach work before time, as since few months the traffic been horrible and changing the route since alst week to work has helped me to be on the time that i wanted to be at. I can't stand lazy drivers on road. I hate people when they drive on 40kmph/hr when its 60-70 zone.
  14. Should we have kids if we live in the West?

    Please go back to your country then, regardless. After all Religion is of utmost priority and cannot be compromised under any circumstances.
  15. Should we have kids if we live in the West?

    I think whoever feels threatend by Life in West and Loosing Islamic faith/values being here, then they or he/she should look for Immigrating to Islamic countries regardless of conditions, You cant keep fearing about all this and spreading it in to the communites, TAKE THE STEP , IMMIGRATE and let all other muslim fellow follw your SETPS, this way you'd do a big favour on your Muslim Generation. I can't speak much about born muslim in west but I'd question all those who Immigrated to west by skilled migration or studentship or by marrying, Why on earth did you decide to enter west's life? And when you got in here and you realized its not a place where an Muslim can live or extend his family then you should have gone back to your home country... But no you ar living here, because YOU WANT to live here (west) for the sake of $$$$. Com'on Guys at least BE HONEST to yourselves.