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  1. With respect, Greetings. Firstly, I would say hello to you, and ask your forgiveness and understanding, should I ask foolish or impertinent questions. Please feel free to correct me, in manner or technique, as required. I come before you, to ask for direction, and clarity. First, if I may, I would describe who I am, and why I've come before you. I am Australian, and have lived in both Australia, and Great Britain. Raised Christian. One must admit to not being devout in that observance of Christianity though, and I considered myself atheist for some time. This changed, because I never stopped questioning the narrative you are aware is presented, and found it... disquieting. Over the last decade, I have become extremely disillusioned with our society. We once were a Christian culture, but now, *appear* atheist. What presents itself though as atheist, which in itself is bad enough, in fact is (I believe) a shield for Satanic forces. I find myself opposed to this. But I had learned much in my time wandering, and could no longer call myself 'Anglican'. All Christian sects have been subverted. With intention of observing the commandments as they had been given me, I felt that to observe the Sabbath, I had to do so in the Jewish manner, for I was aware that the use of Sunday as a Holy Day was subversion. There are no answers within the Christian churches I've spoken with that even seem to a show a memory of why they do this. As such, I had become an apostate Christian, selecting for myself those instructions I considered devout, appropriate and wholesome. I do this because I wish to see a change within my, our society. A return to God is an absolute must, for this, the people who I considered mine, do not consider me theirs, nor do they consider anyone so. I have held this conviction for some time now. I briefly pondered conversion to Russian (Serbian) Orthodox, considering it to be 'less corrupt' than Western Protestantism, and considerably more sound than the entirely corrupt Catholic church. Seeing though that they, too, did not observe the Sabbath as instructed gave me pause. I had briefly considered Islam. Having spent time in Britain, I had come to know Muslims of a variety of characters. This made me (I hope) less prejudiced than most Australians seem to be. But... I admit, I felt that this was being dishonest to who I was (despite knowing that Muslim means 'to prostrate before God', and that therefore, I was already in some measure a Muslim). I have been back in Australia seven years. In the last two years, I had the chance to converse with a Sunni Jordanian. He and I enjoyed discourse. I affirmed being Christian to him, and he and I both were aware how Western governments are agitating for war, and division. Understanding that, it was strange to admit that I could well engage with him and his brethren as a New Crusader in the war being fomented. I wish to stand for God, against those who would elevate themselves to such a position. Searching for understanding on the Sabbath led me to your site. I would thank your member, SpIzo, for a very informative post that provided me with all the answers I required on that matter. Until now, one had never understood the reason for the schism between Shia and Sunni. I was aware of the primary difference (elected leaders, versus a Leader related to the Prophet) but why one should choose one over the other, I did not know. Until I see that it was due to one converted Jew who it would appear led the Sunni astray. This is not an uncommon tale... I have long held respect for Iran. Aware of it's long and treasured history, it's honesty in word, and the injustices committed against it since 1953 which we as Westerners must dig to discover. And this brings me to a place where I wish to know more. Australia does not appear to have a strong Shia community. I will admit, it is hard to find trust in my heart for the Sunni. This may well be due to the incessant propaganda we are subjected to, but I am aware of the Wahabis, how the British had a hand in their formulation, and how it appears to be their hand behind many of the actions which are used to defame Islam in this day. Which finally brings me to my questions. What is the best way to learn more at this time? Where and how would someone observe Shia Islam in country Australia? Does being a baptized Christian have any impact? I have read the Holy Qur'an, once, though it was a version which the books had been presented out of order, and of course in English. Which books and teachings should one look upon? Please be aware, as my name says, I am still in a state of pilgrimage, and have not yet arrived at my destination. I thank you all for your time, and I hope that you might learn as much providing wisdom as I might from the receipt thereof.