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  1. So. This happened to me last year unfortunately and do not want it to happen again. Ok. You are on holiday and have booked a room for a few hours only so the drivers and family get some sleep. (were 2 family's on holiday). So I wake up with the worst feeling. Yup wet pants. Us two family's were ready to move on already. It is literally impossible to go to shower as no bags were with us(they were in the car). We cant delay this planning. What on earth am I meant to do. Before you ask any questions why I didn't go shower. I simply couldn't. No extra questions on this please. So I obviously went to the toilet............................ What on earth am I meant to do in such a situation where Salat thuhr and Asr is in a few years and Ghusl I cant do. And dont forget I cant put my current pants away because 1) where the hell am I going to put them. 2) where am I going to get a second short from. So... What do I do if I was in this situation again.
  2. Im on the edge. need help

    Hi. Thank you for the support. Yes I have been praying 5 times a day since I was 12 and fasting since 13 and do every religious prayer. One way closer I decided to go to god. Instead of listening to music (actually calms me down not something stupid) on the bus I will listen to the Quran. I do dua but I started doing much more. I didn't want to bring this up but I changed my Marja. It is Seyed Sadiq Rohani. TBH it wasn't because of mutah. But because if I have a question I can go on his website and found out the answer unlike Seyed Sadiq Shirazi where his website is always broken or not working. I found out many answers on Seyed Rohani website compared to Seyed Shirazi. But thank you anyway. And I did research on how it is valid to change Marja. And Seyed Rohani actually meets them. This will be probably my one and only Marja from now on.
  3. Im on the edge. need help

    Thank you for the help Irfani. I guess this topic ends here. But just to correct you it wasn't at the first whiff. First of all let's get the girl out of here because she is the least priority at the moment. But no it was at first whiff. It's been 5 years I'm waiting for Allah to help me and my family but of course he didn't which is why I brought up this topic. I'm not a kid to be angry at god, I started to lose faith in him after all the years he didn't help me. But from the people support around me and people like you I will ask for forgiveness and have faith again. I'm still heavily depressed and have lots of stress (nothing got to do with girls or marriage....) but I will try to make Allah help me. And my cousin. Just leave it who cares. I'll just tell her you have to wait for a few years. Simple. Thank you
  4. Im on the edge. need help

    Ron. First of all I think her Marja is Sistani. Second of all, no its not because of that. Im an extremely shy person and if I was going to ask her parents for Mutah permission I might as well go full on Nikah. Which for now is too early. So Im waiting for her to finish her education until I go Permanent marriage. So the one month every year I see her I would like to be a bit more comfortable with her until she finishes her education. Even though I didn't want to explain anything I just done this so you know. And this 'Selection of Spouse' thing is very useful and she meets all of them. But the last bit about first cousin?? Thats not what the two people above said. BTW only she has told me all about how she would wants me I haven't told her anything YET. So I got a few months left until I go see her and tell her my view of her. The reason why I didn't say anything is because she is my cousin so I thought I will do my research before saying anything. And by the muslim community it seems like it aint too bad. This is why I want to do Mutah. It seems positive so I might make us two more comfortable as she is a grown women and we would like to be more comfortable with each other until I tell her parents about the permanent marriage. Im not the type of guy at all to fall in love with a girl instantly anyway and before she got speaking more seriously I had to see if it was worth her telling me her stuff and she was worth it as she meets most of the stuff above especially religion. Which is why I want to have lots of faith in Allah again so I dont disappoint her. And as Irfani said the reason why I was losing faith was because of my severe depression and stress but I feel like I should put faith in Allah as my mother would say. Now back to the second main question. Which Marja permits Mutah without Parents permission. Thank you
  5. Im on the edge. need help

    The issue is we will get temporary marriage in like 6 years. I want to do mutah right now without anybody knowing. Not even the parents. Just me and her. Apparently Sayed Fadlullah says there is no need for parents permission. So I might start following him. But can you lot help me a bit more
  6. Im on the edge. need help

    Thank you very much brother. Knowing people out there are willing to help is enough to connect me back to Allah. But can you answer the last 2 questions. Your answers are perfect and helpful but if you could answer the other last 2 I would be most thankful. Thank you
  7. Im on the edge. need help

    Hi. Long story short I don't know how but I'm starting to lose faith in Allah (istaghfurallah). Just seems like he doesn't like me and thrown me aside. I've been a Muslim since birth and from a very strong Islamic family. I'm not planning to change religion because I feel like Allah is installed in me no matter what but I just don't feel like he cares about me or likes me. Every Year for 16 years I go to karballa and Qom and all holy shrines and fast all month and pray 5 times a day but I'm just starting to not be as believable in his rules that he set us. Low chance though. I just want some advice from you lot. Would Allah forgive if I sin ( worst sin that comes to my mind is eat non halal meat, something like McDonald's). How much of a sin would this be if I do everything and still believe in Allah but just sin slightly more. Can you lot please help me. Now that you answered the first question. Can you lot help with the second. Long story short my first cousin is in love with me (dads brother daughter). Haven't done nothing she just expressed her emotions. 1) Alright first answer what's your opinion on first cousin being in a relationship. Now please continue reading. The reason why I didn't say anything was before she said what she said I had a dream about her marriage. So I asked Allah to help me. Later on the months I saw another 2 dreams about this marriage situation. 2) Coincidence or Allah's will? If Allah's will please read on. If not let's stop reading here. Now for my last question. 3) please answer this question directly and don't stretch it out. Can I simply do mutah with her without anybody knowing except me and her. I do not want anyone to know about this until a good few years. just to be more comfortable and just in case make stuff halal. Please answer to the questions I asked and don't go off topic like thousand of other topics I read. Please keep it simple and answer question. Thanks for the help. P.s. My Marja is sayed Sadiq shirazi.