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  1. is Shias in Australia good or not?

    1. Wholehearted Shi'a

      Wholehearted Shi'a

      The Shia in Australia mostly live in Australia’s largest urban cities of Melbourne and Sydney. I myself live in a rural area but all the Shi’a I personally know including some in Melbourne are very nice people who are very pious. The Shi’a in Australia are very good, kind and intelligent people who get along with everyone. 

  2. What Video Game Are You Playing These Days?

    dont play video games guys its waste of time do dhikr of Allah Swt instead make most of your time in something worthy
  3. Islamic Society

    when people will get dignity then ): i dont know when and how it can be just look at iran just like that all countries need Islamic Society our problem is that we dont tolerate Islamic society and wants liberal society which is anti Islam ):
  4. King Salman to build biggest stadium in Iraq

    Salaam everyone who has watched MokhtarNamah will understand politics of arab and non arab and how people make them fight with eachother ):
  5. Is saying 'Ya Muhammad (pbuh)' allowed

    what do you mean what is wrong with Nade Ali ? taking help from Allah Swt most closest Wali its nothing wrong it and no Ayatollah never talked against it ?
  6. what do you think?

    i think only Allah Swt knows it when he will Imam Mahdi AJ so we can only predict Allah Swt secrets knows only Allah Swt
  7. Is saying 'Ya Muhammad (pbuh)' allowed

    it is allowed no tension as long you dont do shirk and saying Ya Ali Ya Muhammad Ya Fatimah Ya Mahdi is sign of love of Ahlulbayt AS so no problem only nasibi has problem With it
  8. Can't shake the paganistic rites/rituals/tradition

    its not only culture from indo pak brother its from every country they do culturaly Muharram every year tatbir is iraqi culture and iranian also do it culture wise so its not only indo pak bro
  9. Becoming Freemason change status as Shi'i?

    freemasons are dajjal followers
  10. but what about their children who should take care of them? ):
  11. Fitness

    Salaam everyone can someone help me how i can start workout in daily basis its not possible im going on course from 9-15 and i dont want to miss any Salah and after that i must sleep on time also i got no time for taking care of my fitness and got no time for workout can anyone give me any idea what i should do ? may Allah Swt bless you all
  12. Salaam everyone Congratulation to all momineen in Shiachat and worldwide on birth anniversary of the greatest women who was born in this world Bibi Fatima Zahra SA may Allah swt give us her mercy on the day of judgement and we must make sure not to hurt her with our actions InshAllah
  13. im not anti women just to make it clear i respect women but truth is truth
  14. women should make her home upbring her children in good manners rather doing job and children going astray children needs time also i feel sad for children nowadays parents got no time for their children ):
  15. yes but not working with men only women can job with women there should be no men there