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  1. Who Am I ?

    Like Some People Want A Land In My Area And They Want To Buy That But The Land Didn't Want To Sell That Then The Buyers Try To Force Him With Their Political Connections Mafia Underworld And Then I Strike Against Them . This Is A Single View Of My Life . Got It ?
  2. Father Accused of Sexual Assault - Need Duas

    May Allah Protect You Ameen
  3. Who Am I ?

    Jab Hum HaQ Par Hain Tho Parwa Nahi K Hum Maut Se Ja Mile Ya Maut Humse Aa Mile Ali Al-Akbar A.S @ The Battle Of Karbala
  4. Who Am I ?

    I Was Born In Irani Pakistani Family Im Fighting Against This World From My Childhood For Everything Like In Good Or Bad , For Our Religion, For My Life , For Friends , For My Family Members , Im Ready For Everything At Everywhere Im Ready To Strike Against Everyone But Now Im Tired Im So Tired I Can't Do This Anymore . Now Im Thinking That What Can I Do ?
  5. What are your hobbies?

    First One Is My Music I Love To Create Music Sounds And Mixing 2nd Football 3rd Reading Books Of History And 4th Is Playing Games .
  6. Converting

    I Was A Sunni And I Learn About Maula Ali Only Something Some Story And Events Of His Then I Decide To Convert In This FirQa
  7. Converting

    Hi Im New Here Im Converted As A Shia But I Dont Know About Many Things So What Can I Do ???