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  1. there is a famous and beautiful narration for Imam Hossein that inspired piety and virtue : a man visited Imam and said : I'm a sinner man and I can't get rid of sins, advise me Imam said : perform five things and the do any sin you wish don't Eat and drink of Allah’s provision and then do any sins you wish go out of Allah's territory and then do any sins you wish find a place that Allah's doesn't see you and then do any sins you wish when Azrael visit you to take your soul (make you dead) avoid him and then do any sins you wish when keeper of hell want to enter you in the hell refuse he and then do any sins you wish
  2. if you are in the intense situation be sure that is Allah's examen, any servant during his life face several difficult examine from God, especially in younger ages, suppose you in Serat bridge(a narrow bridge in the hereafter that all people must be passed it and if failed then their refuge is hell) so your choice today affect your passing in hereafter so think all time about this that makes you immune to do something Haram(sin) for immunizing of doing Haram especially in lust desires the following is recommended : remember you death and laying under the ground pray and ask help from God and recite Quran more attach adequate supplication and Towba to any minor sin
  3. Concealing the truth and bad manners

    Could you mention specific instance?
  4. Atheism in Lebanon(more common than thought)

    do you have any suggestion or specific method?
  5. Atheism in Lebanon(more common than thought)

    unfortunately, growth grade of atheists is very hight, in east and west! I think following reasons are the cause of this dangers phenomenon : • Lack of knowledge in Christion theology • Some fake face of Islam and Abrahamic religions made by some movies and media • Lack of morality in some religious cultures and society • some precision of religions and sciences • Some now theory for creature the natural selection theory is really dangerous, some new philosophical issues are threating, our behavior in some society destruct our religion's face our duty is to be aware and make our knowledge more resourceful and make our manner in society near to some Islamic morality
  6. Explain

    Assalam in fact this ideological is not the reason for wars and rivers of bloods. there so many big deferent ideological thinking in Sunny secs and also in other religions the problem is for our ignorance and lack Knowledge of Islamic teachings, it's related to our extreme behavior and impatient and intolerance manner yes, we can have deferent ideas and face, but also we can tolerance to each other
  7. Explain

    the primal different between Shia and Sunni is about Imamah and Khilafa Shia believe in Imam(Khalifa) is Allah's chose not people's chose but sunny believe in Khalifa is people's chose with Ijma (people's wish ) in Shia belief, Imam is not a prophet but he was chosen by Allah
  8. Fear and Grieve

    if you paid attention to the reason for being no fear, you can figure out that The friends of Allah eradicated the source of fear so there are no agent fo fear
  9. Concealing the truth and bad manners

    sometimes Taqiah is necessary in some manners, you must conceal the truth like when your life or your religion is in danger or in significant harm, but distorting of truth is not permissible there are so many Hadith about Taqiah if you want I will mention.
  10. but I think there are large number if Christians state rational proofs for the existence of God and in Islamic theology, there are many rational proofs for God. but in Islamic view Fitrah (pure God's creature in a human being that always seeks the truth ) can find God but for answering doubtful questions or some satanic thought we can refer to rational proofs
  11. Anyone else want to learn Mantiq al Muzaffar?

    do have any background on this subject? also if you don't have good Arabic skill and no background of Mantiq you will fail. I think the study of this book depends on your goal. if you want to know something about Mantiq you can refer to some summery and clear books. if you want to have a deep skill of Mantiq yes this book is good but it's better to start with the clear and brief books and then this book, however, some lesson of this book i think i useless and you should focus on important subjects
  12. How do you gain Islamic knowledge?

    I divided my study in four aspects: 1-reading Quran and Tafsir of Quran 2-referring to the early hadith books 3-comparing Islamic beliefs with other thoughts like (atheist, western philosophy ) 4-glance view on some secondary books when i need something for Fighh or history