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  1. What is your goal today?

    Gym, improve eating and instead of taking a car or public transport to go places I would walk it
  2. What advice would you give your younger self

    continuing on from my Saturday self... Dont get fooled by the slightest thing said by anybody If you ever feel that there is nobody by your side just remember that Allah and Ahlulbayt are with you in every step you take never keep your feelings in, it can hurt you. Find the right person (your mother/father) and speak to them If you see yourself going through a problem do not lose hope just keep on going Take it easy and be happy. Think positive and leave behind the negative When you have learnt a lesson from one thing do not go back to repeat it. Learn from it I hope this helps everybody and not only myself
  3. The past 2 days have been so hard for me. I am feeling broken, hurt, destroyed, depressed and much more. My family are all pressuring me and stressing me out and I cant deal with it anymore. The amount of times I repeat to them that I want them to stop but they keep on hurting me. I have had enough. Someone please please please give me advice on what to do.
  4. Egyptian girl battered to death in UK

    i doubt they would even do anything to them
  5. Egyptian girl battered to death in UK

    I agree. Nobody would randomly attack anyone for no reason.
  6. Women, does looks matter to you?

    To be honest with me as a 21 year old female, looks do matter but are not of any importance in my opinion. The reason why I say this is because it is about the personality/ manners and the attitude as well as the seriousness of the person you are intending to marry as well as their religion. The reason forth is when you know that the individual has all of the above qualities you would know that you will be living a happy life with someone who will care about you and knows the worth of having a wife and treating her the way Prophet Mohammed and ahlulbayt a.s. treated their partners. Its the personality, religion, manners and behaviour that counts. Not the looks or finance.
  7. What advice would you give your younger self

    I would probably end up lecturing myself. here is the advice I would give myself: Dont listen to anyone who says you cant do anything Dont let other people affect you emotionally if someone tries to annoy you just ignore them and pretend they don't exist before getting angry think about if the situation is worth getting angry about I could keep on going but the list would be too long
  8. Egyptian girl battered to death in UK

    A girl was beaten up due to the case of what they claim to be mistaken identity. Apparently there was an instagram account that may have been bullying or talking negative about that group and so thinking it was her they had beaten her up and killed her. They probably where from the same university or area. This i've noticed happens a lot which is why people need to start watching out when using social media. However other news sources say it was hate motivated. God knows.
  9. Marry

    I know this question is aimed at the brothers as a female I think there is nothing wrong with marrying a divorcee being it a male or female. However ot would be important for you to know why this person got divorced as you would not want to put yourself in similar problems with that same individual.
  10. 8 days left till Ziyara inshaAllah. Cant wait 

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    2. Heavenly_Silk


      Exciting times! Wishing you a safe journey and best wishes for a wonderful trip.

    3. sarah khadem

      sarah khadem

      @ShiaChat Mod yes ofcourse will do InshaAllah

      @Heavenly_Silk Thank you. I will not forget you in my duas too 

    4. Hameedeh


      @sarah khadem Please keep me in your duas, Sister. InShaAllah safe travels. May Allah answer all your prayers. 

  11. Labayk Ya Hussain 

  12. What is your goal today?

    InshaAllah to get my life back on track and to avoid everything that has led to me changing and becoming a negative person. I hope to fix up: uni studies religion wise health wise (physically and mentally)
  13. Family bothering me

    I really need someone's help and advice please. I am going through a difficult and horrible time I don't know what to do at all. My family are all making my life difficult and are making me hate it. So I have 4 proposals and my family are trying to control my life and want me to walk based on their decisions thinking its okay that they are breaking me everyday. When ever I say anything I get told off and nobody listens to me. I dont know how to deal with them anymore because Ive reached the point of wanting to walk out. They keep lying, playing on me and being sarcastic and hypocrites. Help me please.
  14. In need of everyones Duaas please