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  1. How do u know your cousin is into black magic and all? You are trusting a mullah and making assumptions that he did all that. Mullahs play a big part maligning people and creating fitna among relatives. You have said yourself that you have spent so much money to get rid of black magic. Brother, honestly prayers need no money, you don’t need a mullah to protect yourself from back magic. All you need to do is to stay Tahir and pray on time regularly. Recite four qul and Ayat ul Kursi and Quran as much as you can and ask for Allah’s help.
  2. I am not involved in gheeba at all, you have got me completely wrong. His wife is giving him headaches and hard time, all I am trying to do is to safe him from the misery. He seeks my help and advice so I tell him to be nice to her but at the same time not to listen to everything she is saying because that might reinforce her troubled behavior. She is doing a sin by preventing him from doing a halal thing. What if he would go out and cheat on her with other women? Would she be okay with it? I don’t understand her problem, he is not leaving her, taking care of her financially, what else does she want? She wants total control of him, which will never happen and make things worse. You don’t know how stressed he is nowadays, which makes me feel bad for him. She doesn’t want to be in a polygamous marriage. She argues with him that why he never disclosed his relationship with me and he betrayed her, now who can make this woman understand that he did it for her own benefit, so she could live her life in peace. He cared for that’s why he hid it. If she continues to do that I am afraid he will end up doing something which she will regret.
  3. I can’t force him to do things which can go against me. If he texts me of course I am going to reply, I can’t ignore him, that will make him angry. He never had that relationship with his wife ever, he wouldn’t share stuff with her like he does with me. Ever since she got to know about our marriage she is after his life for attention and time. He has always been the same with her it’s just that she didn’t care before and now she is arguing, fighting, and crying all the time just to get his attention. She doesn’t know he hates her more when she does all that. That’s what he keeps telling me, he is sick and tired of her annoying behavior with him. He wants her to talk to me and be friendly but she gets mad and being reluctant.
  4. I am not meddling, all I am trying to do is to help my husband. I feel sometimes if he’s so distressed why is he not divorcing his first wife? I have never asked him such a question because I don’t want to give him wrong ideas. I want him to be fair to his wife as well, he tells me that they fight everyday, I always tell him to be nice to her.
  5. No I don’t have such intentions. I have never talked bad about her because there is nothing to talk about. I don’t know her and it seems like she’s not interested in talking to me. The only picture my husband painted of her is that she’s controlling and crazy. She talks trash about me to my husband that I am his mistress and I am a characterless person to go for a married man.
  6. Thank you for your advice, I am trying to do the same. I am helping my husband by listening to him, I don’t argue with him. His wife on the other hand being very demanding, he tells him not to talk to me or text me while he is with her. How can that be possible? He can’t go an hour without texting me or talking to me. He doesn’t text or call her when he is with me because he doesn’t feel like it. Her nonsensical demands is making him run away from her. She cannot control him he is an adult himself. I tried to communicate with her, it seems like she’s not interested and making things more complicated.
  7. Thank you for your post and understanding me. All I am trying to say is that a man needs peace in the house. Although he says how good she’s with the kids, the way she raised them and how well she cooks, I sometimes feel jealous of that too. He had an arranged marriage and they never got a chance to know one another, he doesn’t let his heart out with her but he enjoys taking to me because we both click. When he met me, he realized the power of true love, he is happy with me.
  8. He is trying his best to be honest. Its just that they don’t click and we do. His wife is not accepting our relationship which is making things more worse. She knows for sure that he won’t leave me ever then why can’t she just accept it.
  9. He tells me that he says that just to calm her down because she acts crazy otherwise. I tell my husband that she tries to control him and of course he doesn’t like it. He is sick and tired of her crying and fighting. I wish I could help my husband as I feel he is under a lot of stress lately.
  10. Where does it say that he cannot have a favorite wife? A husband is obliged to fulfill financial needs of a wife but if he is emotionally inclined to one and love one wife more than other it’s not a sin.
  11. No he won’t because we both love and understand eachother. His wife doesn’t understand him that is why he doesn’t love her.
  12. Yes but his case totally justifies it because of his wife’s behavior with him. He is not happy with her.
  13. The ruling has been given by many marjas they don’t deny it. It’s not a sin to be emotionally inclined to one wife as long as he is fulfilling his duty taking care of his first wife as family financially.
  14. We both understand each other. we never arugued with one another. We have been together for over 4 years now and recently his wife is giving him hard time when she found out about it. I am only trying to help my husband in any way I can.
  15. Where in Quran says that?its says u have support financially but emotionally u have no control