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  1. Is it haram to marry the love of my life????!

    I mean a full relationship, which I completely know was the wrong thing to and it should have never happened but I never knew that we can not marry ever if this happens
  2. Is it haram to marry the love of my life????!

    Does this mean there is no way around my situation? Is it absolutely impossible then?
  3. Salam Alaikom, I have a question and I was hoping someone would be able to direct me or shed some light on the matter. I was married a couple of years back but it did not work out and we got divorced. However before the divorce we were separated by about 2 months (I cannot remember the exact time period). During that time I met a guy and we developed a relationship. Now I have heard before that its not permissible for a women to have a relationship while still married but that is all i knew. I never knew the exact reasons behind it. However it was couple of months after my divorce that I found out that if you have a relationship while still being married or during the 3ida' period, you can never marry that guy and he is forbidden to you. But I never knew that, I just knew that it shouldnt happen, but I never knew he will forever be haram for you and you two can never get married. He is sunni and I think sunni's don't believe in that or they dont have that concept, but I know to shias that its an actual thing. After finding out, I kept it to myself in fear that it will ruin our relationship, I was scared of losing him. But now we want to get married, but I dont know if we can. Can someone please help me or tell me if its true and if so, is there a way around it? I cant bear the thought of losing this guy but at the same time I want to live with him the halal way and have kids, I dont want to live in sin! I would appreciate your help