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  1. TheRepenterr

    URGENT! Help with Temporary Marriage

    Salam, okay I will do my research with your information given, thank you brother for your assistance!
  2. TheRepenterr

    URGENT! Help with Temporary Marriage

    Salam dear brother, ah thank you very much for telling me this, I didn't know that they were different people. Greatly appreciate your efforts!
  3. TheRepenterr

    URGENT! Help with Temporary Marriage

    Sorry brother about the previous message I didn't read what you said properly. I do think ayatollah Rohani is most knowledgeable . And some argue that he is more knowledgable than some of the current world's marja' (however this is not the discussion) and he was appointed president of Iran by khamenei, so of course Ayatollah khamenei must approve of him too.
  4. TheRepenterr

    URGENT! Help with Temporary Marriage

    Salam, i agree 100% with the fact that you said causes sin in future, hence why I wrote this to ask for help. Inshallah step by step the process happens, I can't instantly do the marriage AND convert her to Shia AND make her truly believe in shia Islam, rather than her being forced so she can marry me. I Appreciate your help regardless brother.
  5. TheRepenterr

    URGENT! Help with Temporary Marriage

    Incorrect brother, "Mutah" isn't haram. There is a specified ayah in the Qur'an that says so, however this isn't what this thread was posted for. I appreciate your attempt to help. regards.
  6. TheRepenterr

    URGENT! Help with Temporary Marriage

    Thank you ever so much brother. Ayatollah Rohani is the marja I would like to follow. Could you please (if I'm not asking you too much) check if he is "approved" and whether there is no condition? I did my research regarding him, and didn't find any conditions required (except that I THINK HE SAID she must be "rashidah", which I asked for the meaning, again I remember seeing that on the forum). Referring this dear brother, I don't really know if ayatollah rohani is approved. How do I check? May Allah bless your souls for helping me out! W alsalam.
  7. Salamum aleikum dear respected reader(s). Before getting started I just want to clarify that I have read multiple sites and even threads on this forum regarding my topic but I still can't find an answer that fully satisfies me. Background story: I met this Sunni girl about a year ago, and we were friends for a very long time. We got into a relationship and things weren't as halal as I thought they were going to get. I did sin (no fornication) and I am very ashamed of doing so. So please don't reply regarding "why did you sin in the first place. If you fear Allah you shouldn't have done that", which is what I've seen on many if not all posts that other people have posted. I know what I have done and alhamdulillah I am working just as hard to get everything under the rules of Islam (hence my question here). Anyways, I am 17 years of age and the girl is 16. Now you might think that is not mature enough, but believe me her maturity is greater than some of 18 year olds that I know, which brings me on to my question: Is it possible to perform Muta' with that person WITHOUT parental persmission? We are both virgin, and that's why I'm asking because it's a matter relating to virgin girls. She has agreed to the same extent that I have agreed to and we both plan on future marriage. I know her father would not accept due to her age and he does not want her to focus on men, in fear of them corrupting her. However we are taking each other extremely serious and again, looking forward (inshallah) in future for permanent marriage. I follow Grand Ayatollah Sayed Khamenei, and read that regarding Temporary Marriage (Muta') it's Ihtiyyat Wajib, meaning that I can refer to other Maraji's ideologies and I believe that Ayatollah Rohani DOES allow temporary marriage WITHOUT father's consent (even if it's a virgin girl). Does that fatwah apply to my scenario? Also could you state the ISLAMIC meaning of "Rashidah"? Some say it means she must be able to financially support herself , whilst others just say she needs to know what is good and bad for her ~ "maturity" Before telling me to ask the official site the question , I have already done that and still no reply , and it's been about 4 days now ( I do not blame them as I completely understand the masses of questions they get and I hope my turn gets in as soon as possible) so therefore I want a quicker response from someone who is knowledgeable and can provide sources to back up their answer. Thank you very much for your time and may Allah help you in the same way you are helping me to become a better believe.