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  1. Grammar Test

    Blame the website
  2. Troubling videos

    just ignore his Aqyeeds.
  3. Chatroom broken?

    thanks anyway, just wanted to let you know, that the problem happened to me also at the same day of OP @Hussaini624 mentioned it. thanks for the replies.
  4. Chatroom broken?

    No sister im using different browser.
  5. Chatroom broken?

    Assalam. Installed Java, still doesnt work on google chrome while it was fine 2-3 days ago:-) happened recently:-) Wassalam.
  6. Post Your Voices!

    so is it ok if our dear sisters post their voice in here?
  7. Grammar Test

    Congratulations - you have finished!You scored 26 out of 40.Your grammar level is: Intermediate - CEF Level B1
  8. An Another Tragedy in Iran

    This Happened 3 days ago by Darawish Sufism in Gunabad and Pasdaran avenu in Tehran. Iranian TVs Already Mentioned The Tragedy and their Leader Also said sorry about what his followers did to us. 3 martyr so far as i know.
  9. Prophet David (as) sinned?

    It's a long story:-) atm im busy but im gonna write it tomorrow enshallah:-)
  10. Prophet David (as) sinned?

    Someone said t he "WORD", at least.
  11. Prophet David (as) sinned?

    Assalam. no he didnt commit a sin (No'ozoBeAllah), he did "Tarak Al-Uwla" means he left/missed something that he shoundn't. for example missing prayer of Night before fajr, is a sin for prophets s.a.w.w. Uwla, let says it means priority, Like drinking water while you're standing at nights. its Makrooh hence you've to aviod it as a prophet s.a.w.w. Wassalam.
  12. Chatroom broken?

    It's working on Firefox last update, for now.