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  1. Halal Food Guru

    Losing your manliness

    interesting. I wonder how this applies to our culture these days. There is always a push to SuperSize. That greed can definitely affect your behavior and outlook to society.
  2. Halal Food Guru

    Wild Salmon vs Farm Raised Salmon

    It true that Farm Salmon can be compromised. The environment they are brought up in are very constraint (being raised in a fish tank, basically), so there is opportunity for disease and parasite infections to spread quickly. There is also the diet concerns as raised above. they are fed whatever is cheapest rather than what is natural and im sure they have antibiotics pumped in too. then theirs the concerns over worker conditions. I guess I've been watching too many Netflix documentaries.
  3. Halal Food Guru

    #25 Best Universal Food Base?

    lol. create a super base with Rice to make the other bases. It's interesting how different cultures have different staples which their foods revolve around.
  4. Halal Food Guru

    What is your goal today?

    My goal today is to seek out and find new halal restaurant in the area to enjoy!
  5. Halal Food Guru

    Valentine's Day

    Salaams, with Valentine's Day coming up, how are users on this forum prepping, if at all? Any ideas for newly wed husbands/wives?
  6. Halal Food Guru

    SuperBowl 2018

    Frito Pie! that looks like the winner here. Post some more pics of your dinner please. Those chicken sliders sound cool.
  7. Halal Food Guru

    Attention All Foodies!

    True, some places are still behind the curve and trend. Hopefully one day it wont be such an issue. Although when you do travel, do you look ahead of time for halal restaurants in the areas you visit? Do you use any Halal food blogs to help make your choices?
  8. Halal Food Guru

    SuperBowl 2018

    lol. this thread deviated fast. Im more interested in what's being served at the superbowl parties. Wings and burgers are a top choice in my playbook.
  9. Halal Food Guru

    Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    OMG! love this thread! I just ate Halal Cart food with lots of white sauce from this new place in Orlando. So good. I have lots of food adventure and talk about them on my blog!
  10. Halal Food Guru

    Halal fish

    Nice thread. Often wonder when there are no halal meat options, if going for the fish route is just as risky. Often end up just trying to stick to what I know.
  11. Halal Food Guru

    Health hacks...

    Great points. I like how many of these hacks are about our eating habits. eating healthy can have so many impacts. But I'm still gonna go for that midnight burger!
  12. Halal Food Guru

    Attention All Foodies!

    Salaams, Long time reader, first time poster. Food is my passion and I enjoy trying out new Halal restaurants whenever I am traveling to new cities. Alhamdulliah, there are so many Halal restaurants all over. but sometimes choosing which ones to visit can be hard especially if your not familiar with the city. I know in the UK there are so many Halal Food Blogs. There are also some in North America too. Does anyone use Halal Food Blogs to help them with their meal planning?