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  1. Will Master Mahdi (AlaihisSalaam) Marry ?

    Check your inbox, I am messaging you there now.
  2. Predestination

    Lovely sentence at the end 'as long as we try our best' Absolutely right and brother when you have such an intention 'to keep trying your best' know that the instruction will reach out to you perfectly in due time. Because if your intention is as beautiful as this then the ALMIGHTY Allah will help you surely based on the purity of your intention. Keep trying and never despair from the mercy of Allah brother.
  3. Predestination

    Agreed 101%
  4. Predestination

    Ofcourse GOD can do whatever he wants and whenever. Surah 2:106 states We do not abrogate a verse or cause it to be forgotten except that We bring forth [one] better than it or similar to it. Do you not know that Allah is over all things competent? GOD can make a similar verse or a better one, he can make even better creations than human. He is GOD. Quran actually tells us how you have to be if you want to go to heaven and how you can be if you want to go to hell.... To GOD there is nothing like waiting brother because wait time period are mere things of World created by GOD for us to him wait time etc doesn't matter. And since he has shown you ways of how to be a human that goes to heaven then try to be like one instead of going against the teachings of Quran. Message has reached us as to whom do we have to be in order to go to heaven so lets try and stick to it. Yes you are right waitin or verdict could have been there if message wouldn't have been sent to us but the message has come so denying LORD after the message means disregarding the LORD which no sensible slave of GOD would do.
  5. Predestination

    Brother God knows where will you go due to his knowledge but it is upto you to decide where do you want to go with your acts...simple as that. Because if GOD was to be blamed for this then nothing of 'free will' would had been created for us and injustice from GOD would have come into picture that he decided who goes where. Think again and again on these sentences you will hopefully get my point if you don't get it in one go.
  6. Will Master Mahdi (AlaihisSalaam) Marry ?

    Walaika assalam Brother this question has a link with his ghaibat and hence I cannot disclose somethings here. But your interest and understanding in Imam(a.s) might one day definitely take you to where you seem to belong to :-)
  7. Will Master Mahdi (AlaihisSalaam) Marry ?

    Lol...And the answer made the questioner evident of who he actually was/is in the view of Imam(a.s). :-)
  8. Lol but its okay brother @Intellectual Resistance has his concerns which overtake probably any joy that comes across but it's okay his concerns are right and as he says he will put forth his concerns to Imam(a.s) so that Imam(a.s) could tell him. Thhough these are already sorted concerns with more satisfactory narrations that have not yet reached our brother intellectual.
  9. I see obedience in your reply, I like your reply as well...
  10. Dónde puedo hacer mi prueba de fe ,

    Dónde vives en México?
  11. By the love of Moula(a.s) if I comment here what will be my reaction, people will start calling me kafir and doing shirk so I am quiet and listening to others :-). And I personally like you more than anyone else here because I see a spark in you and in @Iskandar91 :-).
  12. For what reason Saddam Hussain was Hanged?

    Brother when yazeed (la) can be praised then no wonder his slaves (la) can be praised too, no surprises. Zakir Naik (la) praised yazeed (la) by saying may Allah be pleased with yazeed (la). You will never see HAQ praising baatil and you will always see one ملعون praising another ملعون.
  13. Don't worry about the recognising part my sister. If you are meant for him(a.s) you will recognise him by his(a.s) will right away.