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  1. learn

    Struggling with Silah e Rehmi

    salam, should we practice silah e rehmi with males cousins if you are a female or with female cousins if you are a male? like telling someone to say salam to them etc I am sorry for my ignorance please forgive me
  2. learn

    Struggling with Silah e Rehmi

    salam, how to practice silah e rehmi when you have too many relatives like aunts, uncles, cousins and other relatives. And who also do not live the same country as you. Do we have to practice silah e rehmi with each and everyone of the above mentioned relatives if it is impossible to do because there are too many of them. Can you just practice silah e rehmi with close relatives like brothers and sisters, wouldn't that be enough islamically?
  3. Salam, the month of muharam starts on 9/11/2018, Is it ok islamically to get married on august 25 or 26, 2018 or not?
  4. learn

    Every Night Salat

    Salam, month of ramadan mubarak, does anyone offer all three parts of every night salat from duas.org http://www.duas.org/ramazan/every_night_salaat.htm, please share your experience and how do you complete the salat especially the each ramadan night salaats?
  5. learn

    Making Dua For Each Other

    Salam, Please everyone make Dua for me, thank you so much
  6. can use you soap to wash hands when doing wudu?
  7. learn

    Using Soap While Ghusl

    is it true that gusl should be done with cold water? or I have understand it wrong. What if someone is not able to do gusl with cold water because of the sensitvity to the cold water? does that mean the gusl is void if it is done with warm water?
  8. learn

    Using Soap While Ghusl

    salam, when performing gusl, how many times one should wash head and neck, right side and left side of the body?
  9. I have heard that in our culture when a family give their daughter in marriage, the future husband of the woman should give money or something to the mother for breast feeding her when she was a child, have someone heard something similiar? and is this islamic?
  10. Salam, I missed my last chance to get married and have a family life. I get to know this sunni guy through a friend and decided to get married with him. We were about to get married and he said that he want to do our nikah in sunni way. So I asked in this forum whether it is ok for a shia woman to do nikah in sunni way and no one really answered my question. I asked a shia sheikh whether it is ok for shia woman to do nikah in sunni way. He said it is not acceptable to do sunni way nikah and it has to be done in shia way. I asked the guy we do our niksh both in sunni and shia way. He told me that he cannot do the shia way nikah so I had to say no to him and everything ended there. The reason I am still not married and decided to get married with a sunni guy was because I never get suitable shia marriage proposals. The marriage proposals that I was getting from my community back home was younger then me and non practicing shia muslims. Now I have made my decision to never get married as I am 32+ years old and i have run out of time to get married and i do not think it is worth to look to get married anymore because i am getting old. Can you please give me advice on how to cope with single life? How to live my single life inorder to have better next life akhera?
  11. learn


    I am not lessoning to music myself but it is played on our house and I can hear it. Even if i leave the room which music is played and i can still hear it. What is syed sistani ruling in this sitiation. There is no way i can avoid hearing the music in the house nor can stop the music. so is this a sin for me if i hear music this way? What other options I have in this situation?
  12. If a shia woman want to marry with a sunni man, how the nikah should be done, is sunni way nikah ok according to syed sistani?
  13. Salam, We are three people in the house. I have no husband and neither children etc. I also do not work outside the house and neither i can do volunteer work for a family reason. I have free time that I would like to know how to use it. Can i spend most of my time in worship, dua, Quran, and salat etc? Will Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى ask on the day of judgement about time if our time was spend on useless things after doing obligatory acts of worship? How to use the time wisely while being at home and not having the regular responsiblity like everyone else.
  14. Salam, I have to live with my aunt husband who is sixty five years old and my aunt and mother. Because i do not have a job to get my own place but my heart is not at ease living with a namahram eventhough he is my father age. I feel uncomfortable living with him in the same house. What islam says about this situation? Am I allowed to live with him in the same house? Is it appropriate according to Islam to live with him in the same house?
  15. learn


    Salam, I have read somewhere that barzakh is similiar to dreaming. The problem is that I never dream but when I dream after long time either it is not clear or I forget. Do you know what could be the reason that I rarely dream because I like to experience the life in barzakh in my dreams.