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  1. Hey guys! So, I've been driving myself nuts over the correct way of performing wudu. I've seen tons of videos on YouTube on how to perform Shia wudu but it seems like everyone's doing it slightly differently from each other which is making me super confused and unsure over what's actually correct and not. I've always done it the way my parents taught me which is like this: - Wash face from hairline and down twice. - pour water in my right hand, pour that water into my left hand and then wash my right arm from the elbow down to the fingertips twice. (And here's where it gets tricky) - pour water in my right hand and then, without touching my skin, pour that water over my left arm as many times as I want until I feel like my left arm is wet enough to start wiping from elbow down to the fingertips. Once I've touched the arm with my hand, I can't pour anymore water on it. (I do this only once). - then I use the remaining water on my hands to wipe the top of my head once. - then I wipe my feet up to the ankles once. What are your thoughts on the way I perform the wudu? What's been making me nervous is the way I do with the left arm cause I haven't seen anyone else do it like that. Anyone here that does something similar or the same way I do it? And why does it seem like everyone's doing it differently from each other? What's the absolute correct way to perform the wudu in detail? How important is it to perform the wudu the exact way it was meant to be done? I know I'm asking a lot of questions but I'd be so happy if I could get some explanations to help sort things out. Thanks!