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  1. Namaz-e Ayat

    Salam My friend told me about this.. and i just want to be sure can you pray this when its only a full moon? And sorry for another question.. if it is.. can i pray namaz the 3 days of the full moon ?
  2. Perform salah

    I really want to know is it bad that i get excited/happy that im about to pray? But its making me think to myself am i not fearing Allah enough ?
  3. im Im sure god wont make another god when "there is no other god but 1" as for us musilms we believe and i guess christians aswell and its a sin to say "hes god in human form" when theres only 1. Allah please forgive me if this is wrong to say.. if jesus is god does that mean the first person who was born in this earth is a god aswell or another son of god ? If you actually look into the quran there are so many things in the book that are miracles. I dont think it will say in the bible. i will never doubt the holy Qur'an . This amazed me by far, it meantioned in the quran mountains that are rainbow colours mixed with red and black, blue and yellow .. (i cant rremember full verse) how could the quran know such thing 1000s years ago where the mountain are placed in china and explained the colourd aswell. By far from medina to china i dont think someone will ever travel that far to write that. Something else i just realised Christianity was probably around longer and because so many people went astray in the religion thats why god maybe thought he needed another way for the people to believe in some thing less diceving and thats why islam came along with a beautiful quran thats showing more miracles
  4. I was christian before i looked into islam. My aunty and my grandpa who are very religious who attend church weekly. I try to explain myself to them all the time especially to my aunty who i live that jesus was gifted with a beautiful blessing for those around him to show that he was a gift from god. Allah is not a human bean so there for he cant interact in that kind of way for him to have a child. Maryam was gifted to have a son So then jesus was born to show people around him that god is real. Everyone was so stubborn to realise this, they were getting decieved from the devil and was making them believe he is the son of god or he was god. After i heard that 1 false thing everyone was believing i looked into islam and found out he was a prophet and im sure you can only be a prophet if your gifted so then everything else in islam was so true and believing the more i look into it. I dont understand how christians believe that when you have your piece of bread its his body and wine thats meant to be the blood of jesus when wine is wine and blood is blood. Thats decieveful aswell thats false. its the same colour i understand but its not his blood. Its like eating grass and saying its a pea or eating a bananna and saying its corn.
  5. non halal food

    Is it okay for me too make non halal food for my aunty whos christian ?
  6. imam lady around sydney

    Does anybody know where i can find an imam lady i can speak to that is around sydney. Im located in hurstville
  7. convince me about hijab

    It will be better for you in the after life and your imaan to stay strong. I know this girl who use to wear a hijab and just recently afew months ago she took it off, once everybody seen her without one on they all started to talk down on her. Us women who are apart of the ummah are more respected with honour but once its off it looks like your disrespecting your religion for your own desires why would you want to do that to yourself? You should wear it for the sake of Allah. Comparing is a sin for saying "why do i have to wear it cause the guys cant control themselves." But if you werent wearing a scarf and you see a guy and think hes a attractive then you will do things to get their attention.. is kinda like your looking for their gaze.
  8. the quran

    Thank you so much for your reply, am i able to sit on my bed ? Someone told me my legs have to be crossed, is that the only way ?
  9. the quran

    If i was to read the quran where can i read ? And is there a way i have to sit ?
  10. the quran

    Where can i sit to read a quran?
  11. convince me about hijab

    It says it in tbe quran what more of an answer do you want ? It says women should wear a long dress, with something long thats covering your head to your breast (your hijab) Not in the correct verse but it says it in the quran and with the women who dont wear it in the punishment in the hereafter their face gets ripped off more then 1000 times. As they say.
  12. im a converter

    Thank you to all of yous for your help and consern, he may be abit over protecting but as an iraqi husband hes strong minded for how things should be and it just gets abit over whelming sometimes
  13. im a converter

    Im a reconverter from christian to shia muslim. Im a female and as im scared i dont want to sin, i have a kind heart to help people and to be polite but as im married. I really would like some answers on the do's and dont's. My husband made me swear by the quran to not to talk to guys/conversation. When im working i and i accidently touch a guy on the hand or anywhere im always sayibg asfagtifula and getting annoyed when it happens and if they touch me by accidently or unitentually But as my husband said i cant talk guys (im okay with) but if we are working and i just politly say "sorry" here and there cause my big rubbish bag are in the asile of planes is that counted as talking still ? And whats the age limit that i can talk to if so ? Cause i work with allot of older people and i dont want to be rude to them. Im 19 but theres some that around 40-60 years of age and i see no bad intentions but the early adult ages that are 18-30 i tell them i cant talk to them Im a reconverter and i really want to know as a shia wife the best way to do things without sinning and not always having panic attacks of grief when things happen and questioning myself all the time?