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  1. Zulfiqar Christian

    Dónde puedo hacer mi prueba de fe ,

    Shahadah hermano ago lo
  2. Brother what does Istikharah mean?
  3. Zulfiqar Christian


    Thanks brother
  4. Zulfiqar Christian


    I love and respect Shias
  5. Zulfiqar Christian


    So sad to hear this.
  6. Zulfiqar Christian


    Hadiths please
  7. Zulfiqar Christian


    Can a Shia girl marry me, a Christian boy? If not, why so?
  8. Zulfiqar Christian

    Christians and Shias

    I study Islam for a like 5 months and I came to the realization that Shias are not like the extremists Sunnis who hate other people of different faiths and sects of religions.
  9. Zulfiqar Christian

    Christians and Shias

    Nice brother
  10. Zulfiqar Christian

    Christians and Shias

    I came to love Shias when I realized how you guys are tolerant towards other people's religions, sects and belief systems. Also because I learned Shias protect Christians, Catholics, Yazidis, and other religious minorities in the Middle East. Even though I never meet a Shia in real life I know you guys will be nice people to meet with.
  11. Lol, are you serious!!! It's a proven fact that he landed on the moon.
  12. Zulfiqar Christian

    Your Username Or Avatar

    My name is my legit name lol @Zulfiqar Christian [Mod Note: Your username was changed as you requested.]
  13. Zulfiqar Christian

    Christians and Shias

    Salaam Alaikum brothers, I am a Mexican American Christian and I love Shias and I was wondering how you guys feel and view us Christians?