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  1. Anonymous2144

    Half asleep during wet dream

    Even if You did control your ejaculation a little bit of cum will still come out,you can’t really control your ejaculation there’s a limit. Your fast is valid becuase you can’t exactly take full control of it. You have to do ghusul.
  2. Anonymous2144

    Struggling with Silah e Rehmi

    You have to do Silah al raham to ur mum,dad,siblings,your brother or sister in law,uncles(from ur mum and dad side),aunties(ur mum and ur dad side) and cousins. If they are overseas you can do Silah al raham via phone or you can ask one of your family member to send your Salam to them.
  3. Anonymous2144

    Is it permissible to pray with shoes on?

    Almost all Marja say it’s not allowed because it’s not Tahir.
  4. Anonymous2144

    Is it permissible to pray with shoes on?

    Which marja did you check ??
  5. Anonymous2144

    Is it permissible to pray with shoes on?

    No you can’t because the shoes is not Tahir
  6. Anonymous2144

    SERlOUSLY . . . Sick of :

    I’ve seen Hijabis act in a very inappropriate manner with my own eyes They act In a slutty way and so on. Then the are the non hijabis that dress modest ,also has good manners and are formal. There are non Muslim girls that are ten times better then Muslim girls. Wearing a hijab doesn’t identify who you are.
  7. Anonymous2144

    SERlOUSLY . . . Sick of :

    Without money theres no sweetness in life. No money no honey. Sorry buddy
  8. Anonymous2144

    Feminism and Islam

    Islam gave women rights before half of this world gave women rights. Now a days women rights in West is very difficult and too overboard for example women in the West wanna be to able go to the beach without a bra because men go shirtless to the beach and they also want the right to dress how ever they want (in other words dress half nake). If I was in your position I wouldn’t really label myself just a feminist but a Muslim feminist. Women in the West want to basically act like men and specifically man hoers which is really disgusting for a girl and disgusting in general.
  9. Anonymous2144

    does watching porn and ejaculating break the fast

    From what I’ve heard of is if u intentionally get yourself hard and ejaculate then your fast is broken but if sperm comes out at a random time due sickness then your fast is not void your still taher. example some people suffer from ejculating at random times when they have blue balls or morning wood that’s not normal and it happens because of alot masterbateing I highly recommend you to stop it and have self control it may be really difficult since you may be addicted to it but you should try and stop it because it has a lot bad an and embarrassing side effects.
  10. Yeah women now a days are nuts that’s more got to do culture and society the Arab culture And some wog and Asian are partly corrupted and and society has emphasised on their narcissist parts which is really disappointing. Some just wanna breed for selfish reasons and some just want impress the their relatives or parents and end up having a miserable life. Society has and is becaming worse and worse,girls that are 14 or 15 are dressing like half naked and hitting on guys and the older ones are just even worse. And the some may dress modest but are very selfish and ask for too much to early but their are ones that are modest and fair and sadly they are the ones that are having a rough time weather they are Muslim or not. This is why I don’t let my mum to get me Married to some random chic that I don’t want. I also told her that I’ll look for the wife that I want and want I from a girl i don’t ask for too much but now a days most girls don’t meet my expectations simply because of society and stupid cultures. And men other hand are encouraging the ones that are partly naked to be more nude and do stupid stuff while men are being man hoers just like them which is really disappointing. It’s good that your childfree just do your obligations and live a normal simple lifestyle inshallah Allah well reward u for being Loyal to him and abstaining from going astray.
  11. Anonymous2144

    Struggling with Silah e Rehmi

    If i wouldn’t do anything if I didn’t do anything wrong but if he/she is especting me to beg and cry for forgiveness constantly then I’ll do silah al raham via phone or messages or ill ask someone to send my Salam to them that would be counted as Silah al raham but if i was did do something wrong I’ll simply apologise,they can take it or leave it.
  12. If you find someone that’s also childfree then marry him and enjoy life togeather. Don’t get into a relationship where your husband will expect you to have kids that’s then worst thing that can happen and it’s also a dealbreaker. Kids can be really challenging and stressful not everyone can cope with them. I personally don’t want kids coz i can’t handle the responsibility and be commited Nor like them nor can I cope with them very well it’s too much weight on my shoulders. Your not the only one that doesn’t want kids there a lot of people that are childfree but some are hiding and scared to come out.
  13. Being with a man with multiple wife’s can be heart breaking and also a headache if you can’t handle that kind of marriage then your better off going for a divorce and save yourself from big issues and if the husbands first wife is not happy and didn’t accept the marriage between you and her man then that marriage is not gonna end up well and a lot of problems well arise
  14. Anonymous2144

    Interfaith Marriage, what is your opinion?

    Sunni and Shi’a marriages can possibly workout I’ve seen it workout myself but most of the time it goes down hill but if it’s marraige between muslim and non Muslim for example a Christian then that marriage won’t last if it has kids in the picture but if there’s no kids then it would definitely workout. Don’t let people tell you that sunni and Shi’a marraige won’t last becuase it can possibly workout and I’ve seen couples myself that are Sunni and Shi’a and their kids were Shi’a they are both happy togeather.
  15. Anonymous2144

    Interfaith Marriage, what is your opinion?

    If they both have mutual respect and plan not to have kids then it will definitely workout if kids are in the picture then your marraige is going down hill. The Conclusion is if kids are in, your love of ur life is out.