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  1. Salam alaykum brothers and sisters are nontrinitarian Christians considered from the people of the book(ahlulkitab) like tritarian Christians? For example if that person is a Catholic,Protestant and etc and does not believe in the trinity is he or she considered from the people of the book(ahlulkitab) like tritarians Christians are??
  2. Female staying single?

    I strongly disagree with 4 because marriage is not meant for poping out kids and it’s certainly not the main for marriage and here’s a fact having kids is Mustahub not a must and also it is not markroh to not have kids.
  3. Khums

    Business thing has a absolutely nothing to do with Zakat. Zakat is only known for giving out food and money (which is gold and silver back in the prophets time and masoomeen) and you didn’t had to pay for anything that they had in there business. Zakat is simply for sheep,wheat barely,dates,raisins,cow,camel and silver n gold (which is paper money Nowa days ) .every year from your gross you take away 2.5 percent and give it to the poor,needy,etc
  4. Khums

    That video will answer these questions for you briefly
  5. Khums

    Just look at the second video I posted
  6. Khums

    I live in Australia I have a uncle that travels overseas every year so I guess I can give it to him to give to the poor
  7. Khums

    Where do you go and find the poor to give them your Zakat ??
  8. Khums

    Right now the only things im stuck on is how do I pay my zakat? And did the you watch the video I posted after the first one ? If you did i didn’t quite understand the last bit how he talks about his opinions on khums
  9. non halal food

    Okay thank you very much for the info. Salam alykum
  10. non halal food

    So even if the liquid came from the food that is Tahir?
  11. non halal food

    When you say wet hands do you mean water or wet because of the some sort of liquid in the food?
  12. non halal food

    Ohh okay I have question for you if someone is not Muslim or not from the ahlul-kitab gives you food that prepped and done by a Muslim or a ahlul-Kitab is that food Tahir or najis ??
  13. non halal food

    But you mentioned it was fine for gelatin candy in the previous comment since Your not giving him something but helping him opening something. I do understand for why you shouldn’t for alcohol.
  14. Am I being to extreme?

    Look at Sayyed Fadlullah’s fatwa On music the other fatwa’s about it are ridiculous (that’s in my opinion)
  15. Khums

    Lol you misunderstood me the verse for khums was only refered for SPOILS OF WAR and it was not mentioned again for something else while Zakat was mentioned for for different stuff other then gold and silver and the Quran was emphasising a lot on Zakat. As for salat the Quran was also mostly emphasising on salat and how important it is