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  1. Making Dua For Each Other

    Salam! I am not trying to be rude now, but Inshallah Allah helps you, but the thing is... You shouldn't think negative, try to think positive. Try to thank Allah for testing you, try to thank Allah that you are still alive... Suffering removes sins, so think this is a good trail. At least you have Allah, some is worried that Allah have abandoned them, but Inshallah Allah gives you what you wish for. Thank you for being a muslim in a world full of injustice.
  2. Salam! What is the ruling of sexual thoughts in your mind? Cause sexual thoughts are really tempting in a man's head, Is it fatal if you get or force yourself to think about sexual? And what is the ruling of porn? I know it is haram, but is it Zina? Is it that a deep sin or just regular sin? Like If I watch porn, do I commit Zina? Thank you for replies.
  3. Christians and Shias

    Salam! Personally I like Christians as persons, but there is always bad in anyone, except for the pure ones that Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى chooses. I had friends whom I hang out with in Sweden, even went to church, and I really want Christians to be with us in the end off time when our savior comes to help us! May Allah let us see him before we die! According to us, you guys will join us cause Allah will let Jesus talk to you guys, and he will say ''If you guys love me, then follow this man'' It will end up being peace on Earth. But when It comes to religion I kind of, don't want to bring it up, cause according to us, you guys are mushrikeen, that means you believe in more than one God, cause you give Jesus divine status, and there are many things I can bring up and tell you about, but that wouldn't be friendly, I have to accept your point of view. Respect is one of the pillars of the religion, I mean how do you expect Allah to forgive you If you can't forgive others?
  4. Thoughts 2018

    Thank you.
  5. This guy is a blessing to this Chat, thank God that we have people like him.
  6. The Story of Prophet Lut (a)

    Yeah, Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى is holy and the Only God I will pray to, he gave us life! SUBHANAALLAH
  7. The Story of Prophet Lut (a)

    All humans have a inner child personality in them.
  8. The best question ever, Haram is sooo much in west..
  9. Dejavu

    Thanks, but.
  10. Dejavu

    Salam! What are the Shia thoughts about DEJAVU! i want to understand what it means, cause once I got a sign from Allah that I will fall of a building and die if I stood on the edge, and that made me avoid it. It is very scary to me, and I remember that to this day, it is amazing! Subhanallah
  11. Are you assertive?

    Imam Hussein taught us to fight back, but in a gentle way! Imam Ali (as) taught us to be good to women even if they are horrible like someone I can't mention.... We all know the camel fight.
  12. Anime

    Yeah, It is so tempting... Shaytaan...
  13. Where are you heading?

    Salam! I was curious about where you guys where from? I want to know about the majority of a country? Or maybe someone can make a poll? Peace!
  14. Anime

    You hate all animes.
  15. Do looks matter to you

    Are you really lonely? You have Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى, and the fact that you have a family? And you complain? PEOPLE OUT THERE WISH THEY HAD SOME BREAD ON THE TABLE. ARE YOU FOR REAL? The only reason I would understand that she complains is if she get abused and forced to do something she doesn't want, and cries every time she cooks a meal, or that she is forced to stay home at work...That is a different story. And I already said, looks matters to me, but I want to change that.