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  1. What is your goal today?

    Revive the goal you had all your life.
  2. Building Muscle: No nonsense guide debunking myths

    Well, we can just do both. Thank you.
  3. Building Muscle: No nonsense guide debunking myths

    Well, If that person is thinn, but wants a normal body, is it better to train with weights or without? Like for this example, Is it better to do push ups or do bench press? Considering that you can carry your own weight is impressive. Sometimes people don't want massive muscles, just to be fit? Which is better in that situtation?
  4. Building Muscle: No nonsense guide debunking myths

    Weight vs without? Which is better?
  5. Thoughts 2018

    Stay calm! Have sabr, and smile even if your heart is bleeding. Serval days has passed, yet no one has been seen. Hopefully he answers my letter, I am waiting for you... the chosen one! Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى chose you for a reason! Please help the poor, please increase the love around the world! We are desperate for you to come, hope your reapperance is soon, I hope I see you tomorrow. Sincerely A Daily Sinner.
  6. Thank you for the kind words, brother! May Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى grant you what you want. You have done so much for SC, in my opinion you deserve a rank, higher than a mod. Hope you meet him in your life time, brother! Imam Mahdi loves his Shia! Inshallah. Write a letter to Imam Mahdi, maybe he will write back, hopefully.
  7. My reaction is simple. I would not see him.
  8. Thoughts 2018

    La elah ila Allah, Mohammed rasolallah, and Ali waliyah Allah.
  9. We should all be social

    Well, there is a difference by being social, and being OUT OF THE WAY. You need to learn whom you talk with, and how you talk. Nowadays people tend to see pious people as someone weird.
  10. Thoughts 2018

    Labaykaaaaaaaaaaa YA HUSSEIN!
  11. Surah ikhlaas

    Imam Ali (a.s) said: "When a person recites this Surah 100 times, then all his sins from the last 50 years will be forgiven (besides the sins relating to the murder of innocent and theft of human property). Whoever recites this Surah 1000 times will not die until he sees his place in paradise. "
  12. Quran!

    Have been asking this question, what the difference between reading and listening to the Quran? Like what is the rewards? What If you prefer to listen than read?
  13. What is your goal today?

    Goal is today is simple. Fighting your inner self!
  14. What is your goal today?

    Yeah, but spiritually.
  15. What is your goal today?

    To get closer to Allah, that is my goal each day.
  16. Thoughts 2018

    Lead, I can't even lead myself. Well, brother, I will pray for you.
  17. Poem

    Salam! Caught between the Earth and heaven Giving your blessing to the devil, expecting a second shot in the present. Seeking Allah's acceptance, despite the fact you haven't learnt your lesson. Repeating the same, seeing your faith fading away. Telling yourself everyday that you will change, there are more than one life at stake. What did Allah create? Why did you let the devil Invade? It's hard to maintain a smile through the day, when you're analyzing every single detail. Thinking that you can't prevail, convincing yourself that you are menat to fail. I am in need of Allah's aid, cause that's the only way to embrace the good memories that remain. Second one! What is our purpose? What are we doing on this surface? This burden is hard for a single person, please Allah, ease the things that we are carrying. We are helpless beings, needing Allah's support to achieve the impossible, like Jannah that is waiting for us in the next life. We claim that we ain't people of disaster, we blame shaytaan for own actions, and we keep forgetting that Allah is always the answer. The donja isn't really what matters, and the amout of money aint the main factor. It's about writing a chapter, where people gather to seek peace and laughter. It's a place where you cry out your sadness, a place with endurace and madness. We are like bandits, we punder others to boost our own status. We develop habits, and we always want our wish to be granted, but we can't manage to keep our hands out of our pockets. It's not about the profit, It's rather about the promise that was sent down along with our prophets, but we still fail to practise what was sent down to our planet. Third one! Shaytaan is like a dull knife, keeps the fear around, but can't damage you at all. He is a liar, decieves you to keep you away from what you really want, and sharpening his knife only leaves you with deeper scars. Don't fall for his fake tears, It's not like you are first one in years. Open your heart to people who care, and be aware that the snake might be there. He hides anywhere, but prefers to stay close to your ear. Encouraging you to listen, shows you a beauitful vision. Convincing you to forget what Allah has written, and tries to lure you away from Allah's system. Now you are locked in a prision, you don't analyze what's given, and you don't realize that your faith is missing until you are standing in front of Allah, begging for forgiveness!
  18. Salam! We believe that christians will help us shia against serval evil people, right? I won't spell out names or countries cause I don't want to spread hate. Which sect of christianity will help us in need when Imam mehdi will come? Anyone who knows some stuff about this? I am really interested in this topic.
  19. Thoughts 2018

    In love's name | • Imam Hassan and Hussain Eid gift from Prophet Muhammad (saww) ... When Imam Hassan (as) and Imam Hussain (as) entered the Prophet's house when they were still young and said: "O grandpa, today's Eids day. The rest of the kids have new and colorful clothes while we have nothing. We came to you to receive our Eid gift, and all we want is new clothes. The Prophet was sad because he had no new clothes to give them, but at the same time he did not want to reject them (as) so as not to hurt their feelings, so he did a duo saying: "O Lord, for their hearts and the hearts of their mother." Jibreel then came down with two pieces of white textiles and gave them to the prophet. The Prophet then gave it to his grandchildren. When they saw it was white they said: "O" Prophet, the rest of the children wear colorful clothes. "Jibreel said," O Muhammad, make them happy and scrub their clothes, which color they choose will appear on their clothes " The prophet picked up some water and a bucket, letting Imam Hassan's text in the bucket and asking: "What color do you want the clothes to be O" My love? " Imam Hassan said, "Green". So Jibreel poured water on the clothes and the prophet began to scrub until it miraculously became an emerald shade of green. The Prophet gave it to Imam Hassan and let him carry it. The Prophet then asked Imam Hussain what color he wanted his textiles and imam Hussain answered red. So Jibreel poured water on the clothes and the prophet began to scrub until it turned to a ruby shade of red. The Prophet gave it to Imam Hussain. The young Imams were very happy and ran to her mother Fatima Zahra (Ash) to show her her new clothes. Jibreel looked at them and began to cry. The Prophet wondered, "Oh my brother Jibreel, you cry while my young boys are happy? O jibreel tell me what's upset you." He said, "O 'The Prophet, their choice of color has wisdom behind it. As for Hassan, he picked green because his body turns green when the poison is consumed. For Hussain he chose red as his clothes will be soaked with his own blood ". After hearing it, the prophet began to cry and pray to Allah.
  20. Thoughts 2018

    Peaceful life is waiting you in the future. Or does it? :/
  21. What is your goal today?

    My goal is to dream.
  22. Thoughts 2018

    What do you stand for?
  23. Big Five Movie Star Test

    May Allah bless you.