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  1. Going to Ziyara

    Such kind words! @sarah khadem Inshallah your trip is safe!
  2. @Hamodiii Please post thoughts in the Thoughts topic that could be of interest to other people. Please post the personal thoughts to yourself on your own profile.

    This post in the Thoughts topic was not approved, but if you wrote it on your profile, it would be allowed: You are boring.

  3. What is your goal today?

    You are young in our eyes, brother! Stay strong! Inshallah everything will be alright.
  4. Post Your Voices!

    Hahha, brother. You are quite funny.
  5. Going to Ziyara

    I was thinking to do the same, mention my name as well, please.
  6. At what age did you get married?

    Well, do as you please. Hope you get a beauitful kid. Sorry.
  7. At what age did you get married?

    It is possible, but dangerous, my mother were near death, but she survived! It was either my brother, or my mother. Or even both, but both survived and are healthy. Al-hamdiuillah shukr.
  8. Grammar Test

    Congratulations - you have finished!You scored 31 out of 40.Your grammar level is: Intermediate - CEF Level B1
  9. Promise with Allah

    You should fast for 3 days, brother!
  10. Thoughts 2018

    A tear of an eye, It's covering the eye ball, but it feels so dry. A dirty heart that wants noor, a heart that seeks our forgiving lord! Without Allah you can't achieve success, so what are you smiling about? Try to think once or twice, maybe it will affect you some day. Ya Allah, Ya rahim, Ya Allah, Ya karim!
  11. She might not have a shrine, but she has one in our heart!
  12. Qiblah

    Hope no one will be in that position! Reminds me of Imam Hussein, he had no water to drink for serval days. LABAYKA YA HUSSEIN!
  13. Qiblah

    Well the next question is... What if you are alone in a desert with some food, and some water, but you need that water to drink, what would you do with wudu? Use water or sand? Cause I know I heard before If you are starving, eating pork is allowed, but I don't know If that is based on hadiths.
  14. [Closed/Review]Tatbir

    You are right in your sentence, but there is Ignorance in the world, with other words, the west don't even know the difference between Shia and Sunni. Furthermore, the both actually damage the Islam's reputation. In my opinion terrorism damages more than the tatbir cause that is just self harming, we don't haram the west as much as the terrorist do.